A/C Issues, New to Car.

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Hey everyone!

So I bought a 2004 Jetta with the 2.0 engine yesterday. I got the car pretty cheap and was told that the issue with the A/C was because it was low on freon. I've never owned a Volkswagen before, but I assume A/C units are all similar. So I go to put in some freon into the low end of unit. I get about half of a 12 oz can or so in and I hear a loud Psst or shooting of the propellant. I look down and it looks like the the side of the compressor shot the oil filter with the coolant. I'm not sure if I sprung a leak of if it was just a valve that releases when there is too much pressure. I've only driven it for about 10-20 mins since and I can still occasionally hear the Psst sound. It is 96 degrees in my area if that makes a difference or not?

Before I checked the freon, I noticed that the car's air runs hot all the time, It doesn't really cool off at all. I checked to see if the climate controls were out of place and it was just blowing heated air from the heater, but it was fine.

Some other information, I noticed that the compressor kicks on, but only for like a second or two and then it shuts off for about 15 seconds or so and then repeats itself.

Any Suggestions on what could be wrong?


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    "It probably just needs a charge" Yeah....Right!

    Well, your seller didn't actually lie to you if they told you the system was low on Freon because it was!

    Cars don't often need to have their A/C recharged unless there is a leak somewhere. It's normal to lose "some" Freon after quite a bit of time but not often.

    If you physically saw Freon spraying out of the side of your compressor you have a MAJOR leak! You either have a hole or a crack in the compressor or it could be coming from a hose or a fitting.

    The compressor is cycling itself off and on to protect they system. DO NOT continue to try running the A/C until you get the system checked out by a shop with the equipment and knowledge to do the job right.

    Good Luck!
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