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The tundra booklet and Edmunds says the 2005 V6 tundra rating is 18 in town and 22 highway. Can a buyer tell me if this is close?


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    We've started a series of topics on real world gas mileage numbers by vehicle, so I'm going to use your post as the start of the Tundra MPG topic.


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  • cape1cape1 Member Posts: 2
    I have an '05 double cab V8, drive 90% highway and am only getting 15-16 mpg. Only have 1,800 miles, hope it is just breaking in......
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    I've got the same with the same mileage and am only getting 14-15 mpg. Tried staying off the inerstate to keep the speed below 55 but still the same. Not impressed with this portion of the truck. All else is great. "Sweet Ride"
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    Does anyone out there know where you can get either a set of running boards or tubular steps for the double cab 2005 Tundra? All of the websites are real expensive and I'm not sure of the quality of these.
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    I have a 2001 Tundra V8 Access Cab now with 59K miles and do 75% highway and have always gotten 16.5-17.8mpg......very consistent with me. I'm not too light on the pedal either.


    I believe the 2005 has the bump in HP over the 2001 though.


    What do you want from a 282hp V8.....16mpg isn't that bad. My buddy's F-250 is lucky to see double digits.


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    I hear ya, 16 mpg isn't bad for a full size truck. My last toyota gave me better than the window sticker mileage so I expected this one to at least meet it. Nothings free, you have to pay for the power.
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    I thought the 05's brought an extra gear and variable valve timing along with the extra HP & torque to improve mileage. I've got an 04 ext cab 4x4 that was rated 14/17 & the 05 version guesses 15/18.


    Driving appx 65% highway, 25 around town, and 10 in 4x4, I've been hitting low 15's to low 16's each tank.
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