2007 Chevy Uplander Transmission Works on R, 1 and 2, and Doesn't on D and 3

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Hi all,

My 2007 Chevy Uplander with about 88k miles is having a problem. The transmission works on R, but doesn't work on D. It doesn't work on 3 either, but it works on 2 and 1, although it doesn't seem to be normal.

The code I am getting is P0751.

I had occasionally started observing the jerks from time to time while it shifted. But then it stopped all of a sudden while I was stopped at light for a left turn. At that time there were no prior symptoms. In fact it had been working fine for about a week or so with no jerks.

It seems to be related to pressure solenoid. What are my option? The problem is that if I get the solenoid replaced and it doesn't fix the problem I have lost a lot of money for nothing. Is there any way for the tech to check to make sure if the solenoid is the problem when he opens it up? If he finds the solenoid to be fine, then I can think of rebuilding/replacing the transmission while he is at it.

I bought it used so I don't know if the oil was every changed. I haven't.

Any help/suggestions will be appreciated.



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