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2011 Hyundai Elantra and Sonata Recalled for Suspension Problem | Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 10,130
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2011 Hyundai Elantra and Sonata Recalled for Suspension Problem |

Hyundai Motor America is recalling 27,700 2011 Hyundai Elantra and Hyundai Sonata cars to fix a potential suspension problem in salt-belt states.

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  • caffeinetripcaffeinetrip Member Posts: 1
    Currently have a 2012 Elantra GLS and have had both front coil springs snap at the base of the strut assembly. Hyundai should extend the recall to 2013 models as well given they all utilize the same part number across all their lines (minus the Elantra GT, but I can't imagine that's going to be immune to the coil spring problem).
  • SonataDriverSonataDriver Member Posts: 1
    Left side front coil spring on 2013 Sonata failed and completely cut the left front tire on the inside sidewall. Luckily I was approaching the highway at low-speed when this happened or could have caused a serious crash at high speed. The dealership replaced spring and new tire at my expense. I have read there was a recall for this specific issue on the 2011 Sonata but that recall doesn't exist for the 2013 year. Hyundai should expand the recall to include other years and take ownership and pay for its defects!
  • SeanLSeanL Member Posts: 1
    My mother's 2012 Elantra LE just had this happen to the front passenger side wheel. Started the car up, began backing out of the driveway only to hear a horribly loud rubber squeaking noise. I jumped out to look, mom let the car roll forward several inches, and POP-ffffffff .... flat tire.

    Felt around with my hands, there was a metal bar of some sort ... used my phone to get pictures, and holy heck, it's the suspension coil. Came right down off the top of the strut, and when the car moved forward, speared into the inside sidewall.
  • JAD2JAD2 AlbanyMember Posts: 1
    OMG - this happened to my husband on April 26, 2019. Very lucky he wasn't involved in a major accident as he was on a busy highway doing 60 in the middle lane. He has an 2012 Elantra LE as well.
  • WAZAWAZA Member Posts: 1
    Just happened to me last night on my 2011 Elantra GLS front driver side. Luckily I was on a local road, it didn't fully puncture the tire and a nice mechanic helped me get it off the road. He is scheduled to fix it today but I will be calling Hyundai first to see if I can convince them to repair.
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