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MIGHT think about newer model Odyssey to replace 1999

scmelvin1959scmelvin1959 Posts: 13
edited July 2016 in Honda
I bought a 1999 Odyssey brand new. It has been a fantastic vehicle. I just recently had all of the engine seals replaced since the engine was still going fine, still getting excellent mileage, and I really love this van. Small problems are automatic lock does not work for passenger side front door, sometimes the door open alarm sounds for no apparent reason, no light behind the clock. This car has been paid for since 2004 and I love how nimble it is, so I have resisted getting anything newer.

However, I know I am soon going to have to get a newer model. When did Honda switch to the large transmission shifter right in the middle of the panel vs. at the steering wheel? When did Honda eliminate the center aisle access to the rear seats by putting a console between the two middle seats? What about the fold-down area in the back ... the third row seat looks so flimsy now with a double seat and a single seat. It has always been so simple to stow the third row of seats; now it looks complicated to me.

I am in SC and would not want to spend more than $18,000 if possible. What year Odyssey should I look at and what years should I avoid?

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