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Simple Controls on a Complicated Car - 2016 Chevrolet Volt

Our 2016 Chevrolet Volt is a very complicated car in terms of its drivetrain. Thankfully, that doesn't carry over into its interior controls.

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  • longtimelurkerlongtimelurker Member Posts: 455
    The more I see of this car, the more I think Chevy really nailed it this time. Hits all of the technology targets but in a really useful day-to-day package.
  • lmbvettelmbvette Member Posts: 93
    Long story short I had a 12' Volt then leased a 14 ELR and just picked up a 15' Volt. I test drove a 17 Volt a month ago. The AC setup is leaps and bounds better than both my Gen 1's and my ELR.

    I understand why manufacturers and designers go with using the touchscreen for everything, it is cheaper and easier to design. However, functionally, we've gone backwards. There is nothing more efficient and effective than a pair of knobs to control temperature in the cabin. I am thrilled that Chevy went with functionality over design and/or cost.
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  • barich1barich1 Member Posts: 143
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    I'm glad they added a power button. I couldn't figure out how to turn the climate control off in the previous generation Volt without turning the fan speed down all of the way, which required multiple button presses since there wasn't a fan speed knob.
  • 204meca204meca Member Posts: 369
    I have owned many Hondas & currently own a 2011 Fit. I am considering my next "econbox" and the new Fit & the new Volt are both in my crosshairs. It is amazing how many people comment that their biggest complaint on the 3rd generation Fit is the complicated audio touch screen interface. So Kudo's to Chevy for keeping things relatively straightforward & simple.
  • justoneopinionjustoneopinion Member Posts: 21
    I agree -- one of the best features of my 2017 Volt, although the brightness of the temperature selection on the right knob could be brighter during daytime.
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