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Best car to purchase among the list - Midsize or Crossover SUV

varick1varick1 Member Posts: 2
edited June 2016 in General
Dear Experts,

This will be my first car, started driving recently. I'm confused to choose best car among the list Midsize or Crossover SUV mentioned.

(a) HONDA CR-V --> I would like to go with HONDA CR-V because Space, Speed & Acceleration, Features, Resale value ..etc
(b) TOYOTA RAV4 --> My second choice is for RAV4

Note : I came across this info from some of my friends.

(1) Miles : Less than 50K miles.

(2) Model : 2013 - 2015

(3) Two-wheel drive (2WD) or All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) - Due to snowfall in winter, I'll choose All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) .

(4) Comparison with Honda Accord Vs Honda CR-V in speed : I like the way Honda Accord speed & acceleration it has may be it is sedan & due to its shape, size & other factors. Can I expect the same comfort in speed & acceleration for Honda CR-V as well when compared with Honda Accord ?

(5) Trim Levels : Honda EX vs EX-L..etc - How better are these features useful to spend additional price, still i need to figure it out ? Leather-Trimmed Seats, Heated Seats, Roof, Alloy wheels, Navigation, Dual Air Bags, Side Air Bags, Backup Camera, Parking Sensor, Power Steering, Power Seat, Cruise Control, Air Conditioning, Keyless Start, ABS (4-Wheel), Daytime Running Lights ..etc

Much appreciate your reply
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