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Kia Spectra5



  • and which car do you have?, and what part of north america?... if you are in the US we already covered this.

  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 6,920
    today on the Kia America website.

    This news item was on the Kia America website in May of '05 and I missed it. Might be really nice-the cool extras of the Spectra5 in a beautiful Spectra sedan. We may have discussed this back in May on here but I don't remember chatting about this item.

    From Kia America CEO Peter Butterfield:
    “We’re ecstatic that Kelley Blue Book has named the 2005 Spectra5 to its exclusive list of ‘cool’ cars under $18,000,” said Kia Motors America president and CEO Peter M. Butterfield. “This reaffirms our belief that Spectra5 delivers style, performance, safety features and value to our customers."

    Here's the new and interesting part for me, the new Kia Spectra SX sedan. Check it out! "And to make sporty driving fun for sedan lovers, we’ve just introduced the new Spectra SX, which has all the special features of the “5” added to the sedan, including sport-tuned suspension, interior tweaks and body kit,” added Butterfield.

    Reading about the Spectra5 today I couldn't believe all of the undercarriage updates the Spectra5 has for a rig that costs just over $15,000! Incredible value, and that is what enamors me to the Kia brand. A front strut tower, even! Sport-tuned suspension, front and rear stabilizer bars. I can't wait to see a Kia Spectra SX sedan with the body kit on and all. More fun research for me! Kia just continues to improve and continues to offer great value to customers, including the wonderful Long-Haul Warranty, which Kia execs have vowed to continue through the 2008 model year. I bet they keep it beyond that even.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • doohickiedoohickie Posts: 949
    ...back in the cargo area. There are bins on either side of the spare tire well. The only hatchbacks I saw that were better were the Aerio which had bins up the yin-yang, and the Mazda3 wagon with a modular floor that can be rearranged to form little bins and compartments (or simply reversed to put the carpet down and have a plastic floor). The Spec5 floor folds up on either side so you can get to the bins. The bins themselves are removable and lock in place with a kind of plastic "buckle" lock.
  • My 'normal' mpg seems to be hovering just under 27 mpg for practically all Interstate travel -- and I'm using the ac.

    Mebbe it'll improve with another 1000 miles and if it gets cooler?
  • spectramanspectraman Posts: 255
    I was able to get 34.9 mpg highway out of my Spectra EX automatic, carrying only a driver (me), and not using the A/C back in May of this year. The car had about 8+k miles on the odometer.

    I averaged between 70 - 75 mph.

    My last tankful averaged about 27 mpg, with combined highway and city/suburb driving. That's a lot closer to my *usual* average.

    A/C, excessive idling, and winter time driving seems to do a number on the Spectra's mileage. My car got as low as 21.5 mpg this past winter, but the engine had less miles on it at that point too.


  • I seem to averaging @ 30mpg so far with both city & highway driving & frequent ac usage. I'm still at very low mileage so know it is bound to change the more I put on. I just looked at the brochure again and see that it does list 30/43 as the expected fuel economy, so guess I can't complain.

    I'm attaching a link to an article published last week in Canadian Driver 'The Canadian 50L Challenge', in which they tested 10 compacts under $20k for fuel economy. The Spectra tied for third place with the Focus. This article is okay, but there isn't a lot specific to the Spectra which is too bad - a related article published in our local paper sang the praises of the Spectra very nicely. Unfortunately, you have to be a subscriber to be able to read the entire article so I won't bother attaching that link....

    Know this was just one road test and there's not a lot specific to the Spectra, but still thought it was worth posting for the results.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 6,920
    sedan's color called Violet Mist by Kia Motors? My 1999 Kia Sephia that I had that inspired my Edmunds nickname was VIolet Mist. Kind of a light purple-metallic gray combo that could appear as a darker purple in certain shades of light.

    That Spectra is lookin' good, spectraman! :)

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • zippys5zippys5 Posts: 2
    Don't count your chickens yet. I have 12000 on mine and am still not able to get more than 27 on the highway. :cry:
  • If my gas mileage on the Spectra5 doesn't improve, I'll probably trade the vehicle.

    I filled up again last night and got the worst mileage yet -- 24.42 mpg!

    That's totally and completely unacceptable even in summertime. :mad:
  • spectramanspectraman Posts: 255

    How many miles do you have on your Spectra?

    What transmission does it have?

    What kind of driving did the 24.4 miles mainly consist of? City, City/Hwy, etc.?

    My Spectra EX (w/auto) recently pulled a 26.7 mpg in city/hwy, and my record to-date is 34.9 pure hwy with one person, no air this past spring with 8k miles on the odometer.

    As someone on one of the forums was saying, the mileage definitely takes a beating if you use the A/C and drive it "sportingly". Keeping the rpms 3k and under between gears appeared to really help the mileage.

    Another person said to set the tire air pressure to at least 32 psi, and you may see some minor improvement.


    Pic of my Spectra EX
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    I was driving a loaner '05 Elantra GT automatic (same engine as the latest Spectra) around town today and my son looked at the trip computer and asked, "How come this car is getting 29 mpg and mom's car ('04 Elantra GT automatic, the same car but a year older and even more broken in) gets more like 22 mpg?" I replied, "Mom's car gets 29+ mpg, too--when I drive it."

    Driving style has a lot to do with fuel economy. If your car is broken in (which can take several thousand miles for this engine) and you are getting poor fuel economy, you need to look at how you drive the car. Proper tire inflation can help some too--I keep the tires on my Elantras at 35 psi year-round for example. And it is always possible there is something wrong with the car. But in most cases its driving style that makes the difference. I tested that myself the other day by taking the same cross-town route two different ways: one in my normal driving style, trying to be economical, and the return trip in an aggressive driving style. I got about 40% better fuel economy driving the first way, even though I hit a few more stoplights that way. And the "economode" trip took a couple of minutes longer--but I felt more relaxed when I got to my destination. It's your money (for gas).

    BTW, before anyone sells an almost-new Spectra because it is getting 24 mpg, think carefully about the economics of losing a ton of money on first-year depreciation vs. the gas savings. Consider if you replace the Spectra with a more economical compact like the Corolla or Civic, and get 30 mpg vs. 24 (no guarantees there, btw), and drive 15,000 miles a year and pay $2.50 per gallon of gas, that's only about $300 in savings per year. Now subtract the resale value of the Spectra from the new car's price and divide by 300. That's your payback time, in years, for getting the more economical car. Maybe it would be better to wait for the Spectra to break in some more, pump up the tires a bit, and use a lighter foot on the gas. ;)
  • I knew it! I KNEW it! I KNEW IT!!! If what you say is true geo, this Spec5 DOES have a remarkable resemblance to that 2002/2003 Protege' 5 door. Was standing there "Sunday shopping" (Sweatshop closed - yeah!) yesterday and the more I looked at that car sitting on the lot the more I was convinced this Korean machine was a splittin' image of, what I believe to have been, a VERY good car, the Mazda Protege. My '00 Pro LX is closin' in on 180K and I'm thinkin' trade in about....ohhhh....doohickie are ya readin' this(?)...the end of September (end of model year, end of sales quarter).

    PS Just can't rationalize the extra bucks for the new and improved Mazda 3. No rebate AT ALL! :(
  • Well, I am still very VERY impressed with the little S5, it is as much fun to drive now as when I first recieved delivery of it. not a single issue to complain about at 16000km / 10000 miles. I had to voice my opinion about the fuel economy talked about by some recently. I admit, when the car was new and I was getting used to the performance aspects of it, I drove it and drove it very spirited, shifting at 6k, downshifting agressively into the bends and such. at that point i was only getting between 26 and 32 mpg combined with about 60% city and 40% hwy. Now that the little rocket novelty is wearing off a bit ( and gas prices increase on a weekly basis) I find myself driving more conservatively shifing at around 3k and using cruise as much as possible. This past weekend we went on a leisurely drive and I was not suprised to have made 41mpg, that was with the windows down and cruising mostly around 85 kph / 53 mph. The car is suprisingly quiet and refined at "normal" speeds.

    just my 2 cents.
  • Started looking for a possible new car recently. I was totally in love with the Mazda3 but darn the price on the thing. I noticed in comparison tests that the Elantra was coming in just behind the Mazda so decided to look more closely at the Elantra. It didn't have the WOW factor for me that the Mazda did, but after driving a GT sedan, I was very impressed with both the car and the price as compared to the Mazda. After reading all the messages in this forum, I now feel like I need to go look at and test drive the Spectra5. I saw pics of the Spec5 on the Kia website and really like the looks of it. It reminds me quite a bit of the Mazda. Actually, I think I like the looks of the Spec5 better than the Elantra hatchback. I did the Edmunds comparison and the Spec5 actually comes in at a higher price than the lantra GT comparibly equipped. Does anyone know why that is? I'm really going to have to test drive the Spec5.

    Backy seems to be a person who is very knowledgeable about the Korean cars. I know you like the styling of the Elantra hatch, but if you would, I would really appreciate it Backy if you could give me your version of a comparison between the Spec5 and the Elantra GT hatch. Assume that both are loaded with all the goodies like moonroof, abs, traction control, and whatever else you can get on these cars. Edmunds say the Spectra5 does not have the cargo net available. Is this really true? I noticed on the Edmunds comparo that some stats on the Spectra seemed a little questionable, such as no cup holders in the back, and the cargo room figures and a couple of other things. Do either or both of these cars have heat/AC ducts for the back or are the dash vents all they have? Backy, if you had a choice between either car, comparibly equipped, which one would you pick and why?

    Anyone else who is very familiar with both the Spectra5 and the Elantra GT hatch are welcomed to chime in with their views. IF I finally reach a point where I feel I can buy a new car, I think it is going to boil down to a battle between the Spec5 and the Elantra GT hatch. Please, guys and gals out there, give me your pros and cons on both cars and which one you would personally choose. Rate the small things like how easy the buttons on the audio system are to operate, and whether they have interior lights that stay on until after you are out of the car and whether headlights stay on for a short period after you shut car off. Are the moonroof systems the same in both cars, how are the dashes lit at night (what colors) and are window and other dash buttons lit. I've heard the Elantra GT has purple gages at night....what does the Spectra5 have? All those little things are important too. Have at it now. I'm looking forward to hearing how all you experienced owners out there feel about both these models.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    Your question has been moved to the discussion Kia Spectra5: Prices Paid & Buying Experience
    where people are discussing prices, etc.

  • Hi iowaelantra,

    Check the Kia Spectra Sedan Forum and look at post 327 "Spectra vs Elantra". Though this talks about the comparison between the Spectra EX vs the Elantra GT sedan (thats my car) it will give you some ideas of what I liked/disliked between the 2.

    Here are answers to some of your questions:

    The Spectra has cup holders in the back behind the center arm rest. A much better and durable design than Elantra.

    The Spectra has AC ducts under the front seats for the rear passengers. I don't believe that the Elantra has (I will check on mine)

    The Spectra gauges are lit up in white. This is for all models LX, EX and SX. Its very bright. I really like the copit display at night on the Spectra because of its easily readability. Elantra is kinda of cool though it was much better on the 01-03 GTs (they used VDO gauges)

    The Spectra radio is easier to use because it is a double din design (2 times the height of the Elantra radio). Both are pretty equivalent. The Elantra has better AM reception and audio quality but the Spectra is better in the FM frequency.

    The Spectra is not too difficult finding all options installed such as cruise, moonroof, spoiler for non SX models, etc. The only option that I could not find was an ABS Spectra either in EX or SX form.

    Spectra lacks any option for leather interior. I really like the leather in the Elantra. The interior cloth is very nice and the pattern is better than what is available on the Elantra GLS.

    Spectra SX has 16 inch wheels where Elantra GT has only 15 inch wheels.

    Good luck!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    The short answer to your question is I would take the Elantra, for three main reasons:

    1) Elantra costs less (especially in GLS trim), especially when I figure in the loyalty rebates that I can get on an Elantra but not a Spectra.
    2) Elantra has a superior driving position IMO, due to its dual-knob height adjuster that allows the front and rear of the seat cushion to be adjusted individually. I find the Elantra's seat to be more comfortable for me than the Spectra's because I can tilt the front edge of the seat higher (in relation to the rear) than on the Spectra.
    3) Resale value of Elantras (especially GTs) is better than Spectras. I think in time the resale of Spectras will improve, but they have more recent bad history to overcome than does Kia.

    Something that may be important for some people is that the Elantra GT comes with leather, for less money than the Spectra5's cloth interior. Personally I prefer cloth, and I like the look of the grey cloth interior on the GLS 5-door compared to that on the Spectra5--and the GLS 5-door costs a LOT less than the Spectra5.

    I admit I know a lot more about the Elantra because I own two of them. I was very impressed by the quiet ride of the Spectra when I drove it; the Elantra is pretty quiet for a small car, but the Spectra is superior here. Also the Spectra5 has a taller cargo compartment, which may be important for some people.

    The Elantra does have HVAC outlets under the front seats. It has NO rear cupholders on the 5-door (!) in the U.S. market, but has two that pop out from the middle of the rear seat cushion on the sedan (actually an easier reach than the console-mounted holders on the Spectra).

    You'll have to decide if a double-DIN radio is a key benefit for you. FYI, the Elantra does have a double-DIN radio slot (bottom half is filled with a storage compartment), so if you really want a double-DIN unit you can put one in there. In fact Hyundai dealers offer a double-DIN unit for the Elantra with both CD and cassette.

    The other thing I like about the Elantra is that it is a relatively unique car, styling-wise. There aren't many fastback-style hatches out there anymore (and it appears the '07 Elantra 5-door will look more like the Spectra). The Spectra5 looks to me like a little station wagon. Not a biggie, and it's a good looking car, but I think the Elantra looks a little more sporty than the Spectra5. But styling is a very personal thing--I know other people prefer the looks the Spectra5.
  • I currently have just over 5000 miles.

    I have a 5-speed transmission.

    The mix was 70% highway using cruise control, 30% city with airconditioner running. Rpms are practically never above 3k.

    I am not an 'agressive', sporty driver. I have a very steady foot -- and that's why I get upset when the mileage is so low.

    I don't know what the air pressure is because I haven't checked it since I bought the car, but I will do so soon.

    I like the Kia Spectra5 -- and I'm hopeful that when it cools off some and I don't have to use the AC, then the mileage will improve.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Error on my last post. I meant to say, "I think in time the resale of Spectras will improve, but they have more recent bad history to overcome than does Hyundai." :blush:
  • Backy:

    I think that incoming reports like this recent J.D. Powers survey will help:

    Click here to see J.D. Powers report on the Spectra

    Isn't that how Hyundai's turnaround started? ;)

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    I think that kind of report will help, but IMO Hyundai's turnaround started when they rolled out competitive models starting in late 2000 (the new Elantra and all-new Santa Fe specifically). Then the Sonata steadily improved starting in late 1998 until it racked up both stellar short-term and solid long-term reliability ratings. The Sephia/Spectra was not a very good car until the current design debuted in 2004. That's why I think Kia has a little more catching up to do compared to Hyundai. But they are doing a good job of that, with the all-new Amanti, new Spectra, the new Sportage, and soon the new Rio, Sedona, and Optima.
  • I'm looking forward to an even newer Amanti coming out in the next year or so. I suspect that it will be based on Hyundai's new Azera that's going to be coming out within the next year.

    After that, the Sorento will be the only legacy model left. It will be interesting to see how long they continue to build and sell it as is. There's rumors of a new larger KIA SUV, so that could spell the end of the Sorento at that point.

    There's also discussion of some other small KIAs coming, including a 5 door Mazda5 type of vehicle and a small sports car.

  • just remember Kia has only been in North America for 5 years. Personally i think it is a great testiment to this Korean Auto manufacturer to have such a strong line-up only after that time. I see 29 individual recalls in 5 years on all products for Kia.
    and 42 accrocc the hyundai line in the same time frame. Fee free to read about the recalls here.

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Actually Kia has been in North America for more than 5 years. Their lineup is getting stronger every year, but it takes awhile for public perception on long-term reliability--hence resale value--to change. Hyundai has certainly found that to be the case.
  • Well, all I have to say sucks. Import all the way! I did not buy a Kia...but I would over a ford any day. My friend just bought a Spectra5 and I would agree...being in both cars...that the Kia is the better deal. Rest easy Kia is usually never worth it..hehe :P
  • Backy,

    Where are the HVAC outlets under the front seats? I looked under my 05 GT sedan front seats are I could not find them. Also, they were definetly not present on my 01 GLS either. On my girlfriends 05 Spectra they are clearly visible.

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Reach under the front seat from behind and move your hand forward, along the floor, in the middle of the seat. You will come across a plastic duct. At least, I did in my '01 GLS and '04 GT 5-door.
  • I don't know that I would say Ford sucks. I personally have had great experiences with Ford, especially lately with an Aspire (okay, so that's a Kia really), an Escort and a Taurus. They have all been pretty much trouble free and the repairs I have done on them have not been excessive (they have 117k, 111k & 60k miles, respectively).

    I'm in the market for a new car to replace the Asprie as my daily commuter and took a good, hard look at the Focus. In the end, though, it had more road noise at highway speeds than the Elantra or Spec5. That said, the Focus did handle better in the corners. I do more driving on the freeway than on the slalom course, though, so the Focus loses.

    That doesn't mean the Focus sucks, just that it doesn't suit my personal taste.
  • My Escort has similar ducts under the front seats.
  • I read a report on this problem, and when I recently purchased my new Spectra, I checked the underside of the spoiler and noted it has several brackets and bolts holding it. They don't look any too hefty, but I think they will at least hold it on if I managed to avoid hitting anything too substantial.

    My first tank of gas seemed to vaporize awfully fast too!! :(
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