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2016+ Acura MDX WARRANTY Prices Paid (extended Warranty, extended Maintainence, Resist All)

speedy19speedy19 Member Posts: 71
edited July 2016 in Acura
Hello, Just came back from the Austin TX Acura Dealership -
They are offering the following for the MDX 2016 extended packages

1) Resist All (includes the wax, leather protectant, for lifetime- just bring it back in- supposedly) $1139

2) Extended Warranty - 100k (8 years I guess) - $3999, plus a deductible. They wouldnt discuss the actual deductible amounts.

3) Extended Maintainence- 100k (8 years I guess) - $1080 or $1800 (I didnt catch it). Includes oil changes, brakes, etc etc. until 100k.

These are retail. What prices have you guys negotiated this to? I bought a BMW previously and was able to get 50% off on all these.
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