Rear Bearing Going Out - I need different Opinions please!

carouselambracarouselambra Member Posts: 1
I have a Mazda 2007 CX-7 obviously, anyway the rear bearing is going in the car, its still drive able its just very loud in the rear end, anyway I've taken it to an imports dealer and had them look at it, and they said one of the bearings inside not sure which one is going out, and they said it'd be easier just replacing the whole thing, now they gave me the part number which is MA2827100A now from going on a website i just googled, this part number is the Driving and Rear Differential, which is $1,500 now is it necessary to replace both? Because looking online like ebay the rear differential just by itself used is only 250 or so, so i'm a bit confused I guess? I hope someone can help out!
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