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I am looking to buy a used Ram 2500 4wd Diesel. Finances preclude anything newer than a 2002 model at this time. After reading these forums I am a bit leary of the AT due to issues raised here. Mainly, buying used I have no way to know how the truck was maintained or driven. The common theme seems to be that most failures of the AT are the result of poor/no maintenance. Question for the folks here:

If you were buying a used Ram 2500 4wd Diesel which (if any) would be your choice and why?


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    If you're asking which between auto or stick i'd go with the stick. I've got a 1990 dodge W250 with a 5 spd. I personally prefer driving stick because automatics are boring. Then again talking on the phone, or drinking a soda while trying to steer and shift aren't an easy chore. I think it depends on what you're gonna use it for. Auto for highway driving and the ease behind the wheel...sure why not? That truck has got the balls to do almost anything. If you're gonna pull alot, i'd go with the stick. It's easier on the motor. Plus replacing a clutch is cheaper than the whole trans. Good luck.
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    If it's a monthly payment issue as the reason you're looking at 3 year old and older trucks, bear in mind that the older the truck, the shorter the finance term is. It's a rare situation when you can finance a 3-4 year old vehicle for 60 or 72 months - it's usually 48 months or less.

    With that in mind, you may have lower payments with a great rate (credit union recommended here) for 72 months on a new truck, than at 48 months on a 3-4 year old truck.
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    [authors personal opinion follows]

    But who really wants to take 6 years to pay off a vehicle? And does the average joe want to take the depreciation hit of a brand new vehicle?

    Sure I take the hit, but I also plan to keep my vehicles for 8-10 years. The problem I see with taking 6 years to pay off a vehicle, or taking the depreciation (unless you are putting a decent chunk of money down) is that you never know when something is going to happen. Somebody pulls out in front of you and WHAM! your vehicle is toast. If you OWE more than that vehicle is worth (which generally becomes the case when financing for extremely long terms or buying brand new and not putting atleast 20% down) you have to front the money out of pocket, insurance companies only have to pay what the car is worth.

    [/end author's personal opinion]

    If you were buying a used Ram 2500 4wd Diesel which (if any) would be your choice and why?

    In my case I bought a '03 F350 CrewCab with a 6.0L Powerstroke. The Dodge QuadCab didn't have nearly the room of the GM and Ford models.

    I went with an '03 instead of an '04 because I paid $34K for my truck with 11K miles on it, the sticker on the truck was $49K, a savings of $15K with 11K miles. It's a F350 CrewCab KingRanch. I did, however, buy my '04 Jetta GLS TDI and my '05 Passat TDI brand new, but had more than 20% to put down

    So, I guess the biggest question is what are you using the truck for and how many people do you plan on carrying in it at any given time. Do you need a longbed or a dually?
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    A few things to consider is will and what are you towin? Also I test drove a cummins 6 speed, drives and shifts very well, but since i only tow a 6000lb trailer, i couldnt justify the 6speed diesel.
    But one of the main reason I bought a 2500 is that they are some very good tax incentives to buying vehicle that is over 7000lbs gvwr. If you own a business or a independent contractor, it might be good to talk to a cpa about the benefits.
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    point for GVWR is 6,000 lbs - just wrote off the whole purchase price on my new Dodge Dakota Quad Cab 4x4...
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