XC90 2016 vs 2017 what are the difference

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Hi Forum,

What is new with the 2017. When i google and read thru the reviews, all they talk about is the new auto pilot feature.

What are the other changed from 2016 to 2017?
When i look at pictures, I see the 2017 model now has 2 USB ports, and my understanding of 2016 was that it only had 1. so that would be another subtle change. What else has changed?


  • jay2322jay2322 Member Posts: 7
    just noticed that the MSRP also changed. I was looking at T6 Momentum, used to be $49800 for 2016, and now I am seeing $51600 for the 2017 model. What are you getting for the extra $1800?
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