ACURA RDX 2016 AWD - Automated Trunk Door to motor connecting rod broke

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Hello Experts

I own a Acura RDX 2016 AWD for 3 months now. Last week, when I tried to close the trunk door (automatic, using the button on the trunk door), the rod that connect the door to the motor broke at the hinge. I had my kid's stroller and few other things in the trunk.
I believe the door sensors did not function properly. Typically, when there is an obstruction, the door stops closing and opens with a beep sound. I have seen this happen a couple of times before. In this case, the door did not stop at an obstruction and continued to close which led to snapping of the rod. I would like your advice on

1. Is this covered under warranty? I believe I have a 3 years/36k mile warranty
2. Is there a way to dis engage the automatic mechanism ? Everytime, i have to open the door, I manually have to press the door unlock switch near the name plate. This still activates the motor and it continues to rotate causing damage to the interiors.

Thanks in advance.
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