Will the Luggage Fit? - 2016 Toyota Prius Long-Term Road Test

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Will the Luggage Fit? - 2016 Toyota Prius Long-Term Road Test

We fill our 2016 Toyota Prius Four Touring full of luggage to see just how much fits.

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  • longtimelurkerlongtimelurker Member Posts: 455
    "The rear door opens wide to simplify the cargo loading process. This is the real benefit of the hatchback design."

    Now, this is why I come to What's Hot. You learn something new every day!
  • jjlawyerjjlawyer Member Posts: 17
    Great report, let's see the same bags in some other vehicles.
  • ctpaulctpaul Member Posts: 46
    "The big point to make here is that while the second-row seats do fold flat, there is a 3-inch rise in the load floor to accommodate them" - doesn't that mean they do fold flat?
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    The seats fold flat but there's a curb that keeps you from simply sliding long items in from the hatch.
  • reminderreminder Member Posts: 383
    If your luggage won't fit in that space, it's time to get rid of some luggage.
  • SynergySynergy Member Posts: 1
    We had this same car, 2016 Prius. The rear seats *do* fold flat! Just take off the two tall head rests and place them on the floor. When you fold the seats down, it’s pretty flat.
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