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Mitsubishi Eclipse - 2006 and Newer



  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Interesting. So people believe that Mitsubishi will not pull out of USA. Does this mean that the company will open their own stores to sell these cars. Just curious. California is one state which is very much into imported cars, and I see few Mitsubishis being sold, and even fewer dealerships. Looks like they are spread in some areas over 100 miles apart, so when one of those decides to close shop, you now will have more than a 200 miles between dealers. It cost a lot of money to run a dealership, so why would any choose to have a line of cars which are not selling. It simply makes no sense to me. People will go hundreds of miles to shop for say a Lexus or Acura, but I doubt people will travel too far in search of a Mitsubishi. It does not mean that the car is bad in any way other than the fact they do not sell. The company has money behind it, which means they will selling cars around the World, but I am not so sure about the U.S. market. I am beginning to have serious doubts about this market place for any car company which is not turning good profits for its dealers. Maybe the company will give the dealers some great incentives to hang on in hopes of a turn around. Money could flow to dealers in some fashion, and they hang in there - who knows. If I see additional new dealers opening shop, so there is a backup dealership within 30 miles, I would be more likely to consider Mitsubishi. Currently there is a dealer 25 miles North on me, and some 140 miles or more South of where I live in Central Coast California. That is pretty slim. Well, there is one in Bakersfield, some 145 miles away. Just not the network like Nissan, Honda and Toyota, let alone the Big 3 domestics. If the one, new local source, should fail, I would be 145 miles from the nearest dealership. This may be the norm for Fargo ND, but not in California, the car state.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,352
    Loren....we're seeing the same in the Midwest. Of the few dealerships around, they are on the brink of closing.

    While Mitsu was given a temporary reprieve with some short term financing (until they find more), it may be too little too late of their sales outlets keep closing up. So, the question here in the U.S., will the Eclipse (assuming it will sell well) tide them over until they can bring more new models out? Will their reputation be able to be bandaged up? Will enough dealers hold on to be able to sell Mitsus? Will Mitsu be able to lock down more long term financing and will it be enough?

    Way too many questions for me to enter into one of the few dealerships still around.
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  • camlamarcacamlamarca Posts: 40
    I disagree. There are about 13 dealers within 50 miles of my home. Southern CA. Plus a great warranty, free service, and parts available within 1 day. Mitsubishi and affiliates are into all kinds of things other than cars, including supplying parts and electronics to other auto manufacturers. There are many long term options to explore, and this discussion on viability has been going on for years now. You either want it or not. Cars are not life long purchases. Pick a car, be passionate about it, and drive. Oh yea, don't buy a Toyota TV, I hear Mitsubishi makes the premium quality ones. Oh, GM is closing plants, posting billions in losses, and selling cars at cost to liquidate inventory for cash. Umm, Ford sure has some hot looking wheels to feel sharp in, NOT! Oh yes, it's very hard to find a few Ferrari dealers and parts around here.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,352
    If you feel comfortable buying a Mitsu car, have at it.

    Personally, I don't think they are going to be around long in the U.S. market for all the same reasons stated before.

    Last I checked, Toyota didn't make TVs. GM is starting to rack up sales with their new "Employee Pricing" for everyone.

    Around southwestern OH, there is 1 dealer within a 50 mile radius of me. And that one is doing poorly.
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  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Posts: 1,986
    Dude, there are, like 13 dealers for just about any car mfr within 50 miles of almost any location in or around LA, OC or SD! [-P

    As a long time Mitsu fan, I'm just being realisitic, IMO, about this car and its impact on Mitsu USA. Mitsu as a conglomerate will be fine; no worries there, but Mitsu USA is quite another story. Paltry interim financing aside, the parent company is no longer supporting cash outlay without significant return (of which there is none) and multi-company partnerships appear to be withering faster than grapes in the Fresno sun.

    Even without such considerations, the car isn't a home run in anybody's book. While the reviews are favorable, the car isn't a leader in anything, and a leader is exactly what they needed here. They won't survive on Evo sales, the Lancer is laughable, I can't remember the last time I saw a Galant that wasn't a rental and nobody wants a Montero.

    Having owned Mitsus, I'll bet it's a pleasure to drive (in GT trim), and I think they'll sell it, but no where near the numbers they need, and there will be incentives without doubt. No way they'll lure Average Joe to the lots without a "sale" sign. So I'll stand by my earlier advice not to pay any mark up on this thing. Those stickers will disappear in short order, and a handful of suckers will be left even more upside down on their financing the the dolts who took the old 0/0/0 and didn't pay anything for a year!

    If you want one now, and I mean right now, for Lord's sake, lease it!

    BTW, Ford has something they call Mustang that I hear is selling at premiums...
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,352
    wale....I agree with you. Mitsu coroprate is, indeed, a different animal than Mitsu autos in the U.S. market.

    Whatever happened? I remember when they had AWD Turbo Galants and Eclipses that were terrors. EVOs won't sell in enough numbers to keep them afloat, nor will the Eclipse....regardless of how good they might be.

    Mitsu (cars) is walking a financial tightrope with no net. Chrysler pulled theri financial support. They are life support from some short term financing. If they can't get some other good products in their portfolio within the next several months, their dealer channel will fold up.

    As you say, if you absolutely have to have one of those new Eclipses, by all means, lease it. Purchasing any Mitsu product at or above MSRP right now, is financial lunacy.
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  • elgatolocoelgatoloco Posts: 92
    Kamatz. Man, yours is the best post I have seen in this forum for a good long time regarding the steady stream of negativity & ignorance regarding not only Mitsubishi but other smaller product lines in the U.S. Also, you were right on about that stop/sale hold. It was nothing at all but an associate error that was caught at the quality gate but so many bloggers, sheep that they are, had to pile on trying to show everyone how brilliant they are.

    First off, I don't really think there is a lot of competition between Ford & Mitsu for a 2 door GT. The Eclipse will appeal to those who want a futuristic styled FWD, younger buyers most likely. The new Mustang is practically a photocopy of the 1970 Ford & will appeal to the 40 -50 year old crowd who never had one in high school or they got rid of thiers way back when & now want another. Nothing wrong with that if there is a market for it but it's pretty silly to compare the 2 as "identical" vehicles competing for the same customer.

    Complaints about lack of dealers? Porsche posts some of the highest profit margins in the U.S. with very few dealers yet no one complains about having to drive 30-50 miles to get to a dealership. I have been to several Mitsubishi dealerships in the last 15 years since I purchased my first Galant & without exception they have been 1st class establishments. Of course there are exceptions & legitimate complaints to be sure but slamming all Mitsu dealers as crooked & lousy while hiding behind a message board is a sure sign that perhaps it's time to remember the lessons learned in Mr Browns 9th grade shop class & get a hobby.

    About this "daimler chrysler dropping Mitsubishi" thing. dc with thier pick of Pierre Gagnon as CEO with his 0-0-0 policy is what ticked off so many people against Mitsu in the 1st place. Of course, it's easy to get a deadbeat angry at you, just tell him/her it's time to pay the bills. Unfortunately, thanks to Finnbarr, Mitsubishi will have to allow a pick up truck from dc to carry thier name (for now) & poor forward thinking is the only reason Mitsu didn't market one of thier own designs that won the Paris- Dakar Rally. How many people who post here even know what the Paris-Dakar race even is, much less how Mitsubishi has constantly posted more wins in it then any other manufacturer in history. dc is planning to build the... what? The neon? The caliber? The stratus? All on Mitsubishi platforms they got from Mitsu. I don't know of any dc platforms that Mitsubishi wants. Even the new 4 cyl engines for chrysler from GEMA is technology from Hyundai & Mitsubishi & recently Mitsubishi Heavy (who pretty much runs MMC now) cut dc out of technology sharing regarding fuel cell research. Go to Lima, Peru or Cairo, Egypt or Upchuck, Russia & see who has more cars, trucks & vans parked in the street. Mitsubishi or dc? I'm not going to excuse the Japanese chiefs at Mitsu who lied about recalls out of some poor misguided sense of honor but it's a fact that they are now paying the price for thier duplicity with loss of benefits, monetary compensation & even jail time. Who in the Ford family paid the price for all those Pintos that blew up.

    As an aside, I sure was sorry to hear that Bricklin booted Pierre Gagnon out of Visionary Motors LTD. From what I've heard about Malcolm in the Canadian press, him & Pierre would have made a really, ummm...great team.

    I also am in the process of driving the wheels off a few Mitsu's that I own. It has been my experience that if you take a reasonable amount of time to maintain them properly they will very rarely let you down. That's true of most Japanese cars IMHO. I have owned GMs & Fords also but they just seem to have a shorter life span. I have never owned a European car ( although I'd like to try a Peugeot.)

    Well Kamatz, kudos again on a most intelligent post. I'm sure all the earnest Mitsu bashers out there can't wait to talk about the latest gossip regarding how simply awful those pesky Mitsubishis are, especially those crummy Lancer Evolutions with that archaic design technology. How DO they keep getting put on those top 10 lists all the time?
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    When faced with harsh reality, many choose to ignore the obvious.
    Mitsubishi products are not in the same class as Porsche, and I
    see no reason for people to seek out their product by driving miles
    and miles. A Porsche is usually a richman's second or third car for
    fun. Miracles do happen, so it is possible dealerships hold or
    multiply. Just don't like the odds of that happening. This doesn't
    make the car good, bad or anything in-between, until you consider
    the whole package, as in service, parts, and resale.

  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,352
    Yep....a Porsche dealership (and Porsche as a business entity) is built around low volumes, high volume business plans. So, I really don't think you can even remotely compare Mitsu to Porsche.

    I'd say any vehicle made today, if properly maintained, will be relatively trouble free.

    What's at issue here is Mitus's dire financial condition here in North America with their automobile division. Mitsu also does not have vaible products in the volume market of the car biz....that is sedans, small cars and trucks.

    If they are to survive, they will need to put a sedan on the market than can compete well against some top notch competition in the Accord, Camry, Chrysler 300, etc hotly contested market.

    Even in the truck market, where GM is wiping up with their employee price program, Mitsu doesn't have anything that can compete with the top line trucks/SUVs like F150s, 4 Runners, GMC, even the Honda Pilot and Ridgeline.

    EVO and Eclipse alone won't pull them out of this financial mess.

    Mitus is hanging by a very thin financial thread. The only way out is to close up shop or to quickly bring out some world class sedans, SUVs and/or trucks. Mediocre offerings in any of these segments will doom we are seeing today.

    I've yet to hear or see anything they've got on the drawing board that will pull their butts out of the fire.
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  • elgatolocoelgatoloco Posts: 92
    Perhaps it was a poor analogy to compare Mitsubishi to Porsche although I was talking about dealerships in general, not cars & prices. It's pretty obvious from many posts (not just here at Edmunds) that the authors have never used the resources (dealers) or products offered by some automotive companies & yet feel compelled to disparage that particular company simply because others do. That may make these posters feel empowered but in reality only betrays their ignorance.

    That said, Mitsubishi, for better or worse, has always hung its hat on the performance hook. That certainly poses a risk in a constantly shifting business & their success in so many areas of motorsports has earned them a lot of rancor from a great many people. Also, they are paying a huge price for poor management, not just in the U.S. but also in the world. To accurately predict the demise of a global company though, you have to look at a very big picture. Admittedly I myself am unable to do this with any degree of certainty but I will say that Mitsubishi is still heavily involved in worldwide racing competition, The Mitsu (bring it here) Colt recently won the prestigious (but goofy sounding) Golden Steering Wheel Award in Europe, the Lancer won Car of the Year Award in its class in Russia, Mitsubishis E-Boost concept vehicle last week was awarded the 2005 IDEA (Industrial Design Excellence Award) by the Industrial Design Society of America, no small feat. Lastly, with oil prices hovering at $60.00 a barrel do people still want to sneer at a company designing electric cars for the inner-city environment?

    So... While the picture looks grim indeed at least Mitsu is still fighting. I worked for Rich Gilligan for 5 years & he is a very solid guy who puts everything he has into his job, which he knows pretty well. It's a tough environment right now with the GM fire sale going on & the only way Toyota is going to slow down is if potential future drivers decide they may want something just a little different parked in their driveway then the 1001 other camrys currently in the local hood. Is this camry thing Orwellian, or what?

    Finally, I don't expect Mitsu to come out tomorrow with a car that flies on sugarwater & sales aren't going to take off for the moon either but the product they put out is a pretty good value if you respect the opinions of most automotive experts.

    You just won't find that many experts at the local
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    I am at a loss to think of way to keep things going for Mitsubishi here in the States. In the past they sold lots of car with the Dodge labels on them, but that no longer seems to be possible. Seems to be a major split between DCX and Mitsu. Too bad, since at least the Lancer and Eclipse could be rebadged and sold as Dodge sporty cars if all else failed. Perhaps something of a Scion type of arrangement, for a youth targeted market. Once again, there may nothing at all wrong with their cars, trucks or SUVs, but so far what seems to have sold the best is the Eclipse and specialty road race cars. I don't care as to what label it becomes badged as, it simply needs to find a larger base of dealers. Here in the USA, they could sell say three or four specialty cars, like the Eclipse, though a larger network. If they sell other designs elsewhere in the World, under their name plate, fine, more power to them. I am just saying, an option here in USA is to make cars like no other make, and sell them through someone elses network. I owned a Dodge Stealth. It was the first one delivered here in my area, and it was a lot of fun to own. It did need an early transmission replacement, but when I took the keys to the car, it did have 250 miles on it. Too many test drives and salespeople hot rodding it, no doubt. Though the years I owned it, I came to the conclusion that it was not as reliable as a Datsun or a Toyota I have owned, but not the worse car in the World by any means. Gas mileage was good, and it was a nice ride on the freeway, as well as, for sporting the back roads of the country. Parts seemed higher than other cars. Since most all car makes have pretty reliable cars, say starting with the 2002 model year, I imagine the '06 Eclipse, though new, should be fairly good bet for reliability. Ya never know about the first couple of years. My biggest concern remains the ability to hang on in USA. Seems to me the best focus for their line of cars in USA is to go sport class, and price ranges between the $18K to $30K class. Maybe a MitsuSport division sold through some other dealers, or Mitsubishi dealers, though it still sounds like a limited number of sales. The Elise is being sold in our city by a Volvo dealership.
    Right now GM is trying to make cars which go head to head with Toyota and Honda, and having the same results, as in little or no profits. Just like Mitsubishi, they need to make fewer cars and trucks, but make them unlike, and more desirable than the rest. If the best Mitsubishi can do sales wise is the New Eclipse, there ya go! Make these super looking cars, which dazzle the eye, yet cost less than say a Porsche. Reliable and boring is being made every day, and sold every minute of the day under well established names, like Toyota, so IF say Mitsubishi, or GM makes a car just as good, so what, it still has to sell for less, and thus no profit. Look, the New Stang, by Ford is selling well because there is not other car like it. Without independant suspension, only fair gas mileage, and such, technically it may not be as good as say brand X or the Eclipse, but who cares - it sells - it is different, and not a boring Solara, or is that wierd looking Solara. Personally, it is a bit too retro ( replica car ), though not a bad looking car. It too, seems to be gaining weight and size, but that is not the point. Perfect for many, the New Stang or older Mustang, which may be better, is something that Honda and Toyota do not have. Mitsu can make a wonderful car to compete against the Camry, but then again so does every other car manufacturer in the World - just about ;)
    What sells, and for a profit is something like the Magnum, or PT = different.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    This is a discussion of the Eclipse's features, attributes, etc. -- not a discussion of Mistubishi's future in general. If you'd like to talk about that, please look in the News & Views Forum for an appropriate topic.


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  • pcmacbobpcmacbob Posts: 1
    I just purchased an Eclipse and in love with it with one exception. The Rocford CD system is great but when I created some mp3 cd's and put them into the unit it worked fine at playing them but when I went to eject one of the cd's I hear the unit making all kind of clicking noise without ejecting the cd and giving me an error message. I looked in the manual and it tells me to contact the dealer to have it removed. This will be a problem for a lot of the customers of this cd because who has the time to take their car into the dealer every time a cd gets stuck in the unit and it looks like it will happen a lot. Rockford needs to have a way to manually eject a cd that gets stuck in the unit. Also there is nowhere in the manual that tells me what manufacture of a blank cd that I should use and not use. I have to take a morning off of work on the 5th of July to have the dealer take a look at the unit and I am afraid that they will have to tear the cd unit from the dash to eject the cd and I will be without the car for the day. Other than that the car is a dream to drive. I went to San Diego from Anaheim Ca today and took some back roads that had a lot of curves and the car handled them great. I drove over 200 miles and before I left I topped the fuel in the tank and did the same when I got back and got 25 miles per gallon the first tank. This was driving at all different speeds. I have the 4 speed auto trans and love the manual part of it when driving the back roads and for passing.
  • elgatolocoelgatoloco Posts: 92
    Thanks for the review. This is the first I've heard of the mp3cd problem & it sounds like a supplier problem. Hopefully it's an anomaly as I have talked to several new owners with the same system & they claim it's very functional.

    I know that doesn't lessen your inconvenience though, and if I hear any news of your specific problem I'll make a post if it can be helpful.

    I have the same basic 4 cyl & auto transmission although it's in an 04 Outlander. My wife doesn't use the manual mode but I like it a lot in the city as I practically never have to touch the brakes.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,352
    claires....understand that this is specific to the Eclipse. But, the question we're posting is whether Mitsubishi is even going to be around here long enough to even make many Eclipses.....let alone, honor their warranty. That, in turn affects the Eclipse's reasle value and it's viability in the marketplace.
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  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    Point taken. I have to consider the possibility, though, of driving the conversation so far into the woods that we can't find our way back :-)

    Meanwhile, there's another discussion in News & Views that touches on Mitsu's difficulties: You Are the Mitsubishi Marketing Manager.


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  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Posts: 1,986
    I'll second that.

    I noticed a news item this AM about Pontiac offering a blown version of the Solstice. Now, before we go off half-cocked about how that's not direct competition, I think it embodies where more of the market is headed, and certainly based on price point and number of doors, it's competition in one form.

    With highly anticipated performers like the Solstice (that also look sumptuous) hitting the market at near $20K price points, it will be harder to achieve and maintain broad based appeal with a heavy FWD coupe. Basically the demographic aged dramatically with the 2000 Eclipse, and this one, while apparently more refined and certainly better looking, pushes even further in that direction. Unfortunately, it's verging on being a modern iteration of the old "personal luxury coupe", a la those last versions of the old Fox-based (IIRC) Cougars or the old Monte Carlo, or even the newer Sebring and Stratus coupes.

    I believe my old favorite Eclipse is about to be left behind as it evolves into a car away from which the market is evolving.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,352
    If you look at the competition for the Eclipse, it's easy to see why skepticism reigns. Your afore mentioned Solstice is just one example (for the upcoming Spyder?).

    In the performance coupe division you've got....

    (high teens price)
    --'06 Civic Si (new platform and design)
    --Acura RSX
    --Scion Tc
    --MiniCopper name a few...

    (mid-high $20s price)
    --RX8 (rotary)
    --Mustang (GT with a V8) name a few....

    Any of the above cars either perform better or costs less or are better design many cases all the above. Plus, all the above have better credentials from a corporate standpoint, both in absolute terms and/or in reputation.

    So, the Eclipse may be a case of too little too late for Mitsubishi....even if it were a "homerun". Most believe it's good, but not great. Great is what Mitsubishi needs, across their entire model line.
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  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Posts: 1,986
    Those are sort of my thoughts on the competition too, graphicguy, though I hadn't thought of the Civic Si. Certainly if I were looking at affordable coupes or 2+2s, that Scion tC is an attention grabber.

    I do think a homerun could've helped, if not cured all. Just look at what the 300C did for Chrysler, and the PT before it. Certainly a big hit can keep you in the game while you groom your prospects.

    It'll be interesting to see what the sales figures are for July. Prior to release they were clearing old units at about 1200-1500 a month on steep discounts...
  • aeroluvraeroluvr Posts: 42
    In 2001 I almost bought a fully loaded Spyder but for less than two grand more I got a very loaded BWW Z3 so that is my "fun" car.

    My other/practical car is a Nissan 240SX 1993 which I LOVE. I've had it this long because I've never had any problems with it and I've never found a car I liked as much.

    That being said...age is catching up with 'er and while I love the convertible BMW for long trips and "fun" I need a more practical/affordable everyday car now.

    I assumed I'd look at Mitsu GS...but then Scion TC caught my eye and interest and that is where I stand now. Honestly I don't know which way to go. I did not want to get the first year TC 2005 nor did I like the Mitsu GS 2005 so now the 2006's are here.

    A couple of questions I hope folks can answer here for me. I am very short...and in test drives of Eclipse's / Spyders before..I noticed a huge problem with lack of visibility out of the rear window. Used to be because of that tall spoiler..not it looks like it still may be a problem because of two the driver's seat is not height adjustable (TC it is) AND the window is almost flat to the roof line instead of a true rear least it looks that way. Would LOVE to hear from other SHORT women re: the 2006 GS. thing about the Mitsu I noticed was it was not a tight turning that I mean I'm used to being able to do full swing turns into opposite parking spots in my 240SX. Sure enough I looked and the Mitsu's have a very wide turning radius.

    And there is cost. Priced with all I want (yes I would spring for the two GS packages and several of the comparable options on the TC as well) I would spend about three grand more for the GS vs TC I think. I'd have a (hopeful) incredible stereo system that I can't get in TC for that and a few other "goodies" but I can't find three grand worth ya know?

    As far as dealers go...I have also in SO CA. There aren't that many Scion support Toyota dealers at first glance either so it would be about the same. And NOT to go off topic but it DOES concern me...their future...only because I am one who has ALWAYS strictly adhered to scheduled maintenance at dealers. As I said my 13 year old 240SX has had NOTHING major go wrong...brakes and I think one hose.

    The other concern is ROOM. The TC is a fully operational my 240SX. I assume the 2006 GS is has a trunk right? I won't have passengers that often..but the Mitsu has less room than my 240SX, especially leg room and far less than TC for rear passengers. AND I wonder after adding the stereo component for the upgrade in the trunk...also gonna cut way down on space right? THIS is why I need a practical car LOL...obviously a Z3 has NO ROOM for anything but fun.

    So..would appreciate any input on the above..specifically on the 2006 GS Automatic. Thanks.
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