2010 Buick Enclave

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I have had my car for 4 months. After heavy rains that we had water had gotten under the carpet on the passenger side where are the wires are located. It wouldn't start then when we jumped it I tried to drive and the gears would not shift. We unplugged the battery and drove it and it was fine but then it would not turn off. We dried the car out and it seemed to be ok. I took it to the car wash a month after that and it wouldn't start. We jumped it and it was fine. A week later I started my car and was backing up I barely pushed the gas but the car jumped back fast and then it died. Two days later I drove to work and everything was fine. I went to go to lunch and my AC was blowing HOT air and making a little noise so I turned around to come back to the office. I was trying to speed up but the RPMS were going up real high. What could be wrong with this thing? Please help me.


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