2009 Nissan Skyline GT-R

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First of all, please don't kill this thread.

Will the Skyline ever come to the US?
Motortrend has it listed as a Future Vehicle for 2007:

2007 Nissan Skyline GT-R : Nissan says the next Infiniti flagship might not be a Q45 sedan replacement, and hints that the Skyline GT-R supercar that appeared as a concept in '01 could be the next flagship. And now the bad news: the GT-R won't launch until calendar year 2007.



  • boomn29boomn29 Member Posts: 189
    Found this while searching on the web:

    http://www.freshalloy.com/site/cars/nissan/skyline/r35/concept/ho- me.shtml

    AWD - 400hp
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    I'll give it a week. Do a keyword search here on "skyline" and you'll find the many other topics that have died after ~10 posts.

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    CarSpyShots has some pictures of a test-mule running around Lotus' testing ground with an R34 GTR. The test-mule is basically the G35 coupe with a Nissan logo and a G35 badge...but underneath it has the new engine and suspension.
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    CarSpyShots eh? Got an address or anything?

    If it does come, I'm thinking they'd price it above the G35? I doubt it'll be below the 350Z. Therefore the $26k - $38k range is already taken!
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    CarSpyShots address is carspyshots.tk
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    Yeah, the GT-R has always been expensive. After all it's a G35 (Skyline) plus twin turbo, ATTESA ET-S awd system, and lots of other computing power.
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    How close is this going to be to the G35? Or will it be the G35 shell with different internals and some more aggressive dressing?
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    The latter, if it's anything like past GT-Rs. Actually the interior shouldn't be all that different except for the instrument panel, which in the last GT-R had computer readouts of the torque distribution, G-forces, and other things. You could record data and plug it into a computer afterwards.
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    2007 Infiniti GT-R

    It may end up wearing an Infiniti badge, but this next generation Skyline should have all the attitude of its Nissan cousins.

    http://www.edmunds.com/future/2007/infiniti/gtr/100486033/preview- .html
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    Any idea if they will turbo the VQ 3.5L? Or will they use the V8?
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    I think Nissan will twin turbo charge the V6.

    Here is the link on R34 Skyline http://www.j-garage.com/2101.htm
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    I think Infiniti will replace current G35 Coupe with R35 Skyline. And, I think R35 will dominate the US AWD market. Also, it will be tunner's dream with this car. We will see some 1000hps Skyline running around soon.
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    Why would they replace the coupe? The skyline will cost $50K+. Also, the Skyline coupe and GT-R co-exist in Japan.
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    My thought is that from marketing point of view, you have 350z, which could take current G35 coupe's place.
    And, by having Infiniti GT-R, yes, not Skyline GT-R, Infiniti division will have a very unique place in the future market in terms of the true sports car that can compete with Porsche 911, Acura NSX, Chevy Corvette, and other Sports cars.
    And, Toyota is bring back Supra, which has been tunner's dream for a long time and it still is.
    It seems like the future segment distinction is getting blurry.
    I think I need to start saving money for 2007 GT-R.
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    What is the cost (converted to US dollars) for the current Skyline overseas? Is it the R34 that is still for sell??
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    I think they discontinued R34 at 2002, so you can only get a used one. I think it was priced around $55k back then.
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    I have this feeling that the US-market version of the Skyline GT-R due the fall of 2006 as a 2007 model may NOT use the turbocharged V-6 of the Japanese domestic market model. We may instead see a modified version of the 5.6-liter V-8 found on the Nissan Titan truck, but with fuel-delivery system and valvetrain modifications for more sporting performance. My guess on power: probably around 440 bhp. And the car may be designated Infiniti G56R.
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    That'd be a pity. It may be a better car out of the box, but those who care really want a "true" GT-R.

    Not to mention, turbos can be tuned more easily.
  • raychuang00raychuang00 Member Posts: 541
    A good educated guess. :->

    Besides, using a modified Nissan Titan engine for the US-market version of the Skyline GT-R makes sense for a couple of reasons: 1) you can use an engine already in production for the US market (which means less costly emissions certification) and 2) you get lots of horsepower without the complexity of a turbocharging system.
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    But you have additional weight added to the car, and that will make already nose heavy GTR even more nose heavy, which cannot be good.
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    My personal guess is that the base engine would be either a modified normally aspirated 3.5L V6 or a turbo V6 producing close to 350 Hp. The optional engine will be a turbo 4.5L V8 producing anywhere from 450 to 500 Hp.
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    This is a old article regarding to GT-R.

    "It's set to be Japan's fastest and most advanced supercar - but look under the skin and it's Britain's brains which will power Nissan's new GT-R!

    Exclusive pictures in the current issue of Auto Express magazine show how the new supercoupé will look when it storms on to our roads, and the cutaway detail reveals the technology which is set to make it the most advanced car in the world. But it's not only Nissan engineers who can claim the credit - our sources say British legend Cosworth has been called in to help tweak the engine, while Lotus is involved in fine-tuning the suspension.

    The 'International Specification' GT-R, which will be sold throughout the world for the first time, is set to get a version of the 3.5-litre V6 engine used in the 350Z coupé, but will have electrically assisted twin turbochargers to boost power without sapping too much energy. Cosworth's expertise will be used to make sure the V6's block, head, pistons and crank are all strong enough.

    Nissan knows it has to do something really special with the next GT-R, partly because the 350Z performs so well, but also as it's the first globally oriented version of the car, and expectations are high among the 'Playstation generation' of buyers who are familiar with the model from video games consoles.

    The company has asked for around 400bhp and 490Nm of torque, but more realistic figures given emissions regulations are 350bhp and 450Nm. To reach production, the car must meet strict Euro4 exhaust regulations. The V6 will be mated to a six-speed Getrag gearbox, with a CVT due a year after launch in early 2005. The auto is undergoing final development, but apparent slippage trouble due to the excessive power has been plaguing prototypes. Insiders have confirmed the GT-R will incorporate an updated version of Nissan's Atessa 4WD system with an active limited slip differential. This new arrangement means torque is distributed between the front and rear wheels not only in response to traction loss, but also as a result of changes in the engine's output.

    The FM platform used in the new range of Skyline and Infiniti G35 coupés in Japan and the US is basically good enough, but needs some fine-tuning to handle the extra power - and that's where Lotus comes in. A new hydraulic active suspension system, co-developed with Lotus, will feature. The Norfolk firm's expertise in this area will ensure the car handles like no other GT-R before, and can satisfy the soft-riding expectations of American buyers with the traction and high-speed handling required by the British and German markets.
    Its brakes promise to be special, too, with larger Brembo discs controlled by a newly revised brake-by-wire unit which promises to give the sporty feel and feedback enthusiastic drivers demand.

    But while the dynamics are groundbreaking, many fans will be disappointed by the looks. Although the car is clearly linked to the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show concept, some of the more aggressive touches have been watered down in favour of a more mainstream appearance. The final production version will debut at next October's Tokyo event." Peter Lyon

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    Anybody subscribe to this magazine? They have a story about the Skyline, and I was hoping someone could scan it in???
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    Hinting on 500hp and nearly $85k (estimates of course)


    "Unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Salon this week, the 500hp GT-R Z-tune is not only the most powerful GT-R ever, but at $170,000, it’s also the most expensive. Why did they make it? Simple. To show what's possible. And when we hinted at any relation to the next generation GT-R due in 2007, Nismo staffers started sucking through their teeth and looking skywards. One thing is for sure. The 2007 GT-R's sticker price will be around half that of the Z-tune but pump out nearly as much power"


    http://caranddriver.com/article.asp?section_id=31&article_id=- 9092
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    Road And Track mentioned $70k range and 450hp. Lotus is said to be working on the suspension and Costworth on the engine.

    They posted the same souped up G35 coupe as the pic, the one with groud effects and the rear wing, so nothing new there.
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    What, and adding twin turbos, all the piping, intercooler...etc is going to be light? The overall weight would be close to the same overall.

    Plus, the Skyline is currently being sold in the USA. It's called the G35, and if they import this model here, they "should" call is just the GT-R (and whatever number nomenclature they desire)
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    Any idea if the technology changes will be passed down (inherited) into the current G35 Coupe? Most curious about AWD...
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    At first when I heard that there might be a Skyline replacement, I was pretty upset.... a Skyline (I thought) should be a Nissan.


    When I heard that Lotus and Cosworth were both chipping in, I approve :)

    Only thing is.... it'll cost bunches more than the original.
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    Well... the Skyline has always been sold here as the G35, without the spiffy rear lights, so it makes sense to keep it an Infinity here, I guess. I do wish they called the G35 "Skyline", but whatever. And in Japan, the GT-R was never inexpensive. At all.

    It really isn't anything new though. The Skyline GT-R has always been a Skyline coupe with a twin-turbo 6 and ATESSA-ETS (spelling?) torque-varying AWD. Always been an inline 6, but those are proving to be bad for interior space and pedestrian safety (both of which only BMW feels it can do without).

    I don't think the GT-R's awd system has ever trickled down to other Skyline models in its most advanced form.
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    Not the top-end version the GT-R got, but Nissan did use the ATTESSA gear to make AWD Bluebirds (Stanza and Altima) and Sunnys (Sentra) in the early 90s, none of which were ever sold in North America.
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    I work at a nissan dealership - one of my co-workers gets Automotive news, in which he found an article saying the Skyline GT-R coming to the states may in fact be under the Nissan brand as opposed to Infiniti. It's a nissan everywhere else, might as well be a Nissan here too!

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    yea man that's what im sayin too, nissan is nissan, but it prolly will be infiniti which doesnt matter much, for we want the car and that's what we will get right? lol
    but i wonder if pple will still try to import them if they do use a different engine in the USA than in Japan.
    i heard that the VQ30dett engine in the Nismo 350z JGTC racecars will be actually incorporated into the next GR-r. no clue just stuff that pple sayin but ya never know.
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    i hope it comes under the nissan name - i think it will. this article seems to think (and they interviewed a nissan rep) that it will in fact be a nissan, not an infiniti. i guess we'll see though!
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    I'm pretty sure that the next skyline (much to my disappointment) will not be sold under the nissan brand. I have searched the web extensively, and it is hinting at infiniti. However I believe the main reason is Nissan already has a flagship (sports car) the 350z and putting the skyline under the nissan nameplate would steal its thunder, while infiniti is still without a true sports car, although the g35 is pretty close. The concept also used an infiniti looking body style.
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    I don't know if any of you guys get Sport Compact Car...but i think it was that magazine i saw they already have an Infiniti G35 GT-R. Skyline's are the most good looking and powerful cars in the world, especially since i am a turbo lover. I love nissan purely for the reason they built such an awesome monster but i am almost sold on that it is going to be an Infiniti, i dont know where people are hearing it might be a nissan. It just makes sense as much as it sucks, it has the exact body as the Infiniti how could it be called anything else? I never heard of anyone saying anything else other than the V6 Twin Turbo engine coming over. I will be really pissed if they ever have the nerve to put a "Suped up" V6 or an 8 cylinder and dare to put a GT-R badge on there...as you can see im huge into Japenese made cars, they just fascinate me...anyway that is my 2 cents on the Skyline, i guess we will just have to take what we can get... :)
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    i read that it may be a nissan in automotive news - a magazine for people in the business. i think it is still up in the air, but there are people at nissan who feel strongly that the skyline should stay nissan, not infiniti - and will work to make it such.

    if i hear any other news, i'll be sure to keep you all posted!

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    "it has the exact body as the Infiniti how could it be called anything else?"

    It also has the exact same body as the current Nissan Skyline. Why not call it a Nissan, to differentiate it from the Infiniti and to keep a legend's longtime name?
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    The reason is simple, at around 50-60k, people will expect Infiniti levels of service and the better Infiniti warranty.

    Enjoy, cybersol
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    Truthfully there is not a difference. So what is the difference if it says Infiniti on the front and back of the GT-R. It is just to farther improve Infiniti's image. Expect the car to produce between 400 and 500 HP, also expect the V-6 engine with Twins to save weight. Expect fiberglass and carbon fiber parts to also reduce weight You should also expect a base price of $60,000. My friend heard a fall 06 date in the office. So dont be surprised it if comes out sooner then expected !
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    Being honest, the GT-R will definitely be under the Infiniti logo. Remember, the entire reasoning behind the new G35 sedan and coupe coming to the US market in 2002 was to "pacify" us American's thirst for the "real" performance driven Skyline. The new Skyline that Renault(they own 49% of Nissan's stock)\Nissan's introduced was brought here in 2002-2003. Recall they decided to kill the Skyline we grew to love in favor of a more emission friendly, safety enhanced, securely built, fuel efficient vehicle. Thats the main logic behind everyone feeling it will be an Infiniti. But I seriously believe that Renault\Nissan became aware that the real Skyline would sell here and thus plan on bringing it out mid '06 with a few popping up in showrooms across the country in late 06. (As the decided to do with the last 4 vehicles they have presented the North American market with.)
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    Im sure im just extremely gullible but last week i saw an infinity that said skyline on the back. It looked identical to the G35 so it most likey is one but it looked sweet and i just wanted to make sure that it wasnt the real thing. good idea if its just a G35. Having Skyline on the back just makes it look so much better and raises an eyebrow. Let me know.
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    the g35 is called the skyline in japan. some people here will debadge their g35's and get the skyline badging and stick it on. in fact, the test mule for the upcoming skyline gtr is a g35 (with all the mechanicals changed underneath) and you can find pictures of that all over edmunds.

    the new skyline gtr will not look like the g35, dont worry ;-)

    -thene :)
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    How much will this thing cost. Will it be competing with the 3 series? or the M3? And will it be here by next january?
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    i didnt read all the post but heres my input...what do u think it will cost more?
    INFINITI skyline GT-R or NISSAN skyline GT-R??
    ofcourse the infiniti gonna cost more and if they are all into the money business, its gonna be INFINITI.

    the badge makes alot of difference to the price
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    I saw an Infinti-badged car with "Skyline" on the back last week in Honolulu. I thought it was a G35 before I saw the name. Makes me wonder if someone just debadged as thenebean suggested.
  • thenebeanthenebean Member Posts: 1,124
    in japan, the G35 is marketed as the nissan skyline 350GT (not GTR) - you'll find a few people here in the states (and i saw one the other day) who will de-badge their infiniti G35 and put the "skyline 350GT" badge on there.

    -thene :)
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    I am with you jord! I swear I saw an Infiniti with bodywork almost identical to the one pictured in the spy shots! Spoiler, Dual Exhausts, everything! I am too young to be going senile! :cry:
    Only I saw this one in the state of Maryland, why it would be their and not sporting the trash bag look is beyond me, so It must not have been one. If anyone else reports this however we must start a sighting's forum! lol ;)

    And I am with some other people: if they decide to stick anything but a twin 6 under that hood I will be sooo disappointed. Especially with the success of the Evo and STi (not TT's but you get the idea):
    It's definitely a valid argument to say it will be an Infiniti due to the 350z. If the GTR gets its twins and sells well, who knows: may be the 350 will adopt a similar engine (probably the same one just tweaked)? That could be their plan, test the waters then deploy to other cars.
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    i still wanna say that the skyline will be a nissan over here - ive read reports that its still up in the air - but i just know that the infinti skyline will not have the same pull as the nissan skyline - since that is what people know it as. its not a luxury car, its a performance car.

    we'll see though! whatever it is, i cant wait! im gonna start saving my pennies now!

    -thene :)
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    the new skyline has been undecided as to if it will be nissan or infiniti...no word on the engine (V6, V8, turbo, or natually aspirated) and wont look like the original skyline or the new g35...it should be avaliable in 2007...the g35's just swapped the badges to say skyline on em..i thught the same thing at first until i looked closer...
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    Hi, All:
    First time here. Almost bought G35, and still am a fan of GT-R. I might buy one someday. Enjoy the photo. Could be photo-shopped, but it just surfaced on a Japanese site. :D

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