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1998 GMC Jimmy - Transmission problem or computer problem?

postmortem01postmortem01 Member Posts: 2
edited May 2016 in GMC
I have a 1998 GMC Jimmy SLS. The automatic transmission was not shifting correctly. When I was accelerating or when the truck would shift to a lower gear while going up an incline, the truck would rev up and stay out of gear unless I let off on the gas.

I took it to a local mechanic that everyone at my work says is great. He said that I needed a transmission. I had him replace it with a rebuilt transmission. When I got it back 5 days later, the truck shifted worse than it had before. I took it back to him to repair. 5 days later, it was going EXACTLY the same thing as when I brought it in to him the first time.

After a very heated conversation with him, I asked him how that's possible. He said that the rebuilt transmission may have a problem and that he would replace it again at no charge. 5 days later, I picked up the truck and EXACTLY the same thing. I drove it back to him immediately and lost my temper.

I've been reading about issues similar to this online. Is it possible that there is just a problem with the shift computer?


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