willietcwillietc Member Posts: 3
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hey so i have a 1998 lincoln town car sig series
all of my windows roll up and down no problem from the drivers master switch, but none of the windows will work by their own hand controls.. window lock is not engaged, and i tore switch apart to clean all contactors and switches, but still no luck! any ideas?


  • renelemrenelem Member Posts: 2
    Not talking down, but do you have nominal 12 volts at window motors thru their individual switches? Does your master switch operate the other windows when the master window lock is engaged? I had the same problem and using electrical contact cleaner on the upper switch portion of the problem windows (removed from car).
  • nwraaanwraaa Member Posts: 177
    Check the power window switch connector in the driver side door. Slightly pull each one of the wires in the connector to see if they are all tight.
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