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I bought a 2007 Mercury Montego and I purchased a Warranty with it. I can't seem to find any information about what all is covered. Should some kind of booklet or literature came with it?
I found something called Genesis and Pinnacle does that mean anything in regards to a cars add on warranty?
Thanks for any help!


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    Call the dealer and get a copy of the contract. If they can't get you a copy, cancel it. If you get a copy of the contract, you may want to cancel it anyway. :)

    Understanding Extended Warranties
  • paulmidipaulmidi Member Posts: 6
    It was filtered into my payments over 4 years it cost about $1600.00 
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    Most warranties like that you can cancel and get a refund (or stop paying) for the unused part. You need to get the paperwork on the warranty.

    It's not from an automaker (Ford, in this case), and might well be worthless, or worth very little.
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    I bought my car from a very reputable company and they are the ones who sold the warrantee to me I have seen the fly by night offers on late night TV. I would like to think I have something better than that.
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    No way to tell without paperwork in hand and a list of what's covered, where it can be repaired, how you get paid, etc, etc. And who, specifically, is responsible. I bet it's not the dealer.
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    What warranty company? Zurich or someone else?
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    It might be something called Genesis (not sure if I spelled it right) I think the plan I got was their top plan called " pinnacle" For what I paid it better be it's top plan.
    I contacted the place where I bought the car and they are sending the information about it tomorrow.
    I'm concerned because the year and model car I bought has a history of transmission problems according to some internet posts I have found. And my transmission is acting up.
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    Oh yeah, you said that. Not finding Genesis. If it's this Pinnacle, then the BBB isn't wild about them.
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    That's the problem with 3rd-party (not car manufacturer) extended warranties. There are so many scammer, it's not worth taking the risk.

    And even if the OP's warranty is legit, probably 50% of that $1600 went straight to the dealer as profit. That's why they love to push these things.
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