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Oil filler cap leak on '95 Metro

zagadorpzagadorp Member Posts: 2
edited July 2016 in Chevrolet
Got a '95, 3-cyl standard Metro. Oil filler cap lost, engine run w/out for about 8 miles. Discovered loss, got new cap. Significant leak on forward side of oil filler port. Got 'nother cap, but still leaks. Did I warp the valve cover? Can I put a bit of gasket sealer and gasket material on the port and then put in the filler cap and get a fix? Ideas???


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    zagadorpzagadorp Member Posts: 2
    PS. Just a followup[ of my own: have wrapped Teflon tape on the filler cap and, at least for the moment, it seems to be working. Wha da ya t'ink?
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