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2006 LT AC Controls And Instrument Pannel Not Working

trevorswartztrevorswartz Member Posts: 1
edited June 2016 in Chevrolet
Ok so the alternator was just replaced and ever since it came back from the mechanic the controls for the ac, defrost, seat heaters, ect are not working. Basically the only thing working on the whole control assembly is the fan speed knob. Then shortly after that the whole instrument panel stoped working. Nothing works on it at all. I read in another forum about someone who was having a similar issue and replaced the control assembly itself and it fixed the problem. I got one off eBay and no such luck. I have checked all of the fuses and am wondering which direction to turn next. It seems that this vehicle has a whole lot of electrical issues. Any help will be greatly appreciated summer in Texas is no fun.
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