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I think that the Chrysler Firepower is an awesome vehicle. It looks great, has a great engine, and a great interior. It is a viable vehicle since it is based on existing components. For the price of a Vette, you get Aston Martin looks, a Viper chassis, and a Hemi engine.


I would like to see Chrysler build the Firepower. If anyone thinks the same way, let's get a discussion going.




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    If you can point us to some pictures of this concept vehicle, that'd help generate some interest!


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    Sorry Kirstie :) I guess no one is as excited about this as I am...yet.


    Here is a link to the Chrysler Firepower concept. It's got an Aston Martin like body on a Viper chassis. The engine is a 425 hp 6.1 SRT Hemi. All of this, for the price of a Corvette.


    This exciting vehicle was unveiled at the Detroit auto show. It won the award for the best concept car at the 2005 North American International Auto Show's. The Firepower also was named sexiest concept.



    other links:




    From the Detroit News, "Zetsche said Chrysler also is considering whether it will build production versions of the Chrysler Firepower sports car and Jeep Gladiator pickup concepts. The company will decide within a year."
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    Woodstock3, I feel like you do. The Firepower is the first two seater that has a realistic price which calls my name. My wife is expecting to get a replacement for her '96 Infiniti this year but I'm trying to get her to hold out for the Firepower. I'm so happy with my Pacifica that I'll have it at least another seven years, but I wish I could afford to be a three car family.
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    I think the front is a mess. It just doesn't match the rest. But that's minor.


    I'm not sure they'd sell enough for it to be worth it though. It's not easy to take on the 911.
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    Not wild about the grill either - it looks like Speed Buggy is smiling at me. But from the side & back, it's stunning.


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    I'm not crazy about the grill either. It also seems to have a big goofy grin. But Chrysler is big on big grills.


    Here is Edmunds take on the Firepower!



    What Is It?


    Chrysler Firepower Concept


    What's Special About It?


    While Chrysler has used the Viper platform and suspension in addition to elements of the ME-412 concept as the basis for this striking two-seat sports car concept, the company has made no secret of the fact that the Firepower's aesthetics were inspired by classic British brands such as Aston Martin and Bentley. The Viper's V10 has been eschewed, though, in favor of a leaner 6.1-liter Hemi V8, which will be paired with a five-speed automatic gearbox. Those who do not think that this is a powerful enough engine, compared to that of the Viper, would be thrilled to learn that the car can make zero to 60 in less than 4.5 seconds. This rear-wheel-drive "grand tourer" also features such distinguishing touches as a panoramic glass roof with a hatchback design, as well as cooling vents on the hood and substantial touches of chrome throughout. The Firepower could conceivably go into production within a year and a half to two years of its Detroit debut.


    What's Edmunds' Take?


    The Firepower is a refined and elegant sports car — the likes of which haven't been seen from a domestic brand in some time. The Firepower seems much less thrown-together and much more pleasing to the eye than its Viper stablemate, with a much more manageable engine, which should attract the majority who do not aspire to become racecar drivers. If the enthusiasm that Chrysler executives have demonstrated for the Firepower is to be taken at face value, this vehicle is surely the logical psychic follow-up to the daring 300. Priced similarly to a Corvette, the Firepower could likely secure Chrysler Group's newfound fortunes for the immediate future. — Phil Lienert
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    The latest Autoweek has an article stateing that Chrysler may build the Firepower! They are looking to bring out a lot of new models over the next 2 years. The Firepower! and the Jeep Gladiator are highly placed candidates for production.

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    Here is my analysis of the new Firepower concept:


    The Chrysler Firepower concept is the most exciting concept car out today. It combines style, luxury and power into an elegant, beautiful package which is nearly affordable.


    The body - This car starts with the body. It is striking from all angles. The initial renderings were not as exciting, but the actual pictures show the curves a lot better. And there are curves. Plenty of curves. The long hood indicates that a powerful motor lurks underneath. The large wheel openings hold huge, grippy tires. It is not brutish, like the viper, but curvy, curvy, sexy.


    The Firepower was designed by Brian Nielander, the designer of the ME-412. Even though the Firepower used elements of the Viper, ME-412, Crossfire, Aston Martin, Bently, etc., it's look is well blended. The Firepower seems much less chunky than the Viper it's based on. Some performance cars are said to be a body builder in a suit. The Viper is a body builder in a muscle shirt. The Firepower is a body builder in a tuxedo.


    The grill - I have to admit, I don't like the grill. The huge Viperesque smile detracts from the overall design. I hope Chrysler tones it down. [shhh. It wouldn't stop me from buying the car, but don't tell Chrysler]. But hey, that big grill says "Chrysler corp". They had to do something to distinguish it from an Aston. Chrysler is big on big grills, and I hope that changes. The new Charger has a big brutish dodge RAM truck grill, which also detracts from the car.


    The chassis - Race proven Viper chassis and suspension, featuring monster brakes. Can handle any road or racetrack thrown it's way, though softened up a little for "Grand Touring". nuf said.


    The engine - The Viper's V10 has been replaced with the new age Hemi. Hemi purists complain that it's not a true hemisphere combustion chamber. Well, Chrysler had to modify the combustion chamber to get it to pass emissions, it's closest we can get in 2005, and they are selling like hotcakes in the 300C, so get over it. Unlike the V-10, the Hemi is produced in great volume, which lowers production costs. The Firepower uses the SRT 6.1-liter Hemi V8 which upps the horsepower from 340 to 425.


    Interior - You spend a lot more time looking at the inside of your car than the outside. It should be comfortable, ergonomic, and pleasing to look at. The interior of the Firepower is gorgeous. It's the way they used to make interiors, with lots of chrome. There is chrome everywhere, not dull plastic of today's cars. Bling to some, nostalgia to others.


    Performance - This car WILL BE FUN TO DRIVE! Though it's not a V-10, it can scoot from 0 to 60 in less than 4.5 seconds. The Hemi weighs less than V-10 so handling should actually be better.


    Gearhead Performance Potential - Unlimited. It's a real newage Mopar. Any Viper upgrades will virtually bolt right in. Performance brakes, springs, shocks, transmissions, etc. Any performance upgrades for the SRT Hemi will bolt right into the motor. 0 - 60 in less than 4.0 sec is extremely feasible. If you are really hard core, you could drop in a 500HP 8.3 L V10 Viper engine. Can't lose.


    Feasibility - Just before the Auto show, Chrysler announced they would not build the ME-412 concept car. Many people wanted the ME-412 to be built, but at $500K, how many would actually vote with their checkbooks? The Firepower makes a lot more sense than the ME-412. Since it's based on production components, the Firepower is relatively affordable when compared to other super cars. The Firepower could conceivably go into production within two years. (Please Chrysler, build it).


    Price - base price of $50000 to $60000 is a Relative bargain compared to super cars such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Aston Martins.


    Competition - Alternative to the corvette

    Cadilac XLR - not a beauty like the Firepower - too edgy.

    Jag - Interesting alternative to the Firepower, especially considering the new lightweight concept.

    Anything else is projected over $100,000


    Marketing - Peirce Brosman would be a likely candidate for spokesman - This could be the next James Bond product placement car.


    Sales potential -

    In order to make a business case, people actually have to buy the car. Who will buy this Chrysler halo car? This car will cut directly into GM's Corvette sales:

    - the traditional Corvette buyer looking for something different

    - those that may consider the corvette, but are put off by GM's current implementation

    - Old Mopar guys that don’t want a Vette.


    Summary - The Chrysler Firepower is a refined and elegant "Grand Touring" car. It looks great, has a great engine, and a great interior. It is a viable vehicle since it is based on existing components. The Firepower! seems to be a rational repackaging of existing hardware. Forget those Lamborghinis, and Ferraris with their stratospheric prices. For the cost of a Vette, you get Aston Martin looks, a Viper chassis, and a Hemi engine. That's fine with me.
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    Hopefully Chrysler can make this car happen, can't wait to get the 300C SRT8, I can only dream about what that engine can do in a true sports car. Maybe Chrysler will use some Benz features in it like the Crossfire and 300.
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    I'm looking at the 300 C SRT8 as well, to hold me until the Firepower is available.
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    I want one! I want to pull up next to some grey hair in a Vette and blow his doors off. If this is built, the power to weight ratio should be awesome. To bad this wasn't the Dodge version of the Charger. The sleek lines look like that of the 1971 Charger. Maybe this will be rebadged a Challenger for Dodge?
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    Hi Jimihemi,


    I want one too. If produced, the Firepower will have the 5 speed automatic as an option. Many people have stated that they would like a manual, but Chevrolet sells most Vettes with automatics. The only people clamoring for a manual are auto editors and net gearheads. The majority of the buyers get slushboxes.


    An auto is not a deal breaker for me. I would still buy a Firepower if that were the only option. But, I want more...there is another way.


    I would like to see Chrysler offer their automatic manual transmission as an option. Chrysler was developing the a robotic twin clutch manual for the ME-12. If the Firepower is a replacement for the ME-12, then hopefully, the transmission program will be considered for the Firepower.


    Ferrari, Audi and BMW offer robotic manuals in their performance cars. Chrysler’s implementation is smooth, and efficient, so it would be good for a GT car. Computer controlled manual transmissions are used in Formula 1, and can shift faster than a human. Now that would put the Firepower into the high tech stratosphere, and could take a second off the 0-60, which is already a low 4.5. That transmission behind a Hemi would really blow away those Vettes (while getting better gas mileage than an auto). Come on Chrysler!!!
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    The Firepower is the cover story of the February 2005 issue of Car and Driver.


    In the past, exciting concepts from Chrysler have been featured in Car and Driver, only never to see the light of production. Hopefully, the Firepower will be different.
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    I think that the Firepower is so cool, I want one in my driveway right now. I would be interested in hearing what others think about the Firepower. Thanks, Woodstock.

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    Its the landies(most ;) ), old dudes, and people that want to say they own a corvette that buy autos.
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    To tell you the truth, I really don't like the Corvette. Not to be mean or anything, but it seems like Chevy has dragged the 'Vette's name in the dirt because of the Cavalier, the old Malibu, Blazer, etc. The best Corvette was mid-70's Stingray. Unless Chevy puts the retractable headlights back on and makes it look cool again, I'm not biting.


    The Firepower is nice because it looks really sporty but classy at the same time. Kind of like a Continental GT, but in a different way. More Aston -y. I'm not mad about the grille, if it was smaller it would look a lot better. But I think that its profile view more than atones. It looks awesome. The back is great too. I would buy one over a 'Vette any day. It just seems so logical, putting the big Hemi where it belongs, vis. a two seater speed demon.


    Hmm, note to self: put Firepower on shopping list, wife might like this one....
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    I really don't like the Corvette either. I only like the midyears. Automobile Magazine's top pick of the 100 coolest cars was the '63-67 Vette, and I agree. I drove a '66 427 once that was awesome.


    The Firepower is "elegance, refinement and affordability". I don't think of the Vette as elegant. I'm keeping my eyes peeled to see if Chrysler makes it! Indications are that there is a good chance they will. Deiter Zetsche has said that they are planning to launch 16 new models before the end of 2006. That is a lot of new vehicles in a short time.


    The Firepower is more than just a concept, it's a prototype. It can be built on the under-utilized Viper production line. The Firepower probably would outsell the Viper, so the output from the Firepower/Viper plant would more than double.


    Now, how can I get one at MSRP, without the dreaded dealer markup?
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    I'm all over the Firepower; if they build it and don't do any major changes. I bought the first 300C in our area (Clearwater, Fl) over 11 months ago and it has been great. I thought about going to the SRT-8, but its not enough of a change for me. The Firepower however would be another revolutionary model, like the 300 was. Of course, it would cater to a different clientele, but its still a dramatic step in Chrysler's refreshing direction.
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    I hope Chrylser builds it. Here are some pictures of it.

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    The Firepower is little more than a reworked Viper. Not all that impressive and for my money I'll take the Viper.
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    ""The Firepower is little more than a reworked Viper. Not all that impressive and for my money I'll take the Viper""

    Er, no. The Firepower uses the 6.1L Hemi V-8 that makes 425 horsepower, the Dodge uses an 8L V-10 that makes 500 hp. I believe that the Firepower is also supposed to be more of a Corvette killer than a Viper-esque car. As a matter of fact, I would buy it, because the Corvette has pretty much no competition in its segment. (Big engined American sports car over 40k). I think that the Firepower is a little more polished than the Viper, just like Chrysler is (at least in my experience) a little more polished than Dodge.

    But I'd love a Viper, too! Unfortunately, I don't have 80 grand on me at the moment... :cry:
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    You might want to read up on that Firepower. The suspensions been "softened up" translation too MUSHIE to be useful. The body is NOT all that good looking, long [non-permissible content removed] nose and a stubby rear end.... YUCK! How could you want a V-8 over a V-10? Also, it'll be a drop in the bucket less than a Viper. Why bother when I can get a Vette for less.
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    It would be 40-50k (hmm Corvette pricing?) , as opposed to the Viper's 80k price tag. Actually, the Viper has a very hard suspension, so it wouldn't kill the car. I like the body in profile, and styling is very subjective.
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    It would spread the costs of the Viper.

    It seems like it has the stuff to be a great GT car.

    I would rather have a 2006 Corvette Z06 instead, though.
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    The way I see these cars and how they compete are like this

    Chrysler Firepower and Chevy Corvette
    Dodge Viper and Chevy Corvette Z06.

    It would be only too logical for Chrysler to have this car start at about 45k (or lower, but that's wishful thinking) to compete with the Corvette. I would also be expecting a new or redesigned Viper pretty soon....

    I would rather have a Firepower than a Corvette. And I want a Z06 and a Viper :P
    As a matter of fact, I'll take all four.
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  • chris65amgchris65amg Member Posts: 372
    I wouldn't be surprised if Chrysler put this into production. Aren't they planning to scooch upmarket anyway? If they do, I'm first in line! :D
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    Nice article in R&T this month on the car. Good pics too.

    I think I could muster the necessary lust for such as this. Yes indeed.
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    I love this car! I hate it's grille!
    But, I wrote my Chrysler dealer a check ($500.00) to deposit if they make it. I would have the first one in Dallas.
    He thinks they will. priced about $70-75,000.
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    I was hoping closer to about $60k. Oh well, that's why they have used cars. The only problem with me waiting until the prices come down is that a lot of cars that are very distinctly styled have super super good residual values. Most Prowlers out there are still about 35k.

    The Firepower looks very promising, though. If I was DC though, I'd be worried that people who were tired of getting their butt banged by the suspension in the Viper would move a little downmarket to the Firepower. That's why I think that $60-65k is a good price.
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  • xkssxkss Member Posts: 722
    I've heard it might be a 2007 model.
  • xkssxkss Member Posts: 722
    Chrysler should build it
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    Chrysler has no problem designing great cars. They just need to stick to thier roots. Style, power and price. They could outsell every other manufacturer in the world if they find ways to build them cheaper and make them a no brainer on the sticker. Although I love the 300C's so much I bought a pair of them, I still believe cars like the Viper, Prowler and perhaps the Firepower would sell much better if the price was more reasonable. Pricing is actually "whatever the market will bear" on these types of cars. A Viper should not cost over $30,000 considering what it is: an overpowered, impractical toy. For a car to be universally interesting to a broad cross section of potential buyers, it needs to be priced fairly based on what it can do. One of the reasons I love the 300C so much is it is a large, four door sedan, high quality, luxury car that handles more like a sports car half its size. It's much like having a car with a dual personality. It looks great too. If Chrysler wants some of the Corvette's market, they may be disappointed in the loyalty Corvette owners have developed over the last 50+ years. Instead, Chrysler should set thier sights on selling Firepowers for about $38,000 with the 5.7 MSD HEMI and offer the SRT-8 version of the Firepower for about $42,000 max. They could sell a million of them the first day out. Why spend twice as much or more on some exotic "wonder car" when you can have all the fun of a car from the future for a fraction of the price? The reality is Chrysler should focus on building cars that people can afford to buy, that are fun to drive and have plenty of style and personality (Mustang/Camaro) priced under $25,000 if they are to survive in today's market.
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