2016 Subaru Outback Pricing (when 2017 launches)

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Hey all, could you help me here. I am looking to buy a 2016 outback and wondering if it is worth waiting ($$ savings) couple more months to get the additional discount when the 2017 launches. What has been the trend. Currently I have an offer for $33,480 for 2.5i Limited+Nav+Eyesight.



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    Subaru prices seem to be holding firm - too much demand for too little supply. Outback prices seem a bit more fluid than Forester ones.

    My guess is that you won't save a whole lot more by waiting and inventory on the 2016s will just get worse.

    Assuming you pay $1,000 more today, that's ~$85 a month extra for three years. Not too bad, and you get to start driving a new Outback today.

    The other consideration is that this is the time of the year when people try to figure out if it's better just to wait for the 2017s. The price on the latest and greatest may not be that much more than on a leftover 2016. In fact, that sounds like a good argument to push on your dealer - you don't need to buy a car today but if you wait, you may decide on a CX-5 instead. So they better give you a good deal today. :)

    Keep us posted.
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    Was just reminded by another post in a '16 buying thread that Subaru is adding production later this year, so that could help with the price pressures.
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    Just spoke to dealer about the new 2017 Outback. I think Subaru is going crazy the prices are going up close to $2000 for nothing extra. Spoke about the new Touring 3.6R which only have cosmetic changes and different leather color and Subaru is asking for around $39,800 that is crazy, this is a $6000 more than a 2016 3.6R Limited. Do any of you have any more information?
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    Hm, this article from Torque News suggests a little relief may be on the way. Subaru is planning on increasing incentives to "lock in customers" and they are expanding the factory in Indiana.

    Why You Should Wait Until 2017 to Buy a New Subaru Outback

    All that probably won't help in your search for a '16 unless a lot of potential buyers decide to wait on a '17 (heck, you may want to wait too at this point).

    I think I posted this WSJ link somewhere around here before - Subaru is enjoying its "54th-consecutive monthly increase". Still a supply and demand issue until that production increase kicks in.
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    I don't think your math is correct. The list price for the Touring model is $38,195, which includes the Eyesight package - a $3,090 add for the 2016 Limited model. The actual increase in price, from my math, is only $1,695 more for the 2017 Touring model versus the 2016 Limited model - both featuring the 3.6R engine.
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    Where did you get that information? the dealer gave me a price of $39,800. I saw the price from the 2016 Limited 3.6R $33,395 without eyesight. He did not have anymore information on the touring except for the price. Tell me so what do I get for that extra money besides touring badges and a java brown interior?
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    This is what we show for a 2017 Subaru Outback 3.6R Touring.

    Invoice is $36,510 and MSRP is $39,070.

    TMV for LA is $38,688.

    Those numbers include the $875 destination.
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    A $382 discount very generous on their part. I hope they throw in the remote start.
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    Good luck getting that deal in a "Subaru" zip code, like Colorado or Vermont or the Pac NW. :)
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    LOL I live in NYC.
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    Choices: 2017 Outback 3.6, Forester XT 2016 vs 2017: XT Forester. I live in and must buy from a Mexico Subaru dealer. The choice is to pay $26,376 U.S. dollars for a 2016 new XT, or to pay $29,328 for a 2017 new XT. The difference of $3,000 raises my question to you all: Is the soundproofing (door seals, thicker windshield) and the vectoring to compensate for steering issues, worth paying the $3,000 for a 2017 XT? The other choice is an Outback 3.6 2017 for $30,280. So, is the 2017 worth $3,000 more for the new features over a 2016 Forester XT? Or would most of you go for the Outback 3.6 at the $30,000 price? Thank you.
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