Cheap replacement Fobs and a Sunroof Question

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Hello! I just bought a used 1999 Rodeo today and I have 2 Questions.

Would anyone know a cheap place to get a keyless entry Fob for it? The cheapest I can find is about $45 but it seems most cars can get much cheaper replacements so I am hoping there may be someplace cheaper as mine came with none.

And second, there is a Sunroof in mine but it seems a little odd. The buttons only lift the one end to vent but do not slide the sunroof back for real open air. Is this normal? Not sure if it is malfunctioning or if that is all they were designed to do.

Any help on either would be appreciated!
Thanks much!


  • neoncoyoteneoncoyote Member Posts: 3
    I figured out my sunroof issue. So that is solved. Still looking for a cheap Fob.
    Day 2 now my alarm keeps going off. Not sure if it's gonna be the battery or the activator regulator.
  • neoncoyoteneoncoyote Member Posts: 3
    Alternator that is, not activator ugh I hate autocorrect sometimes. Lol
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