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Has anyone found any information on what the production vehicle will be for VW's new car?

I find that this car has exactly what I am looking for - a midengine and two seats. I have a few concerns however. I can't tell if Edmunds means there will be both a six-speed manual and the DSG with paddles - it would have to have the six-speed for me to buy it. Also, is it probable that cars like this will have the option of a hardtop, or perhaps a coupe variant? The last of my worries is the chrome interior. I can't see something so reflective going into a convertible, it seems as though the distractions it would create would be safety hazards.


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    All I've found is that it'll be around 280hp and priced near $40k. The pics I've seen do look sweet!
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    Priced near $40k? I thought the target was near 25k. Also, wouldn't that be on par with the Boxster - the car it was supposed to be the low-priced rival of? I am at least excited that it is "all but confirmed to go into production" (Autoweek). Some magazines have reported a VW midengine as early as next year... seems a bit optimistic.
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    That's just what I've read. Can you expand on what Autoweek said relating to specs?? Or provide a link?
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    Of course,

    Autoweek's September 27th article states the the roadster will go into production in late 2007 - the option of both 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder engines.
    "Three different gasoline engines could be used: a 2.0-liter, 148-hp four, the 2.0-liter, 197-hp turbocharged four-cylinder FSI from the soon-to-be-launched GTI, and a 3.6-liter, 280-hp V6"
    Apparently there will be the six speed manual, with the option of the Direct-Selection Gearbox. (Assuming this having read the plans for other VW cars).

    The link is here:

    Motortrend seems to be ridiculously optomistic, claiming the roadster will be available in 2006. The information they offer includes a 3.2L V6 (260hp) and a six-speed manual.


    In my infinite curiosity of the small, 2-seater market I've been looking at the roadster's claimed competition. It seems that everything from the Miata to the Boxster offers a hardtop as an option - with the except of the MR2, which has 1 year left on its lifespan. So I am becoming more and more convinced that the roadster will offer a manual and a hardtop -- how could they not? It would leave those of us who live where snow falls highly uncomfortable.

    The VW Vortex members seem to be highly skeptical that the roadster will even come in under 35k. I sure hope it makes the 25k neighborhood - I'm positive it would make the difference of at least one buyer.

    If you find anything else, I'd love to hear it!


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    From Motortrend's 2006 future vehicles:

    "2006 Volkswagen W12 Coupe : The name gives away the potent heart of this sophisticated beast, a compact 6.0-liter 12-cylinder that produces 600 horsepower. Matched to a six-speed transmission, VW claims the coupe can rocket 0-60 mph in under 3.5 seconds and top 217 mph. Such performance is achieved due to a low 2650-pound curb weight. With a track-tuned double-wishbone front and rear suspension, 50/50 weight distribution, various electronic assists, and massive 19-inch tires, equally impressive handling is ensured. Penned by Giugiaro, this latest gull-winged challenger to supercar supremacy appears to be in the staging lane for production."
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    I'd like to see it go up against the s2000. The 35k+ market is saturated imo, and would be best left to Audi anyway.

    Not that leaving expensive things to Audi is the thing to do, these days.
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    No, that is not the concept R. It does, however, sound like a better value - especially if it is at your stated 40k!

    The W12 sounds alot more like the Audi Le Mans than the VW Roadster. I don't think I've never heard of a 12 cylinder going for under 100k, but then again I typically don't look for super-cars.
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    I agree. The s2000 is a great car - just seems like it hasn't changed any since its entry.

    I would really like to see the VW roadster come in with their new 2.0 FSI Turbo engine - it has been loved in the early reviews of the new GTI and is said to get up to 30 mpg. I could care less about a low 5 second 0-60 time, the quarter mile, or its top speed (although I am sure the 2.0 FSI would be respectable in all categories. I think they would sell far more with a price of 25k and few options than 35k with ground-breaking technology.
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    Volkswagen once had a little coupe and convertible with great styling called the Karmann Ghia. I used to own a 1969 hardtop example with a Corvair flat-6 and it was a blast! VW should follow along the lines where others have found success with retro such as the Ford GT, PT Cruiser, VW's own New Beetle, et al, and bring back a design as sleek as the Ghia with adequate power and perhaps even AWD to offer something different in the segment (yes, the TT offers this but not with a mid-engine). The car looks great, but sharing something with the past may attract more buyers especially at the proposed $40,000 price of entry!
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    do you think this is the new porsche 914?
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    I have a 2001 1.8t jetta, I am about to lower it but I am not sure if I should use coil-overs or just buy drop springs. I was told the coil-overs are not good if your car is driven every day. So should I get the pre adjusted lowering kit or buy coil-overs.... Also any suggetions on what brand or kit to use?


    Off topic: Any suggetions for preformance modifications for my 1.8t jetta?
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    Aren't there too many roadsters already?




    Coil-overs don't really have any inherent disadvantages other than cost. If you get drop springs, you'll have to get shocks that match them sooner or later. Still cheaper overall than coilovers, but not adjustable.


    But people give warnings about both types of aftermarket suspensions on daily drivers based on comfort. Some of them (coilovers or springs+shocks) will be too stiff for daily use. If you see a suspension system that's popular on track cars, avoid it. Find a Jetta forum and read what they're using... there should be plenty of good options.


    As for other mods, turbo'd cars respond well to new intake/exhausts, and to new ECU chips as well - but if you do that one you should upgrade your cooling, fuel delivery, and engine internals at some point.
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    I appreciate the reply.... yes I agree there are too many roadsters. But, how much can one more hurt?I am not really trying to race, I just would like to preform personal modifications for the enjoymentand satisfaction of the process. Also, I do undterstand that with an ECU chip the intercooler would have to be replaced.But, would you specify on the fuel delivery and engine internals. I have had some trouble finding a good jetta forum. Any suggestions???
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    This car is beautiful and puts the Boxster to shame. If it does produce 280 horespower (or hopefully more) and they keep the weight below 3000 lbs. like the porsche, then this car will be a steal at $40,000.
    I thought the original talk on the concept was for a retractable hardtop. Although this would be wonderful, I'm sure it would add too much to the price (and weight).
    Being 6'4" tall I hope it has enough headroom and legroom.
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    If the exterior of the production car is close to the concept, this will definitely be in my list of top-3 cars to consider for a future roadster. It's mid-engine layout, great looks, probable mid $30's price, and possible 280HP powerplant might be enough for me to buy it in spite of VWoA's poor dealer service rating (4th lowest in the US).

    The other potential roadsters that I'm excited about are the similarly priced & powered Toyota Project 395 as revealed by Edmund's:

    and the possibility of an under $40K BMW M2 convertible (based on this concept of the coupe):

    Should be a great time for lovers of roadsters by 2007.
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    This will be my 6th VW if:
    - >230hp
    - <2600lbs
    - A real six speed manual, (We don't need no stinkin' DSG. We're the real drivers)
    - Priced between $28-42k.

    A 50 yo, Engineer & Test Pilot
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    If anyone else out there just can't get enough of this amazing machine, VW's UK and International site have some videos. The UK video is a shorter version of the International site's video. The International site also points out features of car, like LED headlights and only mentions a 265 hp V6.

    UK Video (Warning - It loops, don't be fooled and watch it for hours like me...just kidding)
    Volkswagen UK - Concept R - click 'Video' at bottom of picture.

    International Gallery and Video (Almost excessively long)
    Volkswagen International - Concept R - click 'Gallery' at the top right of the frame with the car, then click the movie clip icon (farthest to right).

    It seems like $40,000 isn't anywhere close to what the car should cost - could someone provide a link to an article or something that shows this number? In this article from VWVortex, the price target (mentioned in the fourth paragraph) is the Mazda Miata ($23,000 - $28,000).

    I agree with the 50 yo Engineer & Test Pilot - anyone can drive a DSG, a car like this should require atleast some skill.
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    To me it seems the price will depend on what engines, transmissions, etc. VWoA offers in the car. If it is "dumbed" down enough with a low hp 4cyl, no nav, no dsg, smaller wheels, cloth seats, etc. etc. maybe it will approach the $25K for similar underpowered, unexciting cars like the Sky, Solstice, Miata. It will be harder for VW to approach that price due to the Euro exchange rates, their need to overcome billion dollar losses in the US, the limited production quantities of this car vs. the above named competition, etc. What will make this car "amazing" will be if the production version looks very similar to the concept (even though they've already said it will built on a smaller chassis), and they offer strong enough upgrades in engines, transmissions, brakes, wheels, interiors, etc. to beat the S2000, 350Z, IS350, A-R Brera, SLK... (i.e. "true" sports cars, not just cheap entry-level roadsters). If they offer this with options that price it closer to $35K it will rival anything their Audi line has for looks and fun. I wish it was produced as an Audi... their dealer services are rated hugely superior to the "bottom of the rankings: VW. Anyways, it is one exciting car in looks and potential... I can't wait to see the finished product. :)
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    I have to say, you make a lot of good points. I can't say that I wouldn't buy the "dumbed-down" version though - especially if it is the 2.0T. There is more than enough power there to get me in trouble. Plus, I think anything in a stick is fun to drive.

    I also thought that $35k would encroach on the Audi line, but I threw any logic like this out the window with the arrival of the Phaeton.

    I'd love to see the car change from concept - no chrome at all.
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    Thanks for the video links. The car looks even better in these. If this is what the production model is going to look like, I can't wait!
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    best picture on the web!!!

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    I approve. It has a nice, long wheelbase, big ol' wheels and a nicer interpretation of the Coroll... I mean Jetta's new grille. The way that the seats have little humps behind them remind me of the Pontiac Solstice.

    The plate in front of it says C26, does that mean anything?
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    thanks for the video, I hope they gave some kind of test drive, if it feels good, I am on it.
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    Just like VW... they've now killed the Concept R. Back to their bland cars :mad:
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