2011 Buick LaCrosse Battery Life?

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I have a 20011 Buick Lacosse purchased 6-1-2011, and 37000 mles. I am now on the 4th battery, top grade batteries, and this just seems abnormal?? The first factory battery made it about 14 mos, and these were apparently defective, as the dealer/factory reimbursed my cost for this, then every 2 yrs, ....same thing. Fortunately the batteries were fully warrented, so they were top grade. The dealer does not "know of any problems" so to mimize any unnecessary electrical equip. IE: the auto-seat mover!

Any thoughts on this high use are greatly appreciated!


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    Do you live in an area that has a lot of heat such as Arizona or Nevada? Extreme hot weather kills batteries and so does extreme cold.

    Not uncommon for a car battery to be shot after two years if a person lives in Phoenix or Fairbanks!
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    SW/FL ....YES! Thanks,....Sam
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    What kind of driving pattern do these batteries get? Is it driven only for short drives to the grocery and driven a few times a week with the AC and the radiator fans running and possibly headlights and then the car sits? I'd suggest longer drives at highway speed without the stoplights for 20 minutes or so to charge up the battery if that may be the problem.

    Are the replacement batteries sealed or do they need the water level refreshed with distilled water?

    Since it's had short life batteries from the beginning, one of the possibilities which is a slipping belt may not be likely== Serpentine belts wear and need replacing at an interval usually given in the owner manual. I assume the battery place is checking the alternator for being able to charge adequately.

    You might look into a float charger to slowly charge the battery and turn off to prevent overcharging that can be plugged in when the car is pulled into the garage. If no garage or private parking space, that's hard to do.

    Are you checking the car after it's parked to see if the trunk light, glovebox light, or other lights are staying on? Open the trunk or glovebox quickly and feel the bulb to see if it's warm. Otherwise an ammeter needs to be put between the battery and the cable to see what kind of minimum power drain occurs after the computers shut down which I understand is a minute or two.

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    Thanks so much for all your good suggetions....greatly appreciated!!
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    just changed my 2010 lasted 6 1/2 years
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