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Rear Blend door Actuator installation

garymc1garymc1 Member Posts: 2
edited June 2016 in Chrysler
Need to replace rear blendor actuator as no air coming out of ceiling vents but everything else seems OK. Dealer wants over $1100 to install $20 part due to amount of hours.

Is there a way to reach behind and install myself with an angled socket, anyone ever tried it? Any advice?


  • garymc1garymc1 Member Posts: 2
    I decided to take off the passenger rear panels covering everything up and removed the panel brace in front of the blower/ducting assembly, jury-rigged a right angle 5/16" socket since not much space behind unit and removed the two screws holding the actuator on. once that was accomplished, i unplugged the connector jamming a small screwdriver to unclick the small nub and then just re-installed the new one with the plug already connected - worked like a champ. There is another door in the back of the unit. if that goes bad, can't take out from behind as too complex so hoping it works now.
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