Dodge Sprinter 3.0 No start, no fuel pressure

Batwood18881Batwood18881 IowaMember Posts: 1
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Looking for some help with a 2008 Sprinter I'm working on.
The vehicle cranks but will not start.
Only code is a 2199 high pressure fuel pump short to ground.
Low pressure pump relay is commanded on for a second with key on... otherwise its off. No fuel pressure to the high pump.
The high pressure pump is new and the low pressure pump works fine when the relay is grounded.
Leaning towards a bad ECU but I'm not sure.
The ECU grounds the relay to command the low pump on. ECU is shutting off ground after roughly one second.
Diagnosis of the 2199 code and diagnosis of the no fuel pressure both lead me towards the ECU being at fault, but I can't be 100% and they are very expensive.
Thank you !
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