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Top 10 Best Vehicles for Obese Drivers for 2013 -

Overweight and obese drivers have special needs behind the wheel. These 10 vehicles are best equipped to transport them in comfort and safety.

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  • torontojamestorontojames Member Posts: 1
    It's funny, because I don't fit well in a Nissan Altima, but my Chrysler 300 has lots of room, I wonder why the Altima is on the list, and the 300 isn't?
    Telescopic steering wheel is another IMPORTANT feature, that not all makers offer. In combination with a seat that adjusts well back, and low, it's the deciding factor in big-guy fit, for me.
  • kindoldmankindoldman Member Posts: 1
    The Chevrolet Impala looks good on paper but it has tiny front doors - I have a 2012 and I can barely squeeze in and out - its horrible. Also, remember that models with bench seats or column shift have the e-brake on the floor which really eats up space and gets in the way of getting in and out. Another useful spec would be the front door length. Short of testing it in person, you just about have to buy a coupe to make sure the doors are big enough.
  • jandorjandor Member Posts: 2
    It seems like these lists were all written by thin or short people. My last two cars have been Honda Accord Coupes. Fantastic for the large man. But sadly, Honda has announced they will no longer make Accord Coupes. Sad. Coupes are the way to go.
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