Replacement of Navi System w/Something Else?

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Recently purchased a 2004 Sienna XLE.

Yes, I know it's old - don't judge. ;-) It's what I could afford and to be honest, it's probably the nicest vehicle I've ever owned. I had a Previa once - loved that big rolling egg-shaped thing. I have a hilarious story about taking it to a quick-lube oil change place and them not wanting me to get out of the vehicle. I kept asking if they were *sure* they didn't want me to get out...had a lot of fun with that. :-)

Has anyone successfully replaced their in-dash navi system with something else? Unless I'm missing something, all my online research tells me the navi system is essentially useless without the upgrade discs and those have to be purchased at $169 each from Toyota. Not happening.
I have gps on my phone, so I don't *need* the in-dash navi system, but I was wondering if anyone had successfully replaced that with something else without destroying the appearance of the dash.


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    lol, I'm thinking an aquarium, like people used to do with old iMacs.

    Unless you want to spring for some aftermarket nav and hope that it doesn't look like a kludge, I think you are out of luck. Retrofitting a backup camera in that space would be neat though. A car stereo shop may have some ideas.

    You may be able to find a slightly out of date disc on eBay though.

    I always wanted a Previa but couldn't afford one back in the day.
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    Thanks, Stever -

    I *loved* my Previa. I hit a deer with it and did some pretty significant damage - and even after it was repaired, it just didn't "feel" right, so I traded it in - someone I know bought it and drove it for another 5 years. Go figure! Wish I'd kept it.

    I have GPS on my phone, so the navi system in the van is just extra, but would be nice to be able to use it, since the dealer advertised it "with navigation!" - without looking into the fact that the navi has to be upgraded at significant cost to the user. Oh well.

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