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Something disengages while driving...like my Express van goes into neutral

kazoodockazoodoc Member Posts: 1
edited June 2016 in Chevrolet
Hello...first timer here. Have a 2008 Chevy Express 2500 with 180K miles. When driving, dash warning lights sometimes come on and van won't go...like it slipped into neutral and stepping on the gas does nothing but rev the engine...when it happens, speedometer needle drops to zero. If I pull over and put the van in park for a few seconds, I can get back on my way but dash light stay on. If I turn it off and restart I get on my way and lights on dash are off. Might happen every few days or multiple times in a day...up to six or so. I asked the service techs at my local dealer but they said they can't troubleshoot when it is not happening. Problem is that when it happens I am on the side of the road. If van was turned off and restarted after towing to the dealership, problem would not be there.

Any answers would be appreciated if anyone has heard of this problem before.

Many thanks!

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