2000 Ford Explorer... Possessed? Or regular issue?

originalbratoriginalbrat Member Posts: 1
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First let me start by saying I love this explorer! It has over 260,000 and runs like a gem, usually with no issue. Then last week, problems started with the locks. Now, only the front passenger switch will work. Then the Power windows started acting goofy. First they would only work if the driver door was either shut, or pulled all but closed. Then for four days they wouldn't work at all. I would try periodically to get them to work and suddenly they started working but now only when the driver door is pushed fully open. This effects all switches on each door. No problems with fuses and no known reason that this started. So can this be dealt with mechanically? Or do I bring in an exorcist??


  • 93tracker5spd93tracker5spd Member Posts: 194
    Check wire harness running through from dash into driver door, broken wire or bad ground. If all else fails, then call the exorcist! Good luck.
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