2017 MDX vs 2016 MDX vs 2016 /2015 MDX CPO

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Hello, I am moving to TX and am looking for a new or cpo used car...

What I noticed is that the CPO's are really just depreciated by 5k or 6k for the first year (so 1 year old cars are really just 5-7k post discounts/negotiations cheaper). I expected ALOT higher depreciation.

My concerns:

1) Because deprecaition is so low and there are offers / incentives for new cars perhaps it makes sense to buy a new 2016 especially since the 2017 are coming out. Could get a discount?
Also I get the extra year of warranty etc.
2) Other issue - houston water flooding and buying a used car could have issues. flooded 2 septembers in a row.

The 2017 looks newer new body style front and back, etc. once it floods the mkt the 2016 and earlier will drop further in price due to older body styles.

The 2017 MSRP is +2K from the 2016 MSRP.

the 2016 MSRP is roughly +5K-8K (as I calculated) from the 2016/2015 CPO (w/ approx 15-30k miles).

ANy recommendations!?
What should I do?



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    Well, there's depreciation (trade-in value) and there's depreciation (dealer retail).

    Our True Cost to Own tool says the first year depreciation on a 16 MDX SH-AWD w/Technology is around $8,700. So a bit higher than what you are seeing but not bad, really.

    With a CPO, you typically get an extended warranty and roadside assistance, loaner cars and other perks. That's where the price difference probably is, although plenty of dealers ask crazy money for one year old cars that aren't certified. Sometimes it just makes more sense to buy a new one when you start comparing prices.

    Floods the market - nice turn of phase for moving to Houston. :)

    I dunno, unless you can get a killer deal on a slightly used one, I tend to favor going with the latest and greatest.
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