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Toyota Avalon Owners: Meet the Members



  • rainh2orainh2o Posts: 19

    Do you trade up, often? My wife would shoot me if I traded an '03 for an '05. I would be stuck in it for at least 6 years. But, considering that both are Avalons, there are worse things.

    Or, are you considering the new Avalon because of the improvements? Which trim line will you choose? The Limited seems to be the most popular on these forums.

    I've seen a grand total of 3 on the road, here in west Phoenix. And I saw two of those cars on the lot before they were sold. Having watched the lot of nearest dealer closely for the last several weeks, I'm surprised that the Avalons aren't selling faster. But, there's only been one Limited on the lot in the last 6 weeks.

    The Touring and XL models don't appear to be moving quickly. Considering the bang for the buck, that surprises me, as well.
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    Waiting on an '06 model actually. The '03 XL is great. We have purchased 8 new cars in the last 16 years (3 drivers use 3 different cars). My last 2 were the Avalons, '99 and '03, loaded. Wife and daughter drive V6 Accords.

    Will look first at the Limited as it has perf leather seats. My '03 has them. Might go for the XLS. No Touring or XL models for me, but yes, they are the bargains in the lineup. Avalons are selling well in Atlanta, but they just don't have the cars. Not usually more than about 6 offered at any dealer at one time. Go figure....
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271

    My favorite feature of the new Avalon is that they finally put automatic climate control in the base model, as in the Cressida days. Even our 2000 Mercedes C230 (which the Avalon is replacing) does not have that - temp was automatic, but fan speed and direction were not.

    I also am a great fan of the solidness and reliability of Toyota products. Today when sitting in a new Avalon at the dealership, the ignition key felt so solid in the lock - the same way it did in the early 1990's models.

    Not sure exactly how they do it, but I'm sure glad they do :) . Actually my wife and I toured the NUMMI plant in Fremont, CA on our honeymoon. We're planning a trip to Georgetown, KY this fall or next spring to see the Avalon assembly facility.

    - Paul
  • rainh2orainh2o Posts: 19

    Thanks for responding! And, I agree, the automatic climate control is a great feature! My wife is usually cold when I'm hot, so it will make the trips from Phoenix to San Diego more tolerable.

    You mentioned tours of the American plants. Are they available to the general public, or do you have inside connections?

    Thanks, again.

  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271

    The tours are opent to the public as far as I know, but you have to make a reservation well in advance. They give you an introductory presentation, then ride you through the facility on trams. A bonus for my wife and I was that we were allowed to purchase items at the NUMMI company store afterwards - t-shirts, hats, jackets, etc. Really cool!

    What surprised me was that our tour guide encouraged us to wave to the workers as we went through the facility, and they waved back! It was as if they wanted you to see them doing a good job. Very positive, unlike the GM parts plant where I used to work in 1981, which was shirts and ties vs. laborers (i.e., me). At the Nummi plant, it appeared everyone was working together in teams to get the job done. In my next life, that's where I want to work!

    If you go to google and type "NUMMI tours", that will bring you to the link for Fremont, CA tour. "Georgetown Avalon tour" gives you the link to details on the Georgetown, KY Avalon plant tours.

    Has anyone reading this toured the Georgetown, KY plant? I so wanted to do that before buying an Avalon, but ran out of time.

    - Paul
  • mixedbluesmixedblues Posts: 1
    I have a 1996 Toyota Avalon LS Special Edition. The car only has 42K miles on it, I am the original owner and by the time the car had 22K miles on it the windows had been worked on 6 times. At 33K miles (3K out of warranty) The dealer did a window repair at no cost. Well, I myself have worked on those windows and have managed to keep them going and I have more work ahead of me today, 8 May 2005. The front passenger and left rear windows are out again. This will make a total of 14 window failures during the life of the car. Bottom line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will not ever purchase another Toyota vehicle of any kind. Incidentally, I must mention I had a first yesterday, I drained 1/2 liter of water out of the right rear door and 14 ounces out of the left rear door. Solved that problem quickly, I drilled 3 drain holes in the bottom of each rear door and rust proofed the holes.
  • rainh2orainh2o Posts: 19

    Thanks for sharing the NUMMI tour info. Your experience is a testament to the way Toyota does business, as well as the way they build their cars.

    A former boyfriend of my sister's worked at the Georgetown plant, and by all accounts, it is amazing. Though, I can't say what the tours involve.

  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    Thanks for sharing your experience, mixedblues. This is why I am waiting to purchase the extended warranty. If things break early on, its a fair indication they will proably break again later & I appreciate your confirming that Avalons are not immune.

    Not sure if it would have helped your car over the last 10 years, but about every month I try to run all four windows up and down. I've found that inactivity can also cause problems.

    If one lives in a toll booth city, then: (250 days per year commuting * 2 up/down cycles per toll booth) * 10 years = 5,000 window up/down cycles per toll booth over the ten-year life of a car (that is, for cars that last 10 years). Another reason to get Easy Pass!!

    I used to live in NJ and it's one reason I volunteered to relocate. Not to mention two window cycles up/down every time an attendant has to pump gas for you.

    - P.
  • nemodatnemodat Posts: 14
    My name is Doug. I am 58. I have a blizzard Pearl Limited picked up Feb. 28th. It is my 3rd Avalon. I have had one of each body style. I live an hour from Georgetown. The tour is much the same as the one described in Calif. except at the end they allowed us to ask questions. I asked about the '05 Avalon which at that time was still hush hush. Unfortunately, because they were changing the line over for the '05, I didn't see any Avalons being built. You need reservations as in Calif.
  • 98vintagerose98vintagerose MarylandPosts: 2
    Not too long ago, I heard water sloshing around when opening or closing the rear driver side door. Not good. Does anyone know of any cost efficient solution to drain the water? I think that water may be entering the door via loose door moulding. Nevertheless, I really want to get that water out. Any suggestions?
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    My 96 XL had the same problem with the left rear door. I drilled 4 .25" holes on the bottom of the door then spray painted with rust oleum. I used a closely matching color and with it being on the bottom it isn't visible.

  • donb1donb1 Posts: 49
    Hello fellow Avalon owners. I am Don and I was going to get a Limited but because of the very long lead time to get one in this part of Ohio I just ordered an XLS Mirage Blue Metallic with Ivory and the Navi. I am 57, moving the average age up a tad I think.

    I have had 2 previous first generation Avalons, skipping the last model year which to me was unattractive. I currently drive a 2001 Acura TL . I liked this car so much I was this || close to buying one but decided the new TL was too stiff for our aging backs. We did decide to keep the TL and trade in the wife's 2003 Camry on the Avalon. We should be getting the new Avalon in sometime in June
  • hank3hank3 Posts: 26

    I am Henry and we just received our blizzard pearl Limited edition last week. It is actually my wife's car, although I kind of talked her into it. (Well at least I talked her into into looking at it.) She had her heart set on the Lexus ES300. The only reason we didnt get the Lexus was because I could not fit in the dang thing. I'm 6'3 and that car is small compared to the Avalon! Im glad we looked at the Avalon. We both fell in love with it after our first test drive.All things considered we would have chosen the Avalon over the ES300 anyways. We also looked at the Acura TL, Infinity G35, and the Nissan Maxima.

    Toyota's reliability is one of the main reasons we went with the Avalon. I also own a 4-Runner and it is also a great vehicle. I'm 36 and my wife is 28 so I guess we are bringing down the average age. All of our friends who are around our age absolutely love the car. Another nice thing is we dont see a lot of them on the road here in least not yet!
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Please be sure to share your purchase experience in
    Toyota Avalon: Prices Paid & Buying Experience

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  • I am Denise and I live 70 miles SW of Washington DC where I work for the Federal Government. I’ll bump up the age as I am 54. I commute 15 miles to a “commuter lot” where I take a 15 passenger van into the city. I purchased my 05 Avalon Limited (Blizzard Pearl) on February 12th. This is my third Avalon. I had a 99 and 03 XLS both of which were wonderful cars. I love the car! Unfortunately it’s been in the shop since May 12th….the axel seal is leaking and the dealer is having a hard time getting the right part. Hopefully it will come in today and I can pick up my baby tonight!
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    Avaloncruiser, good luck with this ongoing issue.

  • :D The part finally came in and I get to pick her up tonight! :shades:
  • prakramaprakrama Posts: 14
    Hi ,
    I live in Metro Atlanta and commute to Office which is right in Downtown .
    I commute almost 25+ Miles everyday .MondayI picked my Avalon XlS ( Silver Pine Mica ) .I am excited about everything the vehicle offers . Still trying to explore

    I had one question to other fellow Avalonians ...what is the Cabin Noise compared to es330 and Avalon. I dont feel much difference in Noise level in my Avalon and Camry .Please share your opinion in this regard .
  • dano100dano100 Posts: 22
    I own an '02 ES300 and the new Avalon is noticably quieter.
  • dano100dano100 Posts: 22
    Can't decide on whether to purchase a new Avalon or keep our '02 Lexus ES300.
    AlI can say is after coming out of an '01 Acura CL Type S and into an '02 Lexus ES300 I have never been satisfied with the Lexus. It has had several small problems that should not happen with a "Lexus"! The drivers seatback kept falling off and had to be replaced, paint flaked off on the bottom trim on the drivers door, the dash has a rattle, the front brake rotors were shot @ 20K miles (replaced for free), the transmission hesitates and the sorry Bridgestones didn't last 30K miles. The only reason I have talked myself into not trading for some other car is the Mark Levinson stereo. It is without equal in it's pure sound reproduction. Although the Avalons JBL system is good, it's soundstage has an artificial quality to it compared to the ML. But I drove a black Avalon XLS yesterday and now I have the new car fever. I love the higher seating position, the rear seat legroom is unbelievable and the 280hp makes the Lexus feel like a dog. I am 53 and have never seriously considered an Avalon because of the "old man's car" image. I have considered a new TL but the smallish back seat and all the problems I am reading about as far as rattles, etc. has turned me away from the Acura at this point. I have yet to drive one and may do so, but to those who don't think these 2 cars should be compared, all I can say these are the 2 cars this 53 year old is considering. Any advice as to which to pick would be appreciated. It sounds like you Avalon owners are very satisfied. If I buy an Avalon I will definately post my thoughts about the purchase here.
  • donb1donb1 Posts: 49
    I am 57. I currently drive a 2001 TL but have had 2 Avalons in the past.
    I did extensive test driving of both the TL and the Avalon. I loved both cars for different reasons. I finally opted for the Avalon because of the ride, room, reliability and reputation. I kept both cars for a weekend and drove each as I would in my normal everyday driving. I loved the styling of the TL and some of the features such as the moving side mirrors when you put it in reverse, The Navi with a great XM interface and the memory seats.

    I spent about 3 hours yesterday and 3 hours today in an 04' TL, all highway, while sitting in the passenger seat. If you plan on having a passenger with you often you may want to look at this carefully. I found the seat to be not very comfortable. While riding along I was able to carefully look over the interior (ebony) after just over 11,000 miles. In my opinion it seemed to look more worn than I would have expected. I did not notice any butt prints, dings in the aluminum trim strips, sagging headliner or any rattles or vibrations.

    In my situational requirements I think I made the right choice in ordering an Avalon. If you have been driving a Lexus I think you will find the TL ride very harsh , but a hell of a lot more fun. I will be very interested in hearing your thoughts
  • benkaybenkay Posts: 8
    I'm 33 and I just purchased a Phantom Gray Pearl Trouring with moon roof and JBL. This replaced my 2003 Avalon XL with power bench seats. The older models are touted as the.. well... "the geezer mobile". I recall Automobile News published an article saying that the average age of the Avalon owners are something like 65. I loved my 03 Avalon. I loved the way it rode and how roomy it was. It was definately more luxury than the price tag. I was worth dealing with all the smarty comments from my peers. But when I saw the all new 05 Avalon, I saw an opportunity to have the great looking car with all the luxury at the same time! And I went for it!

    I work for a plant that supplies seats for a Toyota plant. My father works for Toyota. I was able to take some advanteage of some supplier and employee discount perks. $26,720 before taxes and other fees. Not bad, huh?

    The sense of luxury in this thing is way beyound my expectations. I was actually thinking "dude, how did I deserve this?!" Of course, it's not that hard to get used to a good thing.

    The Touring rides a little harder than my 03, though. Obviously, that's the whole point of "Touring" - sporty and more tuned to the roads.

    You know, TMMK plant in Georgetown, KY is planning to spit out almost 3 times more than they did the 03 or 04 models. WIth the new styling, values and volumes, there will be more younger owners very soon!! :)
  • royd1royd1 Posts: 1
    I'm Roy 72 years young and my first car since 1968 that's not a Mercedes Benz. I bought my wife Avalon a 2005 Avalon Limited for her retirement gift. I'm driving it more that her, I LOVE IT. Truthfully I'm learning how to drive it with all it's sophiscation. We are amazed at the quality that has been build into the Avalon.
    I paid 50% less than what I had been paying for the 500SEL series of Mercedes.
    I wish they would make a hardtop convertible.
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    Welcome, Roy! Great to see you here.

    Glad to hear you love your Avalon. My wife and I are in our early 40s, but have no children - so tend toward driving activities of people who don't have kids at home anymore.

    Our (my) other car is a 2000 Mercedes C-Class. Our new Avalon XL that we are waiting on is going to be my wife's, but truth is I may perfer it to the Mercedes! What prompted us to replace her Ford Contour with a new Avalon was my Toyota pickup that has over 210,0000 miles on it. Also the track record of Cressidas that are still driving around places like Florida and California with 200k and 300k miles on them.

    I have every reason to believe our new car is going to rival or exceed our Mercedes in levels of reliabilty, comfort, and service. We still love our MB too, as it has different characteristics such as the Kompressor (supercharger) way of supplying power. It's like having children - one's not necessarily better then teh other, both have their unique characteristics and talents!

    We're hoping the Avalon lasts us until we retire and beyond. With excellent maintenance there's no reason it shouldn't, especially with the track record of most Cressidas.

    It would indeed be nice if Toyota made a hardtop convertible! :) I look forward to your sharing your Avalon experiences, especially in light of your MB ownership. Once our Avalon XL comes in, I will be posting observations and responding more to others.

    - Paul
  • aselvanaselvan Posts: 6
    Recently I bought a Avalon XLS 03. It has a small patch of a triangle size below the Rear doors (by the side of the wheels)on both sides. The dealer says that it is a factory setting.

    Is this true?

  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    Recently I bought a Avalon XLS 03. It has a small patch of a triangle size below the Rear doors (by the side of the wheels)on both sides. The dealer says that it is a factory setting. "

    I have no clue what you are refering to. Can you post us a picture?

  • aselvanaselvan Posts: 6
    I am not able to post the Photo. Is there an email id for the moderator to whom I can mail the photo?
  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    i am not sure what youre referring but is this removable. if so maybe its to insert the jack to raise the car.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Does your photo reside on a photo hosting site? If so, check the "Forums Help" for instructions on how to post an image.

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