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Basic and Luxury model - Cadillac XT5

fk1028fk1028 Member Posts: 2
edited July 2016 in Cadillac
Went to the Cadi dealer today and check out the XT5 models. Test drive both Basic and Luxury model and would have bought the Basic model if the Silver body color can match a black interior color. Turns out Cadi does not allow that combo. You can get a silver + beige and silver + black is not allowed. I have to go to the Luxury model to get that color combo. The Luxury model costs about 4.8K more and you get a GPS, moon roof with a very ugly shade, recline rear seat (need that for a tall person) and some other safety gadgets. The ride is very stiff and the trim is not the old Cadi quality, it is very cheap. But again, the price is also cheap. A lot of electronics. Even the brake is electronics. The Basic seats are not leather but kind of 'like' leather and very acceptable. I hope Cadi will be more reasonable and allow more flexible color pick.
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