Jeep Liberty Random Misfire and Ticking

davidb2830davidb2830 Member Posts: 2
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My daughters 2004 Liberty all of a sudden started running rough and motor began ticking
Check engine light now on, Had it towed home and a buddy hooked up his code reader that said random misfire. So I'm thinking bad plug or coil..... Replaced all 6 plugs and coils, she was low on oil so I added a qt. ticking not as bad but still pulling a random misfire code.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


  • texasestexases Member Posts: 10,538
    Are there spark plug wires to replace?
  • davidb2830davidb2830 Member Posts: 2
    No traditional plug wires, each plug has a coil boot that fits on plug and bolts down then has a clip harness, suppose I should check those for a broken wire
  • SeptBluesSeptBlues Member Posts: 4
    Check for a broken valve spring.
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