Mazda 3S versus VW GTI

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Can't make a decision: Mazda 3 S or VW GTI? Do I go with the Mazda's better reliability, fuel economy, regular gas and modern interior or the GTI's quicker acceleration, better handling and classic design? Car will be used as a daily driver of fairly low mile trips in the traffic clogged and anti-car region of Seattle area.
Appreciate any and all thoughts and ideas.


  • stnkpalmstnkpalm Member Posts: 38
    I drove the Mazda 3 at the dealer recently and found it to be better than I was expecting with the 6MT. Prior to that I drove a friends GTI and found that to be quite quick and peppy. For me I don't like the aesthetics of the GTI, I'm just not a fan of the red accents. I drive the Golf R and that was a blast. I prefer that over the Mazda 3 but I don't really want to spend $40K on a car that's just going to my commuter / daily driver. My commutes are also pretty short trips. I too have concerns about VW reliability. If you buy a 2018 you will get their new 6 year / 72K mile warranty.
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