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Has anyone heard anything about the Neo Ion from www.mp3yourcar.com It connects your stock head unit to your iPod with one wire. Looks pretty cool - I am thinking about ordering one.


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    Main question is: is your car audio original or aftermarket? If former, what is the car model. If latter, which audio model is it? According to their site, the device pretty much makes your audio think your iPod is a CD changer. Which means your audio should have built-in CD changer support and NOT have CD changer installed.
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    Just wanted to know if anyone actually used this product. What are the pro/cons. I'm thinking of purchasing this ipod2car.
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    I have a 03 Tacoma with the OEM deck.
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    I have been using the neo ion I bought from www.mp3yourcar.com for awhile now and I really like it. Pretty much everyone who plays with it in my car wants to get one haha sound quality is the same as CD’s and you can control it using your steering wheel controls, radio controls, and the actual iPod - I usually use the iPod because I like the wheel... ;)
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    I am thinking about purchasing a V50 and I want to be able to play my ipod (3G with dock connector) in the car. My understanding of the new Volvo/Ipod relationship is that the v50 connection is through an FM transmitter. I hate the static inherent in the FM transmitters out there and I'd be reluctant to choose this option. The console design precludes any aftermarket stereo and the V50 does not come with a tape deck, so the only other option is a direct connection to the factory stereo.

    So my questions are--Does the factory stereo (or the upgraded audio package) have an AUX input and an adapter available? Do any of them charge the iPod as well? Does anyone know of a source of information on the V50, factory stereos, and ipod adapters?
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    Although I'm still researching about ipod2car, it sounds like the best product out there right now. It connects directly to the cd changer plug in the back of the stereo. (all new vehicles should have that). The ipod2car will charge the ipod for you as well. See www.ipod2car.com
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    I don't think the V50 factory stereo has an AUX or CD Changer input.... I heard something somewhere about a direct-line connection to the FM antenna?
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    It is the only reasonably priced car out there with a built in jack that allows you to play your ipod right through your car stereo. I plug my car charger in, sit the ipod on the shelf and plug the mini stereo cable output into the dash. There is no comparing this to an FM hijack system.

    I bought my Element in 2003 for this feature primarily and I thought that within a couple of years all cars would have it, but evidently not. I'm shocked!
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    My brother recently purchased a Montego and wants to connect his iPod. Allegedly this can be done through the auxillary port in the vehicle, but sales, service and parts departments of the dealership have been unable to help us..they have not been able to identify where this port is???
    Any ideas?
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    "A new concept called "Roadcasting," may allow drivers to tune their radios to music playlists coming from other cars within a 30-mile radius and transmit their own songs for people in other nearby cars."

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    I am having the same problem. I would love to buy a V50 but cannot live without my ipod. You are right - the ipod link for the V50 is not wired like for most of their other models, it is FM which sucks. If you find a solution I would love to hear it. I think Volvo moved to fibreoptic for the stereos on the XC 90 and V50. Looks like I will not be buying a V50. Shame.
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    I recently purchased an iPod video, and was considering using the AUX connector on my 2001 Chevy S10. It has the original factory radio installed. I haven’t removed the radio yet, but was wondering if anyone aware of what kind of connection is back there to uses with the AUX?

    Please help if you have worked with the factory radio, I would rather be prepare before taken the dash apart.

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    Free Road Test Video Podcasts on iTunes (Inside Line)

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    Similar question that was asked. I have 1997 S-10 Blazer w/in-dash CD radio that is AUX capable. The back of the radio does not have RCA's but another type of flat connector that must go to a harness. Is there anyway of getting that harness for the iPod connection at a reasonable price. Sick of listening to digital music with static using the FM transmitter by Monster.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    THANKS !
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    "Apple estimates that 40 percent of cars sold in the U.S. this year will offer iPod integration."

    Baby, you can drive my iPod (CNN)

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    Anyone know how to add a wire that hooks my ipod to my unused XM SAT/AUX input on my stereo?
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    I don't know what the XM SAT/AUX input looks like but wouldn't it just be a normal mini-plug that you can pick up at Radio Shack? I think it's also called an 1/8" jack or a mini - same size as the headphone jack.
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    Hey, finally one I can respond to!

    I have the same car ('05 EX-L, non-RES) and have been researching the same thing. basically, you can use the aux connector (same place that built in XM would go). But, it isn't a simple plug in jack.

    You need an adapter to let the headunit reconize the digital source. It can be something fancy that has some ipod functionality/interface, or a simple external input.

    The Dension icelink plus is designed for ipods, and gives you controls through the steering wheel and radio buttons, plus it charges the ipod.

    P.I.E (and soem other brands) make aux adapters that you can install that have RCAjacks on the end. THis lets you plug in any digital source (mp3, sat radio). But, it doesn't charge the unit, and the headunit only recognizes it as an outside source (CD4), so you control everything from the unit.

    The icelink is about $200, while the other unit is about $60, but can be more with some accessories (such as an ipod connector). Installation is the same in either case. Plug and play, but the headunit is a pain to get to.

    I decided to spend the extra money on the Dension, since I want the integrated charger, and redundant controls so I can hide the ipod away in a drawer.

    Loox at the logjam electronics site. THey list a bunch of options, and tell you what works with what car.

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    For all you Honda owners out there, you can now hook up your iPod. I just got a new 2006 Civic and found a new accessory online at BernardiParts.com. Honda has a music link that plugs into your stereo and you can control you iPod through the controls of the radio. Works great for me so far. I haven't set up the voice commands yet though.

    I recommend checking it out. BernardiParts.com had it for the cheapest I could find. I just took it to my local shop to have them hook it up.
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    I don't think it is backward compatible (at least not completely) according to Honda. For instance, the '06 Odyssey supports it, but not the '05.

    Hey, I would be real happy just to have the aux plug in the cabin so I didn't have to spend any money to get rid of the FM modulator!

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    Do you know anything about hooking up a Sansa unit (MP3 player, 2006 model #240) through a car stereo? Can it be done?
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    Beats me - Amazon sells this gizmo.


    You may want to ask in the specific make/model car discussion too.

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    Many thanks for your response. I was afraid this forum might be "abandoned" when I noted the length of time since the last post before mine. Since posting, I have discovered that Belkin makes an FM broadcasting device that most any brand MP3 player (and lots of other kinds of electronics) can be plugged into. It then uses battery power to broadcast the signal to your car sound system. Of course, the car unit must be set to receive the same FM frequency that you set the Belkin unit to send on.
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    People sometimes complain about the quality of the sound when using the FM transmitter things, so you check that out. Some of the XM/Sirius units work that way so you may want to browse this discussion:

    XM & Sirius Satellite Radio

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    Hi, has anybody tried the Harman Kardon Drive+Play,
    I'm thinking of buying it for my 2002 S60, but I really don't have a clue in electronics (woman :blush: ) nor anything. I don't like FM transmitters (already overspent in those cheap tricks), and I've been doing some researcch on it, but I really value more user comments. Also do you have any other cheaper options??
    thanx!! :D
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    Audi has been on the list for 2006 models to get ipod integration; so far, nothing has happened. Does anyone have any info on Audi models and plans?
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    When I looked at Audis a year ago, they had an iPod interface well-integrated, with a connection in the center console and an iPod display read-out on the dash.

    (BTW: I ended up with an Acura and just found out Denison, who has been selling the ice-link, has discontinued that in favor of the new DICE. According to the salesdroids, it does everything smoothly for $159. YMMV)
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    Not sure if that's what you need, but this Volvo adapter is using CD changer's connector. But if you have the changer it has to be disconnected.
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    Thanks for the info, but Audi dealers don't seem to know anything about an ipod interface, and I have talked to several. I did hear that they were going to make an announcement in June on the ipod interface...hope this happens, as BMW & MB are way ahead of them on this.
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    Well, finally had my ipod2car installed. I would rate this product Fair. The steering controls don't activate as soon as you start the ipod--you have to skip down and then up, and then you can fwd/bwd w/out problems. Another disappointment is the volume. It goes through about 20% quiter. So If normally I would listen at level 30, I now have to turn it up to level 40. I did have the DIP #6 changed to on position as suggested on online forums. (without it I had to turn the volume to 60 before I can hear things).
    Overall satisfaction is FAIR. It beats going through the CD's.
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    Hi everyone,

    (I'm new here, so please excusee me if I don't follow standard etiquettes re: postings.)

    Anyways, I'm currently doing research into the best way to link my Ipod into a Honda Accord 07' EX-L with Nav. So far, read rather bad reviews about the Honda Music Link, and the DICE. Currently, looking into the USA SPEC, but can't seem to find any comprehensive reviews. Does anyone have any experience with the USA SPEC on a Honda Accord with Nav??

    Or can anyone tell me if I have the option to just simply hook up my Ipod directly thru an aux port in the back somewhere and forget this whole "integration" mess. I just want to be able to play my Ipod :( .
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    I have the USA spec unit in my Odyssey, and it works great. But, I don't have Nav. THere is an adapter to allow it to work on a car that already uses the Aux port (I think that the XM is the problem area, not the nav, since XM uses the port input).

    Check out Crutchfield. THey have a lot of info, and I think some reviews. I know that there is a seperate piece (a splitter) from USA Spec for your application.

    The Accord (unless they added it in '07, I have an '05) doesn't have an aux plug (the Civic does), or a set of RCA jacks. So, any solution, even a simple plug in with no ipod functions like the USA spec has, will still require an adapter to connect into the radio.

    But, check Crutchfield. When you put in your model it will tell you what you need, and you can call a rep who can explain it too.

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    Thnx for the tip. I will definitely check out Crutchfield.

    How is the functionality control using the USA Spec (i.e., Can you change playlists, choose artists, skip tracks, etc. on the Honda factory stereo now)?
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    I don't use playlists, but you can skip tracks from the headunit or steering wheel controls. If you want to perform fancy functions (change genres, look up artists, etc) you do it directly from the ipod.

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    hear! hear!
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    Wish I had seen this sooner. I've already spent $300 on a new stereo on in my '07 Accord that is IPOD-ready. The money wasn't the issue; they installed the stereo below the factory stereo (it took the place of the storage compartment) so now I have a factory stereo that completely does not work or light up, and the new radio underneath where the storage compartment was. It looks rather silly. I'm glad I can finally listen to my IPOD in my car but really, I wish there was a better way and I hadn't wasted $300.
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    What's best interface to get for OEM radio with Sat and CD changer?
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