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2008 Saturn Outlook A/C Problem

[Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0
edited May 2016 in Saturn
A/C works for a while then air thru vents stops blowing. Can hear fan running and feel very small amount of cool air at vents. Turn system off for a while and when turn back on will work. This problem is intermittent.Also, cannot change the system from AUTO. Will turn of and on but when on is always in AUTO. Could this problem be with the controls on the dash?


  • Mr. LeaksMr. Leaks Member Posts: 8
    hec1947, I had a similar problem one time, and took the car to dealer. They said the HVAC control module did not have up to date calibrations. So it probably just needs reprogrammed. Also my system charge was low. I have had a slow leak since I bought the vehicle in 2008, that they have yet to find the problem. I just buy the off the shelf AC servicing can and do that part myself.
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