2003 Chevy Tahoe Window Motor & regulator replacement

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Replaced the passenger front window motor and regulator, it was out for about a year. 2 days later the battery was dead. Replaced battery, which battery guy tested battery and sd it was showing an 8, so there was probably something drawing power. Drove out of town, came back, car sat for 2 days and dead again. Jump started car, let it run for 10 minutes, killed the car and restarted like it was never dead. Car sat for 2 days, dead again. Unplugged new window motor, let it sit for 2 days and dead again.
1.Could this still be the window motor not going to sleep even though I unplugged it?
2. Another question...going to try a parasitic battery draw test but I'm not sure how to make the car believe the doors are closed. In you tube video it shows to press the plunger. There are no plungers on the Tahoe. Any suggestions on this?


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    Hello! First let me say that electrical problems can sometimes be tricky or eluding, and are difficult to diagnose not having the vehicle to test, however, this one sounds pretty cut and dry so the speak. I will take a stab at it and hope we can narrow it down. By the post I have to assume the battery did not die from setting before replacing the window motor-am I correct? If this condition started with the replacement motor, then we can safely assume that there was no drain on the system before, meaning that with the installation; either something that was shorting before was disturbed and is now active again, or the motor, or control switch is bad, or stuck. Before chasing ghosts, you have unplugged the motor and still have the drain if I am reading correctly, now unplug the door switch that controls the window and see if that stops the drain. If so, the switch is either shorted, stuck from age, a spill, or a cracked housing. Next, be sure there isn't a pinched wire, it is common for this to happen where the harness passes through from the chassis into the door. Good luck and let us know what you find.
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