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No "Google" sound when phone connected to Bluetooth (either through phone or car)

elli2elli2 Member Posts: 15
edited May 2016 in Hyundai
An odd problem. The Bluetooth between my Droid Turbo and the car works fine for making phone calls. No issues. However, when I want to use the phone's GPS or any other feature on the phone that produces sound from the phone - when the phone is connected to the car's Bluetooth, all of that sound from my phone is disabled. No sound comes through the phone or the car. For instance, if I bring up GPS on the phone while it is connected to the Hyundai bluetooth, it won't give me audible instructions, either through the phone or through the Hyundai's Bluetooth. Just silence. As soon as Bluetooth is disconnected, the sound comes out through the phone. Clearly the Bluetooth is somehow disabling all sounds (except for phone calls, which works fine). Hyundai BlueLink couldn't help. I tried unpairing and repairing and checking any sound settings on car and phone. I tried plugging into USB. My particular phone is compatible with Hyundai's bluetooth. Anyone have a suggestion before I make a service appointment?
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