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Currently Bill Ford has stated in a public interview, that Ford is considering a possible vehicle to slot under the Ford Focus. Most probably the Ford Fiesta that is well known in other countries, as well as selling quite well in Europe.

This would allow the Focus to be placed higher, and command better profits by slotting an entry vehicle under it. Honda has already stated they wish to do the same, and place a smaller vehicle under the Civic to be introduced in 2 years.

The Fiesta could probably be sourced from Ford's of Brazil, Bahia plant. Easily pass federal crash standards, although the UAW would really be the only thing stopping it, since they would most probably object to having another vehicle imported.

Your thoughts on this ?


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    The time for unions has come and gone. Its really such a shame that the UAW would be prohibitive of Ford producing and distributing a potential money making, perception changing vehicle.

    In todays market, it is evident and sad that the UAW is crippling GM and Ford.

    Personally, ANT, I'm all about the production of smaller small cars. I'd like to see more space, fuel efficient offerings. Todays "small" cars are really compacts- Civics are the size of Accords some 2-3 generations ago, really only 10-15 years back.

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    Every vehicles increases a bit, as they redesigned every few years. As you stated, the Accords of 15 years ago, are probably the size of today's Civic. It's only the name that stays the same.

    The Focus itself is large for it's size and will naturally continue to get bigger as it keeps getting redesigned. Which is why a Fiesta case might be beneficial as long as it's financially feasable on keeping such a project, which I believe it could be if imported from another country.

    It would also improve Ford's CAFE credits by offering more fuel efficient vehicles.

    And if the Fiesta is introduced here, possibly the Euro Ford Fusion, and Ecosport might follow soon after to slot under the current Escape.
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    The old Fiesta used to be sold here... as the Festiva. I sure hope they've improved since I last rented a Fiesta in the UK - it was like driving a tin can.

    I'm with alpha - I'd like to see more true compacts offered here in the US. When I was first driving, there were a whole host of hatchback vehicles that were perfect "student cars." Affordable, yet reasonably good transportation. I'm thinking of the old Escort, the Dodge Colt, and the like. These cars somehow blossomed into sedans, leaving a big gap in the market.


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    And with competitve, modern safety features, such as ABS, Side & Curtain airbags, advanced frontal airbags.... You wouldnt need to feel that you were taking a disntict risk as was once the feeling in small hatches... Im thinking of my dad's 89 Tercel (actually a 'notchback'), which I realized got dwarfed by everything else out there... and I was only 8 at the time..

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    I remember the Aspire, which was pretty much a clone to a Kia vehicle (which Ford owned a certain percentage of, at the time). The Fiesta wouldn't necessarily need to be spartan either. In Europe it does quite well and depending upon trim level, can be nicely appointed.

    For US versions, they really just need to concentrate on suspension tuning, and maybe improve the NVH a bit. But these are items that are easily altered with minimal investment. Again, if it's manufactured in another country.

    Don't expect Ford to bring over the KA though....
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    Here's a hint of the future...



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    Ford will be displaying a concept vehicle in the NAIAS named Synus. It's a concept vehicle for an entry level vehicle Ford is planning. Known as the B-Segment, the platform will be developed by Mazda for the B-Segment worldwide. Ford is using this platform for this concept vehicle.


    A vehicle is needed under the Focus, to introduce a younger demographic into the brand, and push the Focus upwards in space and pricing. With Honda publically stating they wished to introduce a vehicle under the Civic, Ford is also wanting to take the same route.


    The Synus in essense seems to be a Scion xB looking vehicle.


    I've started a forum named Ford Synus, to further discuss this vehicle since it's now official and safe to do so.
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