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Toyota Avalon Owners: Meet the Members



  • donb1donb1 Posts: 49
    I am 57. I currently drive a 2001 TL but have had 2 Avalons in the past.
    I did extensive test driving of both the TL and the Avalon. I loved both cars for different reasons. I finally opted for the Avalon because of the ride, room, reliability and reputation. I kept both cars for a weekend and drove each as I would in my normal everyday driving. I loved the styling of the TL and some of the features such as the moving side mirrors when you put it in reverse, The Navi with a great XM interface and the memory seats.

    I spent about 3 hours yesterday and 3 hours today in an 04' TL, all highway, while sitting in the passenger seat. If you plan on having a passenger with you often you may want to look at this carefully. I found the seat to be not very comfortable. While riding along I was able to carefully look over the interior (ebony) after just over 11,000 miles. In my opinion it seemed to look more worn than I would have expected. I did not notice any butt prints, dings in the aluminum trim strips, sagging headliner or any rattles or vibrations.

    In my situational requirements I think I made the right choice in ordering an Avalon. If you have been driving a Lexus I think you will find the TL ride very harsh , but a hell of a lot more fun. I will be very interested in hearing your thoughts
  • benkaybenkay Posts: 8
    I'm 33 and I just purchased a Phantom Gray Pearl Trouring with moon roof and JBL. This replaced my 2003 Avalon XL with power bench seats. The older models are touted as the.. well... "the geezer mobile". I recall Automobile News published an article saying that the average age of the Avalon owners are something like 65. I loved my 03 Avalon. I loved the way it rode and how roomy it was. It was definately more luxury than the price tag. I was worth dealing with all the smarty comments from my peers. But when I saw the all new 05 Avalon, I saw an opportunity to have the great looking car with all the luxury at the same time! And I went for it!

    I work for a plant that supplies seats for a Toyota plant. My father works for Toyota. I was able to take some advanteage of some supplier and employee discount perks. $26,720 before taxes and other fees. Not bad, huh?

    The sense of luxury in this thing is way beyound my expectations. I was actually thinking "dude, how did I deserve this?!" Of course, it's not that hard to get used to a good thing.

    The Touring rides a little harder than my 03, though. Obviously, that's the whole point of "Touring" - sporty and more tuned to the roads.

    You know, TMMK plant in Georgetown, KY is planning to spit out almost 3 times more than they did the 03 or 04 models. WIth the new styling, values and volumes, there will be more younger owners very soon!! :)
  • royd1royd1 Posts: 1
    I'm Roy 72 years young and my first car since 1968 that's not a Mercedes Benz. I bought my wife Avalon a 2005 Avalon Limited for her retirement gift. I'm driving it more that her, I LOVE IT. Truthfully I'm learning how to drive it with all it's sophiscation. We are amazed at the quality that has been build into the Avalon.
    I paid 50% less than what I had been paying for the 500SEL series of Mercedes.
    I wish they would make a hardtop convertible.
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    Welcome, Roy! Great to see you here.

    Glad to hear you love your Avalon. My wife and I are in our early 40s, but have no children - so tend toward driving activities of people who don't have kids at home anymore.

    Our (my) other car is a 2000 Mercedes C-Class. Our new Avalon XL that we are waiting on is going to be my wife's, but truth is I may perfer it to the Mercedes! What prompted us to replace her Ford Contour with a new Avalon was my Toyota pickup that has over 210,0000 miles on it. Also the track record of Cressidas that are still driving around places like Florida and California with 200k and 300k miles on them.

    I have every reason to believe our new car is going to rival or exceed our Mercedes in levels of reliabilty, comfort, and service. We still love our MB too, as it has different characteristics such as the Kompressor (supercharger) way of supplying power. It's like having children - one's not necessarily better then teh other, both have their unique characteristics and talents!

    We're hoping the Avalon lasts us until we retire and beyond. With excellent maintenance there's no reason it shouldn't, especially with the track record of most Cressidas.

    It would indeed be nice if Toyota made a hardtop convertible! :) I look forward to your sharing your Avalon experiences, especially in light of your MB ownership. Once our Avalon XL comes in, I will be posting observations and responding more to others.

    - Paul
  • aselvanaselvan Posts: 6
    Recently I bought a Avalon XLS 03. It has a small patch of a triangle size below the Rear doors (by the side of the wheels)on both sides. The dealer says that it is a factory setting.

    Is this true?

  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 337
    Recently I bought a Avalon XLS 03. It has a small patch of a triangle size below the Rear doors (by the side of the wheels)on both sides. The dealer says that it is a factory setting. "

    I have no clue what you are refering to. Can you post us a picture?

  • aselvanaselvan Posts: 6
    I am not able to post the Photo. Is there an email id for the moderator to whom I can mail the photo?
  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    i am not sure what youre referring but is this removable. if so maybe its to insert the jack to raise the car.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    Does your photo reside on a photo hosting site? If so, check the "Forums Help" for instructions on how to post an image.
  • aselvanaselvan Posts: 6
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    The triangular patch you're showing is a piece of protective tape that is applied to the vehicle. Toyota does this on Several of their models in areas that are prone to damage to the paint from chipping. If you go look at a dealer's lot at the new vehicles, ranging from the Tundra to Camry's and RAV-4's, the most prevelant spot they use it is on the rear, bottom corner of the rear doors. It is normal and the white that you see at the edges is probably just some wax that was left without it being removed. Use a soft cloth and it should come off without any trouble.

    So, yes, it is normal and there for a reason.

  • 98vintagerose98vintagerose MarylandPosts: 2
    UPDATE: I drove down to NC Memorial Day wknd and my nephew showed me where the drain plugs were in the bottom of the door. He removed one and cleared minor debris out of the other one. The water promptly ran out. Problem solved!!! Thanks for your feedback MikeS.
  • navladynavlady Posts: 2
    Hi! I'm Lisa and am 37. Just bought our second Avalon. First was 1998 XLS, this one is 2005 Limited. Still love my old one, but my son needed a car, so I am getting the new one. The dealer thought we were nuts when we went to test drive one. First thing we did was get in the back seat. However, with three teenage boys, one over 6' and the other two right behind him, that is our first consideration. Love the fact they got rid of the hump in the floor back there. My husband loved the vented seats, and I love the separate temp controls as I am always cold compared to him. Our other Avalon has over 130,000 miles on it and is still doing great. Hope to do the same with this one. Wasn't sure about the high rear end on the new models, but I think the benefits override my doubts and I can't wait to see my new baby.
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    Hey Lisa, the new Avalon is great!!! I love the separate climate controls for the same reason, my wife is always cold too, in more ways the one. LOL :P
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 2,452
    Just curious, at 37 with three teenage sons and one enough to drive? Wow! you don't fit the Avalon profile, but welcome nonetheless.
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    Welcome, Lisa!

    What sold me and my wife on the 2005 Avalon was they finally put automatic climate control in the basic (XL) model. Finally we didn't have to pay $5,000 for the XLS to get the option. Once I found that out, I wanted to test drive one. We now have 750 miles on our 2005 Avalon XL, and we love it!

    My wife and I are 41 and 43, no kids, so why such a big car? One reason is our parents love the back seat, also it has a great ride and tons of power. And the gas mileage is awesome! I can't wait to make a "pilgimage" to visit the Georgetown, Kentucky plant and see where our baby was built. My barber tells me that he has a relative who is the metallurgist in charge of welding there - pretty cool, he must have been responsible for the welds on our Avalon. Who knew! :shades:
  • burchburch Posts: 5
    I looked on the bottom of the door on my 98 Avalon and didnt see drain plugs...can you describe in more detail where they are and what they look like? I've had water sloshing around in there for about a month.....!!
    Thanks for your help!
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    They should look like small, oval holes in the bottom inside edge of the door. If they're plugged, they may be brown or black in color. Just using a toothpick should clean them up.

  • bbraddockbbraddock Posts: 46
    In august 2004 I bought a '04 Nissan Maxima, nice car, traded it in for a 2005 Chrylser C Hemi in May of '05. Yesterday I bought a Toyota Avalon XLS. Reason, the Hemi went through gas like crazy, and frankly I'm a believer it's headed to $3 a gallon before it gets to $2. In purchasing the Avalon, I figure I can get 150 miles per tank full more bang for my buck. I put a lot of miles on a car, and need some relief from what I'm spending on gasoline. I spent $400 last month on gas, and I think it may get worse. Hopefully I'm wrong. The 300C was an awesome car, and it really isn't fair to compare the 2, but there are some really nice things about the Avalon I like. Gas mileage would be number one, followed by 280 h.p. reclining back seats, even my 13 year old son thinks that rocks, the upgraded JBL stereo is awesome even better than the Boston Aucustics in the 300C. Anyway, if you own a 300 you've got a great car. If you have a Maxima you have a very nice car, but the Avalon so far appears to have ALL the components of a quality car.
  • burchburch Posts: 5
    Thanks, I saw an oval crimped covered hole, looks to be about 1/2" at the botton right inside part of the door, but this looks like the crimped metal would need to be knocked out with hammer/'s not something that could be cleaned out without knocking the metal piece out, so I guess I'm looking at the wrong thing.
    Is the small oval hole you're talking about close to the bottom edge of the door??
    Thanks for your help!!
  • avalonfanavalonfan Posts: 28
    My name is John, I'm 62 and live near Seattle, WA. I just passed 5000 miles on my 2005 Blizzard Pearl, Ivory interior, loaded Limited. Prior to buying I put around 100 miles on three different test drives, so absolutely no surprises when I took delivery this past April.
    I spent one year researching new cars and test drove around 30 vehicles before deciding on the Avalon. I started my search test driving all the Lexus models, but the Avalon won out.
    I had been a loyal Buick guy for the past 25 years, but the fact that the Avy is 100% American built, and came equipped with options important to me, made my cross over to Toyota an easy decision.
    Now, someone up here in the Pacific Northwest should start a 2005 Avalon club. Lunch at Dick's anyone?
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    There should be 2 of them. They may be rectangular in shape. The first should be at the bottom edge of the door furthest from the hinges. You should be able to see where the two pieces of sheet metal are bonded together and there should be a raised edge all along the bottom edge on the inside of the door at the bottom. Where it riases up is where the drains are. The second drain should be about halfway along the bottom edge.

    Hope this helps.

  • burchburch Posts: 5
    I found them! There are 2 round plugs about 1" from the bottom edge of the door (it's beyond me why these holes would be plugged since they are drain holes), I removed the plugs and water came flowing out!
    Thanks so much for your help!
  • burchburch Posts: 5
    Anyone out there get the DVD option on the new Avalon...if so....where are player/screen placed?
    Can you get it with the moonroof?
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    You're welcome and glad it worked. The water that comes into the door is usually from the water running down the windows. It also comes in around the edges of the trim at the bottom of the window, so if you park under trees or in a dirty area often, sometimes they get debris built up inside of the door. Glad it worked out for you after finding where they were. I usually use a toothpick to clear them out each time I wax my cars as a suggestion.

  • allsonallson Posts: 5

    We toured the Georgetown plant about 5 or 6 years ago, and it's one of the best manufacturing tours I've ever been on. One of the things I love to do is go on factory tours -- especially cars, but have toured manufacturing tours for pretzels, guitars, crayons, cigarettes... I highly recommend the Georgetown tour. You ride on trams and get to see fairly close up. I was most impressed with how many of the workers are on chairs that travel along with the car and allow the employee to maneuver easily around and within the car. I think the seats were an employee innovation. I remember the doors following the car body as the body goes down the assembly line.

    We didn't own any Toyota cars when we we own two. We're planning to take the tour again.

  • allsonallson Posts: 5
    Hi, I'm Debi, 54. My husband and I live in southwest Ohio and have three sons. The oldest is in college, and two still at home. Since two of them are well over 6' tall, the interior room of the Avalon had major appeal for us. We just picked up our 2005 Avalon XLS last night. After driving Chrysler minivans for the past 20 years, I finally feel like a grown-up! LOL.
  • buck11buck11 Posts: 30
    Hi. My name is Larry and my wife and I are both 55. We picked up our new 2006 Limited two days ago and are really happy. Ours is Silver Pine Mica with Ivory. Since it’s so hard to find a dealer with one of these on his lot to see the color, kirstie_h suggested I share these photo’s with all of you. Our last two cars were Accords so this was a big step up for us. Here’s our pictures:
  • vkeslervkesler Posts: 2
    I just purchase my Avalon LTD at full sticker price, $35,800. So far I love the car. The laser cruise control is a different thing, but I'm getting used to it. I think I'll like it very much especially driving in CA with so many drivers who cut in front of you.

    Anybody finding the 2006 models for less than sticker?

    What is your actual gas mileage on the 2005 models, close to epa or more?
  • I was just notified today that my Limited was delivered today. I'm paying $1,200 over invoice. I had another dealer quote $800 over invoice, but they couldn't get the color I wanted. Since my Camry was totalled, I can't wait for a vehicle.
  • rosie19rosie19 Posts: 5
    Greatings from Texas. So far all i've seen on this forum is kids! I'am 79, course down here we all live longer! Have my 2nd Avalon, '06 LTD, did'nt think they could do better but they have. The keyless thing-a-bob worries me. Any one ever have a problem with them?

    Old Bill
  • I am now the happy owner of a 2006 Avalon Ltd with navigation system, laser cruise and vehicle stability - all for $1,200 over invoice. It's Indigo Ink Pearl (a really pretty dark blue) with Graphite (medium grey) interior. Came out of a restaurant this evening to find several people looking it over in the parking lot.
  • Hi vkesler,

    I recently concluded my search for a new car and after countless hours of test driving and research, I chose the 2006 Avalon Touring with some of the limited upgrades. MSRP ended up around $33k. Now it is my understanding from dealers and customer forums that due to the demand for all avalons, dealers really don't have to come off their pricing and most will sell at sticker price. Here's a trick that i think is worth mentioning with regard to the avalons.

    Sams club and Costco both offer negotiated deals with dealerships on almost all models of automobiles. I contacted the Costco auto program and they put me in touch with a participating dealer a couple of hours away. I received no haggle pricing over the phone of $950 over base invoice...about a $2200 savings. I then took that deal to my local dealer who I have been building a relationship with and asked them to see if they could beat it. Although they only took another $200 bucks off the invoice, I was pleased to almost get $2500 off MSRP. This allowed me to get the extras I wanted.

    Happy Shopping and thanks to the costco auto program.
  • Wow I believe I might be the youngest person here. I am 17 years old, obviously I don't own the car, it is my fathers. We are a throughly at Toyota family and our past and present car list includes a 96 Camry, my 97 Avalon, a 98 Avalon, a 2000 4Runner, a 2002 Camry and a 2005 Highlander. Obviously we do not own them all at this point but all of them have served us very well. The Avalon I drive is a XL with leather seats, accent stripe, and alloys in addition to the factory standard features. It has 148,000 miles but still idles like a Lexus and drives like one too. I have been looking for an Avalon fourm for awhile, and while I was hoping for a more performance oriented place, my 200 HP mini-supra engine will do just fine and I am very happy to be here. Hope I didn't bore you with my long post.
  • I am Tom and we have 24 hours with a new Silver Pine Mica XLS with VSC, JBL upgrade. Love the sound system and love the color. Evidently not many Silver Pine Mica's are sold - even fewer in the Sienna. Had to travel to get a deal, and used half tank of gas to get the deal completed. Filled new XLS with 87 octane - hope that was ok. Haven't had time to read the manual thoroughly, but my intentions are good. Any recommendations about care and upkeep from other Avalon owners out there?
  • I am Jason, 31 years old, and this is my second Avalon. I had a 2000 Avalon XL when it just came out in late 1999. I loved her, and she was beautiful. When my lease term was up, I caved and got a 2002 Sequoia XR5. While I did like the Sequoia - it just wasn't an Avalon. When the lease term ran up on the Sequoia, I went back to my true love.

    She is a 2006 Avalon XLS, Silver Pine Mica, Ivory Leather, Upgraded JBL Stereo, and all the trimmings. I have had her for about 2 weeks now, and I look forward to the drive to and from work... :P
  • My name is Dennis, age 43. My wife and I will be married 25 years on 10/4/05, and a new Blizzard Pearl/Charcoal with everything but Nav. is being built for her on 10/3. This will be our second Avalon. We own a company that is a supplier to Toyota, so I may just get to see this car in person at the Georgetown plant while in production. Would that be cool?
    Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky (TMMK) is an amazing facility. The quality, engineering, and Team Dedication to produce the finest cars in America is alive and well there. We are proud to be a Toyota Business Partner, and enjoy a great relationship as a supplier to help build these cars. As mentioned in a previous post, anyone can arrange to have a tour of the Toyota Facilities. It is impressive. I tend to take it for granted, as I am there so much. All of you Avalon owners would enjoy seeing the birthplace of these great cars in Georgetown, Kentucky.
    Lexington, KY
  • In So. FL, my dealer recommended regular gas. Have had my SPM since June 17 and using regular, I :shades: average 31.4 mpg. Just waxed a second time using Maguires products from Advance Auto. I have not seen another new Avy on the road since I got mine.
    Island Avy
  • roberturobertu Posts: 15
    "So far all i've seen on this forum is kids! I'am 79, course down here we all live longer! The keyless thing-a-bob worries me."

    Ol' Bill. I'm witch you, brother. Th'o that there thing-a bob in the dumper. What I wouldn't give to git back to crankin' em up from the radiator.

    What part of TX you from? Hope old Rita was kind.

    ROBERTU :blush:
  • dshahsdshahs Posts: 35
    Hi, my name is Deven and I am 31. I dont have my 06 silver pine mica Avalon Limited yet but the deal is done and i should be receiving her by October 21st. I am excited about the car because this is my first toyota ever and i have heard great things about the Avalon and her tranquil manner. I put a premium on a quiet ride so i am sure i will love this car. I hope the Avy is treating everyone else here well and oh i am from Massachusetts. :shades:
  • 06ltd06ltd Posts: 25
    I'm 59, a retired scientist, and live in Maryland. I just bought our second Avalon ('06 Limited) for my wife and I have mixed emotions. Lots of value for the money (lots of room, and everything but Sat Radio for $34,400 OTD), but I find it a bit staid (I'm 25 at heart) and not the handler my '02 BMW 330Ci is. While the mileage is good considering the HP & torque, it's certainly not a hybrid. We've had a '98 XLS since new (now with 112K) and it's had the rack and pinion replaced, as well as the front struts. The HVAC controller really should be replaced, too, but the system only quits once in a while and replacement is $1,000, and now there's a 5" crack in the windshield. The steering is much too spongy. It rattles, too. In sum, the car has been OK, but not great.

    I considered many alternatives (of various types) before choosing the Limited; a BMW X-3, Accord Hybrid, Prius, Acura TL, RS-330 Hybrid. My wife refuses to drive any SUV on principle. In short, I chose the Limited because it splits a lot of differences, not because I'm passionate about it. It's reasonably powerful, efficient, roomy, comfortable, and elegant without being showy and overpriced. I hope it's more solid that the '98. If I could change anything about it, I'd put a hybrid drive system in it. I sure hope that's in the planning stages. I'd gladly trade the HP for the fuel efficiency.

    This is a good board. Folks are quite helpful. :)
  • will16will16 Posts: 21
    We purchased a 06 Avalon XL. I traded a Lexus RX 300 2002 with 80K miles, trouble free. However I wanted something with better mileage that was roomy and quiet. We just came back from Great Barrington MA. to CT. and the average MPG was 33.1 at 50 MPH. Driving at 70 MPH was giving 29 MPG. So far we hit a high of 35.1 MPG.

    It is a big car and does not handle like a BMW, but it rides much better, always a trade off. I have a 01 Porsche Boxster S and when I want fun I jump in that.

    My wife drives a Acura Legend 92 with 47K miles, the Avalon is luxury compared.

    It only cost me $4000 to leave the Lexus and get a new car, and with 7 air bags, I feel I at least have more safety then before.

    I'm a car nut, and have had a Ferrari, real Cobra, many Vets and Porsches, and read all the car mags.The Avalon is so close to Lexus, same switchgear, 3,5 engine and muched shared equipment. I thought is was very good value for the money. My daughter has 04 BMW 525 with electrical glitches, great handling, but not worth the money IMHO.

    I have the car a month with 3200 miles and not a problem. I do my own oil changes and noticed they did away with the metal filter and went the way of Porsche and BMW with a paper element that slips into the engine.

    Bill , CT. -- PS, Great board for info.
  • Hi, I read your blog saying you had a 5" crack in the windshield. Did you know that driving with such a crack is illegal in most states, and that you must fix it ASAP. A big bounce in pothole or rut can crack the glass the rest of the way and become quite dangerous. Don't you have "Glass Breakage " :):) insurance? In NY it is mandatory.
    Good luck.
  • I'm not sure what insurance company you deal with ( :confuse: ), however, Glass Breakage insurance isn't mandatory. Although it is good to have. I live in NY. I just purchased my forth car. The last three were Avalons. '95, 2000, 2006.
  • joe369joe369 Posts: 61
    Hey plummer2

    How would you rate your 2006 Avalon compared to your old ones? I'm satisfied with mine but it is noiser than I expected to be. Especially with the wind noise at 75mph or so.
  • octimoctim Posts: 2
    I am a new Avalon owner...bought a used 2004 Avalon XLS with traction and Navigation system with all the bells and whistles. A salesman had put 80K on it of freeway miles, so I got it for 17,500 at Auction, about 4 grand below blue book. Its the nicest car I have ever had. I am so impressed with the quality and fit and finish. It rides well, has all the little things I would want in a car(except XM Radio, which I had to add). Still learning the Navigation system, but I plan to keep this car for ten years and try for 300K on the engine before rebuilding.
    I am a little shocked at how often some of these Avalon Owners trade in their cars! I can't imagine keeping a car only two years! Depreciation would eat you up! When we were looking for cars, the combination of power, huge trunk, huge back seat, leather everything, quality of the parts and fit and finish sold me. This is my first Toyota but I did a lot of checking on Camry's and Avalons and they come highly recommended. One friend has a son who is a dealer mechanic at Toyota and he recommended the Avalon to his mom. High praise, since mechanics know which cars are reliable and which are problems. I also wanted a safe car, with traction and ABS and air bags and a solid body, which the Avalon is. I plan on replacing the stock struts with KYBS and I have added a K&M lifetime air filter. I am interested in any other owners of Avalons with long life. So far, I have seen three owners of 95 Avalons with over 250K! Thats a good sign. I plan on driving this car a long time. I have previously driven A Honda civic, Rabbit, Saturn, Mazda 626 and a lot of lesser cars. I think the Avalon is the perfect car for a family with big kids who need a lot of room in the back seat. My kids are cramped in all my other vehicles, not the Avalon.

    A lot of my friends said I was crazy to buy a car that had 80K miles in two years...but I saved about 25K off what a new 2006 with the same features would cost. For 25K, I can live with the miles and a couple small spots I had to touch up the paint. I read a book called "drive it forever" and his main point was "ignore the miles, concentrate on the type of driving and the number of times the engine was started". Its cold starts that wear out engines, not freeway miles.

    My only shock so far....the spark plugs are TEN BUCKS at the dealer. OUCH! For that price, they should be solid gold! But if they last as long as I am told they will, thats money well spent.
  • I agree with you. I'm 25 and bought a 2002 XLS in May with 37K and had it Toyota Certified so I'm covered to 100K or 06/08. My first Toyota.

    It's been the best car I've ever owned and prior to that I had a 1998 Buick Park Ave which was a complete waste of money and time. GM should get the hint that the garbage they put out there will NOT stand up to a Toyota. That's why you can run Toyota's into the 200-300K mile range. You would be lucky to get 100K out of any Buick without it draining your bank account.

    This Avalon has more power, better MPG, and has 95% of the toys my Park Ave has.

    I do miss the HUD, but I can get over that for a car that starts, runs, and drives the same it did the day before, every day.

    Bottom line, an Avalon is the way to go if you’re looking for a full size that is going to last for years.
  • Hi, I'm Mike. I will be picking up a new Limited with navigation, laser cruise control, remote starter and XM radio. It is black with a spoiler. I was torn between this and a 300C. I know--no comparison, but the 300C was a hoot to drive. The first time I drove an Avalon, it seemed ho-hum. I found a black Limited and after another drive, I'm convinced. I can't wait till next week to pick it up. I spend 50 miles a day in a car and am looking forward to the drive, (at least for a while). I have a 200 Tundra and have been pleased except for the thin paint job.
  • I am about ready to purchase a Avalon 2006 limited. Can someone explain the pros and cons of the VSC option. Do I really need it?
  • bobwileybobwiley Posts: 241
    Hi Dave: First, hi to a fellow Iowan! I just bought a Silver Pine Mica 06 Avalon Limited--what a machine! We retired at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri and the Avalon soaks up the curvy & bumpy roads like a sponge I refill at Casey's and use the 89 Octane with 10% Ethanol--cheaper than regular and works better! I'm 62 and the Avalon runs like a dream on the 89 Octane--probably would take-off with 91 Octane! I'm back in my youth again! What's wrong with US carmakers--a 3.5 liter motor, 0-60 under 7 seconds, 26 MPG in combined town & country driving and seats more comfortable than your sofa! No wonder we're falling farther and farther behind the foreign competition. I did drive and was impressed with the Buick Lucerne--great car---only concern was it is a 1st year car and how will it hold-up? I got the 7 year 100K mile warranty--what I like about it is--Toyota pays the towing to the nearest dealer, no matter the distance--and we're 75 miles from the nearest Toyota dealer. I have the Nav System--VERY complicated--still learning. Also have the Carpeted Mats, VSC & Trac Control plus Laser Cruise--that takes some getting used to--and I had Body Side Moldings, Spoiler, Splash guars, Pinstripes, Tinted Windows plus a couple other add-ons. My XM Radio antenna was originally on the top right of the windshield--keep losing signal so the dealer relocated to bottom middle of rear window--works great!! Never gave much thought to the "little black box" perched on the outside--like you--as long as it works! Enjoyed your forum entry. Thanks! Bob
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