2008 Saturn Vue (Opel Antera)

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Autoblog reports that the just revealed Opel Zafira people mover replacement may be coming to the US in a year or two as a Saturn. It a replaces a popular 7 passenger mini-minivan with conventional swing out doors, a type of vehicle popular overseas but not represented in the US market since the departure of the 7 passenger Mitusbishi Expo years ago. The Mazda5 is a similarly sized vehicle coming to the US this summer.


The new model has a raised center ridge in the roof which allows storage bins to be put up on the ceiling without intruding on headroom. 4 small glass sunroof panels wiht retractable shades (a la Nissan Quest) are available, as are many engine choices.


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    When on vacation in Thailand, I saw the Zafira. Not a bad vehicle, but Saturn is going to need more than a few rebadged vehicles to have a good vehicle lineup. The new Aura, Relay and Sky are indicators of possible good things to come from Saturn. The Zafira looks like a decent buy for people who want the space and comfort of a minivan without the large size. Today's vans, the Odyssey, Sienna, Freestar and Town and Country are all full size, and I'm sure that there are people who would appreciate a smaller minivan.

    Check out the picture.

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    one very simple reason: high gas prices
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    looks nice. Also the spiritual successor to the original Ody, with the normal doors and all.

    Put in a nice TD (when the low sulfer rules go into effect) and a stick shift. I'll leave a deposit now.

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    I like it too. But I'd like mine with a Hybrid, 3 rows of seats and an automatic. I'll have the keys and title to my Odyssey along with a check...
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    The next Saturn Vue crossover wagon is coming in 2008, and General Motors executives say it will look a lot like the Opel Antara concept shown at the recent Frankfurt auto show. The new Vue still will be built in Saturn's Spring Hill, Tennessee, plant and will be powered by four- and six-cylinder engines. The exterior style, GM says, will be adapted for Saturn and will be shown off at the New York auto show in April. "The plan is to have [the Antara] rebadged as a Saturn at the New York show," GM vice chairman Bob Lutz told Automotive News. An Opel version to be sold in Europe will emerge in the fall of 2006, the paper adds.
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    If the Freestar is full size than the Odyssey and Sienna are super sized. I own an 02 Odyssey and recent had a Freestar as a rental and it is smaller than the Odyssey. We all liked the Freestar better than the Caravan, that was issued to us at the next rental, much to our surprise. The Caravan did drive much more car like than the Freestar though.
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    THe question I'm wondering is whether its worthwhile getting the Saturn Vue Hybrid now or wait another year and get the updated model? The interior could definately be improved in the current version.
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    Opel couldn't make it in the U.S. market in the 60s. Now GM's big news is to re-badge Opels and sell them as Saturns? I know why GM and Ford are loosing market shares. There isn't a scrap of innovation left at either company. My next mini SUV will probably be a Hyundai Santa Fe.
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    That is actually a picture of the 1998-2005 Zafira... Here's the current one:

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    Opel is merely the name of a GM European Division. In other words, every Opel is a GM.

    In the 1960s, when Europe was still recovering from the destruction of WWII (and Korea was a wasteland, by the way), Opels were not up to the level the wealthier US market wanted.

    40 years later with much of the EU actually enjoying a higher standard of living than the US, Opels are among the more popular vehicles in the EU. Hyundai sells the same vehicles in its global markets where the dollar and cents works.

    It would be a foolish mistake for GM not to use its European division engineering for the US market.

    Santa Fes are rental fodder. I can't stand them myself.
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    I really like the looks of the new Vue I saw on saturn.com in the "Future Vehicles" link. It looks a lot like the Hyundai Tucson which is also a hot looking small SUV. Has anyone heard of what the pricing of the new Vue will be like?
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    I was wondering the same thing, what are the prices going to be like? From the Saturn website, the 08 VUE comes standard with a lot of items. It will be interesting to see how Saturn prices the new VUE.
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    Has anyone heard if the 2008's will have a spare tire?
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    If GM could manage it, A 2009 Vue Greenline with the drivetrain from their Volt concept would be a pretty strong 'car of the year' contender.

    Volt's nice, but it's 2 doors and a hatch short of practical for me.
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    I read somewhere that the new Vue will weigh about 4000lbs. I hope that's wrong. I'm eagerly awaiting accurate weight and mpg numbers.

    And I hope the 3.6 with 6sp auto isn't priced significantly higher than the old V6.
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    Do we not deserve a water temp. gauge to spot an impending overheating condition :cry: ?
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    There are so many great designs in cars marketed in Europe, but not here...I think this part of the problem. GM seems to have more innovation going on in Europe...frankly, I'm envious. Yes: bring those designs HERE.
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    I'm reading good reviews for the new Vue but they seem to overlook one thing... it's horribly fat and gets poor gas mileage. Yes, 16/22 are the new lower figures but that's still unacceptable. The 08 Vue is classed as a compact and the AWD weighs 4300lbs! I read an early report last year that the new Vue weighed over 4000lbs and I couldn't believe it. Now sadly, I know it's true.

    The larger 2.4 4cyl was a good idea but that's not enough when the new model weighs 500lbs more! With gas at $3gal, mileage is important. Saturn missed the boat on this one. And I do mean Boat.
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    I don't know whar GM's problem is but to come out with a new vehicle that gets city mileage of 16 mpg is ridiculous at a time when gas is $3+/gal. I saw one today and it is a very good looking vehicle, exactly what I would want, but no way would I consider it with that kind of gas mileage. Even the 4 cylinder is bad and I'm sure with the weight that it would be a struggle with the 4. I guess now I will look at the Mini Cooper, Nissan Rogue or Infiniti EX.
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    Oh my, can you say OVERPRICED. I went to a local Saturn dealer here in Dayton, OH after reading about the engine/tranny combo offered on the new 2008 Vue. Sales person was nice but oblivious. Sales manager was driving a demo for over a month so i asked him about the coolant temp gage and he was clueless, too. I guess that GM/Saturn thinks that most consumers don't care about engine temp so it wasn't a big deal not to include the absolutely mandatory coolant temp gage in this $25k vehicle. What kind of [non-permissible content removed] do they have in marketing at GM these days?
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    While I was seriously interested until I saw the economy numbers - they are poor for a 3.6 AWD. It's not just the price of fuel, it also comes down to range. There will be lots of visits to the fuel pumps for this baby. I may as well purchase a full size SUV.
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    I checked out the 2008 Vue at the dealer as they just arrived in the past day or so. They had quite a variety in stock already and had sold four already.

    The finish, features, and overall design are quite an attractive package. No doubt it will sell fairly well. However, there were some "fatal" flaws that would keep me from buying this vehicle:
    1) The gauge fonts were very tiny and would be distracting;
    2) The steering wheel was too close to the dash and needed to move back about six inches toward the driver. Otherwise, my knees would have to be against the dash to reach the steering wheel;
    3) A ridiculously wide center console that interferes with side leg room. While all the rage, these stupid wide consoles hog space where the driver's right leg should be. Additionally, it requires a bit of contorting to reach the gas pedal. Same issue on the Subaru Tribeca. These consoles look good, but eat up too much leg room side to side.
    4) Absolutely cramped back seat. Unbelievable how in a vehicle with this much overall interior space, they couldn't scoot the rear seat back another six inches for adequate leg room. And I drive a Hyundai Tucson, which is a smaller vehicle, but has significantly more rear leg room. Note their printed brochure does not state the leg room specs. That is probably deliberate since it seems to be significantly less than even the Honda CRV, Rav 4, or Hyundai Tucson.
    5) The driver's seat was about three or four inches too high. Great for short people; but taller people are forced too high which results in the rear view mirror obscuring the view out the windshield.

    Greate effort, and great success on the quality, but those passenger fit issues are a deal breaker.
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    And what's with the pathetic fuel ratings for the V6 AWD? 15 mpg in the city, not to mention the reduced fuel tank size of 16.7 gallons. That won't get you 250 miles out of one tank. This is worse mileage than other comparable, and at least as capable, vehicles such as the new Hyundai Santa Fe. Ouch.
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    I agree with the comments about weight and petrol consume. Turning circle is also a problem. Does the VUE have HID/Xenon as an option?
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    And what's with the pathetic fuel ratings for the V6 AWD?

    Have no idea ... our 2008 VUE XR AWD has returned 19-20 in normal driving and almost 24 MPG on a 1000 mile highway trip.

    Yes, the tank is small in size -- we're lucky to get 275 miles to a tank of gas, but every time we've filled it, it's only taken 12-13 gallons.
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    Yes fuel economy is in line with the class. If you will notice the ridiculous Rav 4 fuel economy numbers Toyota put forward have been revised this year somewhere near reality. They used to claim the thing would get over 30mpg which was an outright lie.

    They now claim its numbers to be 19/26. Which is still overinflated.

    My folks have a Lexus Es350 which has the same motor in it and in what I consider normal driving, 4 lane roads with the occassional traffic light the thing doesnt even hit 20mpg.

    A Vue 3.6l would be very close to the Rav 4 3.5l in overal mpg.
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