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Repair cost for non-working "check engine light" - preventing car from passing smog req's in CA

chrissycoolchrissycool Member Posts: 2
edited July 2016 in Volkswagen
Have a 2000 Cabriolet with non-functioning "check engine" warning light. Cannot get it to pass inspection for smog because of this apparently. Been to two mechanics, both I know, and both informed me it will cost upwards of $600 to fix the light because of the location of this light. I was told it is behind the engine and they would have to remove it etc etc etc. How could something so mundane become such a large repair? I want to verify first of course that this would be the correct solution and the only solution before I fork out that pile of cash on a car possibly not worth the repair.
Can you please tell me exactly what the problem is called, where it is located, and if indeed it will cost two arms and a leg to remedy.
thank you in advance -


  • chrissycoolchrissycool Member Posts: 2
    ps. they also said this is a big issue with 2000 cabriolet cars. just an fyi
  • saratogastevesaratogasteve Member Posts: 186
    sounds like a good question for Click and Clack
    I love those guys (guy now)
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