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Pontiac Sunfire



  • I do very much sympathize with you on this one. I am working with the same possible problem. I also got the estimate from the dealer for the Fuel Pump replacement is right at $500. Our Sunfire is a 2001 and has 63,000 miles. My wife ran the car out of gas, and that is when all of the fuel problems started. I would appreciate any good advise on what you think. She put in gas, couple gallons at a time and tried to restart with no luck. After about 1/2 tank on gauge and no start she gave up and I towed it home. I have since changed the fuel filter, tested the fuse and relay, and finally pulled the fuel line from the inlet side of the fuel inj. line. When I turn the ignition on, I do hear the hum from the rear for a couple seconds (Fuel Pump) but no fuel pressure whatso every now. I have searched JC Whitney for a fuel pump and find them from $45 up to $100 max. However, these don't appear to be in the tank type pumps. Has anyone out there done this repair themselves, and what would you recommend for a replacement pump? :(
  • the computer(p.c.m.)has had both wiring connesters pulled out of it,all the wires in one of the connectors are fine but the other plug has had 6 wires pulled out and i dont know wich wire goes in wich hole in the connector can any one help
  • I own a 2005 pontiac sunfire, i currently have my stock 15" hubcaps and tires on it. I have been thinking about buying 17" tires and rims for it. Is this a good idea? I am just worried about messing up the computer in my car or the speedodometer. Please help me! Is this a good idea or not? :confuse:
  • boggydanboggydan Posts: 1
    I have got a problem with Pontiac Sunfire 1999 SE 4D , I cannot turn the key back, it stuck in the middle of lock cylinder. I can pull it out but then I can start the car without a key and light on the panel are on. I had to disconnect wire from battery. Any idea what might happened and can it be fixed. Many thanks
  • Have you tried turning the steering wheel? It should not move very much, but there is enough play in it, allowing you to "snap" it to the right and/or left. Keep pressure on the key for removal as you snap the wheel. Not real hard jerks on the wheel, but enough to free the key release. If the steering wheel turns freely, then the wheel and key assembly needs to be pulled. Good Luck!!
  • coolbudcoolbud Posts: 1
    i have a 02 sunfire with recently cut springs. i bought brand new KYB AGX adjustable schocks and some springs but the springs didnt even come close to fitting. the cut springs fit which tells me my problem is defintiely the springs. can anyone suggest what brand lowering springs would work best in this application. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • solj1nsolj1n Posts: 1
    I don't actually own a car myself but I am trying to help my parents figure out what is wrong with their cars brakes. It is a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire. The brakes are siezing, they are brand new and we just need ideas or a means to a solution. Could anybody be of any help?
  • heres the whole story. I have a 1999 Pontiac Sunfire 2.2L. A few days ago the coolant low indicator came on and i had placed GM Prestone Dexcool 50/50 in it, i kinda topped it off too much and it overflowed out when i turned the engine on and alot of it leaked out. there was a weird sound that came on but i didnt pay attention. a day later the car started to overheat. and the indicator came back. the coolant has became empty. i placed more in and then 15-20 min later, it overheat again. and the coolant disappeared again. i checked the water pump, it seemed fine, i changed the thermostat which was faulty. yet every time i fill it up it disappears after 15-20 min. there are no visible leaks and i had checked the oil and trans and the exhaust and havent found white smoke. the radiator almost stays cool even at overheating temperature. any ideas?!?!? i am gonna check the spark plug today but if thats not it, i dont kno what else i can do.
  • I am having the same problem. I was told it was located behind the dashboard on the right side. Haven't looked into it yet. If you have any luck please let me know and I will the same.
  • maclockmaclock Posts: 1
    I was told that the hinge on the driver's side door of my 2002 Pontiac Sunfire coupe must have been bent forward by a gust of wind before I took delivery of my car in a lease assumption. The car will have to be returned in a few months from now, and I hope to avoid having to reach into my pocket to pay for repainting because of a paint chip that has popped off the door where the sheet metal of the door and the sheet metal of the front quarter-panel meet. (This paint chip has exposed the metal underneath the paint, and my lease agreement seems to suggest that I will have to pay to have the door repainted.) It looks to me as if either:

    (a) there was an alignment problem between the sheet metal on the door and the sheet metal on the front quarter-panel, and that caused chafing and led to the paint chip popping off; and/or

    (b) the hinges are in some way, shape or form unfit for their intended use and have failed, causing the sheet metal on the door to chafe against the sheet metal on the front quarter-panel.

    Has anyone reading this message experienced a similar problem with Pontiac Sunfire coupes? I searched the Internet earlier today, but didn't come across anyone who had a problem like this. It looks to me as if there is a tolerance problem caused by some defect in manufacture.

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions that you have to offer.
  • tp22tp22 Posts: 1
    The car is an auto and won't shift out of park
    No blown fuses Can anyone help?
    What could the problwm be? Please help

  • hey.. I have been having alot of problems trying to find cv joints for my 2000 Pontiac sunfire 2.2L. I had bought a set and put them in but they were two long, went back to the dealer and they didn't have any, i looked all over and all they had was the long ones. They said they don't no why this is. What could be wrong? I'm I missing something when i asking them. Thanks
  • hey guys... last night I had got my rear window smashed. My uncle has a wrecked 2003 sunfire and i was wonderin if that would fit my 2000 sunfire. there both just normal sunfires not gt's. thanks
  • mzaytsevmzaytsev Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 pontiac sunfire and it has automatic transmission. When I drive i can only go a top speed of about 50 mph. My problem is that the transmission can go to first then second gear but it wont shift to third. Does anyone know how to fix this or where the problem might be?
  • k_gem619k_gem619 Posts: 4
    I have a 2001 pontiac sunfire gt and the theft system light came on along with the service light just to the right of it. any suggestions on how to turn them off?
  • k_gem619k_gem619 Posts: 4
    did you ever figure out what was wrong with your sunfire? and was your theft light on? I only ask this because my theft light came on but as you stated there is NOTHING in the manual about it...very helpful GM, very helpful.
  • My girlfriend has a 2000 Sunfire GT. Her reverse lights went out all of a sudden. No clue why. Bulbs, wires, fuses all fine. Is there some flaw with the vehicle that anyone has heard of out there that would cause this? I heard rumors about some linkage in the tranny or something? But haven't been able to confirm this.
    Any ideas...Any sugegstions would be greatly appreciated. This is the latest issue of many since she's had this turd. :lemon:
  • kymmkymm Posts: 1
    I own a 99 Sunfire GT. It seems like when I get one thing fixed, something else is going wrong. It has almost 99k miles on it, so maybe I'm just at that point where some bigger stuff needs to be replaced. The whole front end vibrates, especially over a bumpy road, uneven pavement, etc. A month ago I had my mechanic look at the half shafts, and he swears he couldn't find anything wrong with them. I've replaced the left front wheel bearing. At speeds btwn 45 and 75 I hear/feel this other vibration, like a low, pulsing whirring noise.
    Now it seems like the trans wants to hesitate more often going from park into drive. It will take a moment to grab the gear (it's an automatic). There is some noise that seems to be louder recently, and the trans also feels like it has some trouble accelerating through lower gears. I have already set up an appt with a local Cottman Trans to check it out. Has anybody had a similar problem? I love this car, and it just started giving me any kind of trouble a few months ago, and I've owned it since last March. I don't know if it's worth it for me to keep fixing it, or to seriously consider trading it in while it's still running. :confuse:
  • joeyaz3joeyaz3 Posts: 1
    After a recent inspection, which one of these services would you do 1st pls? I'm sure this is a no brainer for some, and obviously the repair place wants you to get it all done at once( but since I'm on a limited income). 1)flush brakes? 2)power steering(test was brown)? or 3) good ole tires replaced?(front is at 6mm, .788/.739 spec) Rear(10%).
    Joanna :)
  • masterpaul1masterpaul1 Posts: 421
    Hello Everyone,

    I just found out today that the blower fan only blows when the selector switch is on the third and forth speed. (We were running the AC). Not sure if it does the same thing when selecting for heat. Any ideas as to what the problem is. :confuse:

    Thanks and have a blessed day.
  • otdotd Posts: 1
    Anyone have any suggestions for a aftermarket muffler for 2.2 '01 Sunfire? I'm looking for something that will up the volume marginally, while staying nice and low and smooth. Nothing Civic-esque. And obviously it needs to keep the emission levels nominal...

    Right now the only thing I have found is Raptor Open flow From Schucks. It's cheap, so I have no qualms pitching it if it sucks.

    Any Suggestions would be appreciated.
  • I have been having 2 different problems with my pontiac 99 sunfire. The first problem is if I'm driving in conjested traffic or stopping at several lights my car seems to overheat. It does fine on highways or driving at a comfortable speed. The second problem has just recently started. When I get low on fuel or fill my tank up it doesn't seem to be getting any gas at all and will hesitate or try to die if I stop at a light and then take off. Sometimes it jerks when driving at a higher speed. I have changed my thermostat and fixed all problems with the radiator and it's not loosing any water but is overheating. I'm not very smart with vehicles and any advice will help... thanks :confuse:
  • We have a 98 Sunfire and had the same problem that you are describing about over heating in city driving. These are the things that I did to try and correct the problem. I drained and replaced the Dex Coolant. I let the car idle for about 20 min. and watched the temp. needle go all the way up to the "high normal" range and then the cooling fan kicked on. (Not being satisfied with this result.) I then replaced the "coolant temp. sensor." Result was pretty much the same. I then changed both "cooling fan fuses." This did help, but the temp. gauge on days like 85 degrees and above without using the AC, was between "middle to high normal temp." The one thing that I have noticed, is when using the AC, to which the cooling fan runs all the time, the temp. is mid range which is correct. I want to change the thermostat, but will hose off the "radiator cooling coils" first. I also, notice that the breathing holes, located under the bumper, are cover and doesn't allow direct air flow to the cooling coils. (It looks like it was designed this way.) I'm going to see if I can remove the covers. For your hesitation problem, try changing the fuel filter. Also, change the plugs and oxygen sensor if you haven't done so. I hope this helps. :shades:
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    Hi, folks,

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  • milo172milo172 Posts: 1
    Did you figure out the problem with the blower fan?
    I have a 2001 Sunfire with a similar problem... the fan only works in the fourth position with the A/C running.
  • Nope. I'm still waiting for some insight to the problem. Although, I must admit that i have not really tried to look into it myself. I believe it might be the switch that controls the fan speed. :shades:
  • Good afternoon,

    I have a 1997 sunfire, my cd player is going nuts on me. when i first start the car in the morning or after work it takes a cd and plays it no problem but if I want to put a new one in after that no way, it physically does not accept a cd, you try to push it in, feels very forced, then if you leave the player empty for a few minutes you here a sound like it is either trying to eject or it thinks you are giving it a cd, I get E20 and E20 messages all the time, sometimes it works sometimes it does not. Please help me. I cannot afford a new player right now. If I have to clean the lens how can I take out the cd player, I do not want to unhook anything because of the anti theft which was a major problem when I had to get a new key, the new key got stuck in the ignition and they had to put a brand new ignition in for me,

    Also I get no AM reception on the radio, if I need traffic updates I cannot get them, any idea how I could fix these things.

    thanks so much.
  • for the fan did u ever get a reply because mine does the same thing. could the fan possibly have been a recall?
  • So, I go to start to change my brakes and rotors then I get stuck basically at the beginning. Does anybody know whether the bolt holding on the caliper uses a torx wrench or an allen key? and what size? It almost seems as tho its a torx and is caked with so much dirt and grime that it has the appearance of an allen key. Being i cant get my head back there, the best i could do is feel around and shove some clay in there to see what shape the impression was haha. If you have any ideas i'd appreciate it!
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