car stalling need help

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Okay lets see if i can get some help here. I have a 2008 dodge charger rt with 96000 miles on it. originally I had a problem a few months ago. I had went out to my car to start it and it wouldn't even turn over. Make a long story short it was the WIN module. I had the dealer replace it after that I had noticed the next day the clock on the radio wouldn't read right so i reset it and it kept doing it again but not every day and it seemed like it was doing it with 1 set of keys i had more then the other set. Anyway i figured it was just my stereo, so about a month after that I was riving on the highway doing about 60 and the car had acted like it stalled but it was just spuddering, no power so i costed to a stop shut it off and it restarted right away, it was also the first hot day and i had the AC on. it did it again a couple days later so then I ordered a PCM i got that in and replaced it and it was fine for a day then did it again after work when it was really hot again and sitting in the sun. I also replaced the battery too. I was looking to see if there were any shorts in wiring under the hood and nothing, Also no check engine codes if anyone can help it would be great. It seems like everyone else thats having these problems are getting engine codes. im not
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