Dies at idle

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We went through a 2-week long diagnosis process. Computers couldn't pick up a read because it happened so fast. Eventually it also died while driving, not just when idling. It ended up that the 5v reference wire that supplies ignition control, coil, and crank position sensor had been chewed by a rodent. It still had a few wires left which caused the ignition to fire up again, but cause damage to sensors down the line. Replaced wire, ignition control module due to appearance, crankshaft position sensor due to poor wave when monitored, and the coil which had head blooms on the case. All components were replaced and it runs well.

Oh, we had a tune up first and although it was time for a tune up, it didn't fix the problem. I hope this helps save some time for others who may be experiencing a similar problem.


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    Thanks - did you make an insurance claim? May be too late, maybe not, but if you have "full" coverage on your older Silverado, you may want to talk to your agent.
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