Tow a Corvette with a Nissan Frontier

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I have a 2015 frontier 6 cylinder automatic. I didn't get it with a tow package but added a tow hitch ( mounted to the frame) and light harness. I want to bring a corvette from New Jersey to Tennessee. Car weighs just under 3500 lbs from what I'm reading. I'd like to haul it on a trailer. Anybody know if I can do it without killing the truck?


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    no problem
  • dadeo7432dadeo7432 Member Posts: 10
    Seriously, I've no idea if the corvette really weights only 3500 lbs... But I'd bet that a steel trailer you put it on would weigh less than 1000 lbs. Check the owner's manual, the 6 cylinder 5 speed automatic Frontier should tow at least 6,100 lbs. Add the weight of the trailer and the car together. If it adds up to 5,500 or less, you'd be fine.
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