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    Thank you Samya md, for your thoughts -- I priced a C350 2006 and it might work......I was told that the C350 engine is bigger than the C320 engine.

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    #399 C350 2006 pricing by michhala Jul 27, 2006 (10:15 pm)

    My 2001 C320 was totaled and I want to replace it with a 2006 C350. I was given a price for a new black on black with Xenon lights, TeleAid, and CD changer of $35,500 and with California Tax and License, the total is $38.771. The dealer has to have it shipped from another location

    Please let me know if this is a good price.

    The dealer had two in stock with Xenon, but not with TeleAid or CD changers. This would have been $33,500 not including tax and license.

    My thanks.

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    Hi merc1 -- thank you for your reply. I spent the afternoon at the Mercedes dealership, and the sales person suggested I should get the C350 because he was giving me a very good price. (See #361 on this thread), so I did not test drive the C280. I did not ask the pricing of the C280 either....I should have..... guess I am still a little muddled from the accident :D I was also told that the C350 engine uses less gas.

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    Are you looking at C350 Luxury or Sport?

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    merc1 -- I don't know if Luxury or Sport. There seems to be very few 2006 C350 with TeleAid and Zenon lights around. The CD changer is not on all cars either.....I am very surprised. So I guess I am looking for best price with these options.

    Usually, I do a lot of research before I buy anything, but I am just anxious to get this over and done methinks. However, I am going back to the dealer tomorrow and will delve further into the C280 plus Luxury or Sport for the C350

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    Yeah that (sport vs. luxury) would make a big difference in ride and appearence, if such things matter to you. Let us know what happens!

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    The model of the C350 printout is C350W -- I am thinking it is the Luxury......but not sure. Will let y'all know what happens.

    Thank you.

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    I brought home the black/black 2006 C350 Luxury Sedan yesterday. It was the only one available with the Xenon, TeleAid and CD changer. It was found at another dealership Thursday night, but I did not tell the sales consultant I wanted it. However, on Friday because I realized there were not many around, I called my sales person and told him to ask the dealership that had the car to hold it for me, and I would be in later in the afternoon. When I got to my MB dealership around 4:30 PM on Friday, the car was there, detailed and waiting for me. I did not expect it before the beginning of the week since I was told it was 8 or 9 hours away and required $1500 shipping.

    It seems my dealer transferred the car into inventory Thursday night even though I did not say I would buy the car then. As I understand it, my dealership sent a truck for it and I doubt if it was 8 or 9 hours away and required $1500 for transportation.

    With the Xenon, CD changer and TeleAid, the purchase price was $35,500 before California tax and license, which brought it up to $38,477.

    My attorney had his car broker try to find this car for me and came up with only one, which she said was probably mine, and the price she gave me was $34,200.....I mentioned this to the sales person and asked if they would split the difference, but he said they could not because of the $1500 "shipping".

    That said, it is a lovely car and driving it is even better than my C320......and I think I got a good price.

    Now I am looking for the MB 3-year extended-warranty and wondering if they are discounted. For my 2001 C320, I was able to buy an MB 4-year extended warranty for $1575 at Courtesy Motors in Chico, CA.....things have sure changed.

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    That isn't really a "bad" deal, but think there might have been a little more room to deal on that price. That said, I hope you enjoy the car! Be sure to stop in and let us know how it does.

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    The dealership was very devious and deceitful -- I could have gotten the car for $1400's too long a story to put in a post.....but I am preparing to fight back. I have a FAX ready to send Mercedes and they will put a District Manager into the situation.

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    I understand where you're coming from but I don't there is anything you can do after the deal has been inked as far as price goes. The "stealership" as some call it is out to make money, while cutting you somewhat of a decent deal, but they aren't going to lose money. I don't think a deal can be re-negotiated after the fact.

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    They did a dealer trade and the sticker showed the car came from a dealership 30 miles away, not 8 or 9 hours. Then there was the $1500 shipping fee, which they could not split with me because they were not charging me the shipping .......... In addition, the car came in with the odometer reading 104 miles, which is more than should be for a new car. I think it was driven from the other dealer for the exchange. Andrew, the salesman, told me the mileage was because one out of every 100 cars in Germany was tested in Germany and how lucky I was to have one of those and know my car was perfect. I have it all in writing.

    I took it home on Friday and there was an ESP malfunction and message to bring car into service on the computer. I did not drive the car until today when I had to bring it into service to be fixed. They will keep it two days to diagnose, Etc. If they do not have a part, I will have to bring it back again.

    There is also a ding on the driver side to the right and above door handle. They told me that is a difficult place to get to from the inside and my lying sales consultant suggested I let them hammer and then paint the whole door. No way do I let them paint the door of a new car for which I just took delivery.

    When I bought my first C320 in 2001, there was a serious problem with the paint. To make a long story short, after many months of persistence, Mercedes and the dealership split the difference and built me a new car in Germany...... it took almost three months but it was worth it. When I brought it home, the odometer read 10 miles.

    I don't know what the Dent Wizard will do with the ding while my car is in the shop, but if I don't like the way it looks, they will have to find me another car or give me my money back.....or maybe give me the $1500 difference. I paid cash for the car.

    The reason I looked the other way during some of the manipulation was because I had someone do a search and that was the only black C350 that had what I wanted on it.

    The salesman and the manager went beyond the expected and usual car salesman fabrication and told so many lies that they tripped over them every time they said something.

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    ....because the ESP is fixed and the ding is out.......... and because of my bad experience with my sales person, the GM took me over as his client ....he also gave me the 3-year extended warranty discounted to make up for the $1400 difference I could have purchased the car for if I had not been manipulated by my salesman.

    Is this the right forum to learn about the S/C (sports/comfort)? In my 2001 C-320, if I remember correctly, there was a summer and winter mode -- I was told to keep it in summer......this was a long time ago and once I changed it, I never bothered with it again, so not too sure what it was called. With the 320, I never took it out of Drive -- even when going over the steep roads on the Grapevine, it had plenty of power.

    Some guidance for the C350 as to sport or comfort would be very much appreciated.

    PS: I enjoy driving the 350 very much and feel I made the right choice.....
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    Funny you should mention this problem. I'm having the same issue. In notice a whining noise coming out of the drivetrain anytime the outside temperature is in the low 80's or above. The hotter it gets, the louder the whining becomes. At times, it sounds like a jet engine. I thought it might be related to the climate control system, but it's still there even when I shut it off. When I use the manual shift mode and hold the shifts to the maximum rpm, the whining becomes even more pronounced. I've brought the car into the dealership twice, but they keep telling me they aren't able to duplicate the condition. I spoke with the service manager to see if he or Mercedes, in general, are aware of similar complaints from other customers. He tells me they've never heard of this problem. I get the impression that he thinks I'm making this up. Are you continuing to have this issue with your car? If so, have you brought it up to your dealership.
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    My wife has been driving the car for the past month and she doesn't know what to listen for. She has about 2000miles on the odometer. I will be takeing it for a ride this week and I will listen for the noise. will keep you advised.
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    I have a 2006 C-350, and drives superb...

    The S/C modes that you refer to are not summer/winter or sport/comfort. All it does is in the C-mode, the car engages from 2nd gear to ensure a smoother start (hence safer on ice/winter). In the S-mode, the car engages from the 1st gear, and is ideal to experience the startup kick.

    Hope that helps...
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    The summer/winter modes I referred to were in my 2001 C320, which was purchased new. I might be remembering incorrectly -- I was told to keep it in S because I lived in So CA and did not travel in the snow, and I never changed it.

    The C350 S/C modes are defined in the MB booklet as S-sport and C-comfort. I understand the engaging from 2nd gear to ensure a smoother start -- but it is confusing to read that the S-sport is for "standard" driving (they do not define "standard" :))

    I am using the S in the city and C for freeway and longer drives.

    Re your tires, do you keep the them at what the door sticker designates? My service department told me to keep the tires at 32 all around.

    I also feel the C350 drives superb.

    My thanks for taking the time to reply.

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    About tires, I have not checked the pressure myself in all of my 15k miles :)

    I leave it to whatever the dealer set it (during courtesy check, and 13k service)
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    Shanky -- thank you.......Miki
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    Just turned the 10K mark on my odometer on my C280 4Matic. Love, love, love this car. I took delivery last October, and am very pleased with it. After a 5,500 mile road trip in May, the automatic setting for lights and wipers was acting up, so the dealer replaced the sensors, under warranty of course. No other problems. Just returned from a five day round trip from Portland, OR to Monterey, CA. I always track fuel usage, and now that the car is nicely run in, the mileage is exceptional. At sustained freeway speeds in the 70 to 75 mph range, with a/c on, and fully loaded with luggage and two people, the car averaged between 30 and 31 mpg. When it was newer, highway mileage was consistently 28 to 29 mpg, so it's definitely improving now that the engine is broken in completely. I keep tire pressure as recommended 30 and 32 front to rear. I'm extremely happy with this car--it is comfortable, good-looking, has plenty of power, shifts smoothly, brakes strongly and now I can say it's even pretty economical.
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    I've had mine since April 18; a real joy to drive, very smooth, no problems at all. I paid more for my C280 than a recent poster paid for the C350, but as it is about time for the 2007s to come out and I got more options, I can't complain. So far, this is the best car I've ever owned in 27 years of driving.... although some of the reliability issues I'll be watching for later down the line - nothing at all but good things to date.
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    My C280 with 2k miles finally feels broken in. No problems except that the dashboard lights are very dim. Checked the Benz web page and it appears that their are no changes in 2007.
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    While shopping for a C230, I found a dealership in Maryland willing to see me a C350 AWD (2006-Iridium SIlver) with

    -6 CD Changer
    -Satellite radio
    -Leather Inserts
    -Wooden Trim

    for a final price of 34,980 + Tax& Tags. I find the offer too good to be true but it indeed seems to be true given the $5K incentive being offered by the manufacturer to the dealers.In this case, looks like the dealer is willing to pass it on to the customer.I am trying to decide on this one in the next day or two and would like to hear your opinion on the pricing and also if I should watch out for potential pitfalls in this process other than the trade-in pricing for my old car and also the financing deals (I have them both covered). Thanks in advance!
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    Go for it; its a good deal.
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    I also test drove an 06 3 series and thought it to be far inferior to the Mercedes c280, interior was cheap and ugly, handling and ride very stiff. In my opinion choosing the BMW over the Mercedes, Lexus, Acura or Infiniti was "insane"..............."I just had to say it..."
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    I bought a 2006 C280 10 months ago... so far the car has been a dream to drive. I got the 4Matic, and in the ice and snow of Chicago, I've been frustrated by the other drivers as I can weather the elements much better than they can. Smooth ride, good handling, great car for the price point.
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    I have driven other German cars and not MB till now. I have an offer for
    2006 C280: $20K, AWD and 18k miles on it.

    1. Is it a good deal?
    2. How is the reliability? I want to keep it for 2/3 yrs and I drive at least 15k miles per year.
    3. Is 4matic similar to Quatro in Audi? I have drive in snow and ice - 60 miles everyday.
    4. Is there any road noise and does it ride smooth?

    Any advise will be highly appreciated.
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    hi everybody, i just purchased a 2006 c280 with 48000 miles and was wondering if you guys had any suggestions about what i should be expecting at the mileage it has. as of now everthing works well and it drives very smoothly, it's like new but like any other car i know some things will stop working especially at 48000 miles so any heads up inf will be greatly appreciated. ( its my first car).
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    The thing I really want to know is the myth that they cost so much to maintain a myth or truth. I was looking at a 2006 C280, certified pre-owned of course, and seems like a really nice car, well within my budget, but want to know if I'm going to be out alot of money trying to keep it maintained. I had a friend that told me it was $75 for oil change. So, hopefully some of you loyal, longtime owners could shed some light on what its really like to own a mercedes. Thanks
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    DEAR bbrand. I am so happy to hear of your positive reactions from your C280. I recently purchased a 2007 C280 4matic, took it on a 7 hour trip, and I must say the car performed well. I am delighted to have this chance to compare, and share our success and or complaints with others...
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    Sir, the cost of an oil change is cheap at 75.00 because you must use synthetic oil, howerve do as I do...purhase your oil from an aftermarket store, take it to the dealer they will be more than glad to use your own oil. Of course the filter you should purchase from them....
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    I need some help. I am looking to purchase a c350. The car has 24k miles on it, nav package, black exterior, black interior, and in excellent condition.

    Euromotors quoted me 34k. At first I thought that was a good idea but no I am not so sure. Can anyone give me some insight into this? This would be much appreciated.

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